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  1. Its perfectly legal for private indeviduals to sell air rifles to each other and send by post, the VCR bill only covered trade sellers, who now have to be RFD. The main problem is varifying the age of the buyer, also worth noting that Royal Mail have an obligation to ship air rifles. Courier companys may take them, but you can have a problem claiming on the insurace. And as a side point ALL air rifles are firearms, sub 12 ft/lbs air rifles and sub 6 ft/lbs air pistols just have different rules applied to them within the various firearms acts.
  2. I travelled down in to his den the other week, took a rather blistering phone call from my wife to get me out. Really nice guy, very knowledgeable and helpful.
  3. Cheers for that, just the info I want. Theres a lure specialist near to me, hopefully I can get over there before I go away.
  4. I am heading over to the IoW for a week from Friday, and fancy have a go at fishing the salty stuff. I have recently started fresh water lure fishing using a shimano travel rod, spec is TEXAXS3033H length 3.00/3.30m casting weight 20-50g Reel wise I have a SHAKESPEARE K2 FD7000 POWERPLAY (sorry for the caps copied from a site), or my fresh water spinning stuff that’s loaded with 20 lb braid. We are staying around St Helens, where there’s a rocky shore, reef around the corner, beech, and harbour. So quiet varied. Time wise it’s likely to be early morning, or evening for a few hours, mo
  5. http://www.bbc.co.uk/lancashire/local_radio/ Follow the link theres a listen live top right of the page
  6. The Medway around Ensfield Bridge was pretty busy, club bailiff asked for my ID and commented that the stretch was the busiest he had seen it in years Didn't move around that much but did find a really nice wide deep pool that I spent most of the morning on, had a couple of tidlers, but had a big take on my spinning rig (missed it). Dodged the showers for a bit in the afternoon, but chickened out when it really chucked it down. Had a really nice time overall, didn't really mind getting wet either. All the best Jon
  7. Packed my bag, crimped some barbs, just having a coffee before taking the dog out for a walk. Good luck all
  8. Really looking forward to tomorrow, just packed my rucksack as I intend to be pretty mobile and investigate as much of the clubs river section as possible, but if I get lucky will stay put for a while. Quiet early on I hit the town so can pop in the tackle shop, and maybe grab a bite to eat and some refreshment in a pub. Good luck all Jon
  9. Not in to lakes myself so taking the day off work. Was going to occupy my normal stretch of the medway, but have decided to walk the club stretch with my new travel rod. Might visit a pub or two on route.
  10. I visited my local tax offcie to get a problem created by employer sorted, problem solved there and then. Local office also advised my parents how to save money on their tax bill.
  11. I should be off down Ensfield Bridge on Monday, need to give my manager a kick tomorrow so hopefully he will agree the time off. The rumours about fish being moved from the ballast pit started when it was up for sale (or at least rumoured to be for sale), last I heard TAFPS are meant to be buying it.
  12. 10 minutes walk down the road is the sea, has been known to contain the odd fish or 2.
  13. Might or might not be suitable, wife and myself are off to the Isle of Wight in a couple of weeks time, no fising attached but the rather nice caravan park is 10 minutes walk from the sea. IoW also has a good bus service so you can get around. The deal we got is £265 including the ferry crossing (car), deal runs until mid July. http://www.hillgroveandfieldlane.co.uk/ Maybe they could do a deal as you are on foot, sight is at St Helens, near Bembridge.
  14. I caryy either a spyderco pride or my swiss army all the time, both are legal every day carry without reason. When out fishing or shooting its normally a larger fixed blade, sometimes a machete when shooting (hide building). Have just picked up Canadian river knife for general use when in the woods.
  15. Strawberry or orange flavour?? Are there any good books that cover lure fishing using lightweight lures? Fancy a bedtime read.
  16. Cheers for all the info, havent heard of finesse angling before, but sounds like exactlly what I am trying to achieve. Will have a hunt around for some suitable brade and trace.
  17. I have borrowed a shimano telespin rod from a mate to try out, its the 1.65m one that casts 3-15g. Having put a smallish fixed spool reel on it I am now a bit lost as to what line, wire trace, snap links, and spinners / plugs to use. Have spent quiet a bit of the evening trying to research this but cant find much detail about the specifics of line selection and how ro connect it all together. Any pointers for info or guidance would be gratefully received. I really want to target perch and other small predators, but am fully aware that pike will also have a go, and want to be prepared for them.
  18. There are other reasons that I fancy going travel or tele, one is that I can stash some bits at work and go for a fish at lunchtime. Have got the spinner to play with for now, will put another thread up for info on that. Cheers all Jon
  19. Had a chat with a fishing friend today and have been lent his Shimano telescopic spinning rod, 1.65m with a 3-15g casting weight. Ive got a smallish reel laying around (Alivio 1000rb, 140yds x 4lb) is this going to be suitable for the rod? I really want to target peerch with this setup, sooo what else do I need? Current thoughts are Trace (could get jumped by a pike) what strenght? Line, brade or mono, what strength? Spoons / plugs. Any suggestions on types and weights. Swivels. I have the other basics such as forceps, wire cutters, etc. Have also been searching through the vaious thre
  20. Will go Aldi hunting on Sunday for the net, rod wise will give my local shops a bell to see if any of them stock the exage. Time o service the nike and possibly add panniers to it!!
  21. Looking at spending in the £50-100 area on the rod, will have a look at the Harrisom. Really looking to avoid going the trailor router, will have to carry it all once I get to the other end!!
  22. I am quiet lucky that I live close enough to my club waters to get there by push bike, with the river season looming in the near future I fancy leaving the car at home and taking the bike, having a couple of pubs on route also makes the bike rather tempting. Being a relaxed fisherman (ie not very good at the catching of fish side of things) I gravitate more toward mobile float fishing than setting up camp in a fixed location, most of my tackle lives in my waistcoat to aid mobility. So onto the meat of the question, I have have some of the components for my plan, mainly the bike, centrepin
  23. had a quick trawl through britishblades brights and gadgets section, turned up http://www.base-camp.co.uk/ Drop them an email.
  24. quiet a few mantles on ebay, buy it now. Or pretty sure that millets do them.
  25. Stagered across this place while looking for info on a new rod. Nice place with some interesting discussions. Mainly a river fisherman, so getting a bit twitchy now. All the best Jon
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