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Andrew Burgess

Anyone got an schematic drawing of the Shimano 6010 reel

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Hi everyone, been a while since the last time posted on here!

Anyway I am look​ing for a paper copy or scan copy of an schematic drawing of an old Shimano 6010 reel as had a very small piece drop out of the reel body and need to find out if it where it go from the drawing.

I have already ask​ed Shimano Uk and was not very helpful as it no longer on their website and not in production anymore.


So I am wondering if anyone might have a copy laying around and could scan me a copy of the schematic drawing of the Shimano 6010 Baitrunner reel. I can put this part back in the reel.


I would be appreciated if anyone could help me out.

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In the post mate.



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