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Original Drennan im9 float rods, 13ft and 14ft

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I'm selling two of my drennan im9 float rods, one is 13ft and the other is 14ft. The rods are the original im9's and are in excellent condition. They have fuji guides throughout (unlike the drennan rods of today) but have the old style sliding reel holders, you either like 'em or you don't lol.

Anyhow the rods where the most expensive rods drennan have ever made, the 14 footer being about £240 nicker at the time they where in the shops, they are top quality rods! The reason i'm selling them is because I mainly use heavier rated rods and so they're just sat there being wasted.

Any questions or if you'd like to see pictures, just ask me :).




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