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  1. Hedgehogs DO eat slow worms, snakes too. A field near us was going to be sold for housing but an environmental search turned it down as there were rare plants growing there so all went quiet for a year or so, now planning permission has been granted, no reason but a contact tells me that due to the lack of planning permission the owner sold it on to a developer, now planning has been granted, strange?
  2. Found a dead hog on front lawn last week, no visible injuries, possibly someone has put slug pellets down due to the rain bringing slugs and snails out. I've got a neighbour one side who has lost a rat trap, thinks a rat has dragged it down a hole, I think it may have caught a hog and it's dragged it away, I have told him that traps should not be placed outside as they can also catch birds but some people are so paranoid about rats they don't care. :-(
  3. New neighbour? We live in one of three closes in a clover leaf shape, no through roads. If you mean the plot down the road, that is out of our closes on a through road and no planning has been applied for as yet. Can't understand what is going on there. Pay to have trees cut down and ground cleared before applying for planning permission? No doubt they'll get it as it's government policy to build, build and build again until there are no trees or grass left.
  4. Final score on GCN's, as seen, 4 females, 1 male, smooth newts female, loads, smooth newts male about 6, palmate newts, can't tell the difference in the water, less than last year, for some reason. All newts spawning prolifically, several damsel fly pairs, no dragon flies again. Hogs doing well, seem to have inherited a pair of big ones from the plot down the road that has been sold, all trees cut down and ground "tidied up", not sure what the plan is but council have not had any applications for building on it yet! Council also said that they'd not been notified of tree felling and would "look into it". Owners obviously have friends in high places or they wouldn't of employed tree fellers as both owner and fellers can be fined.
  5. TBH I've never heard of him. His CV shows 1 sea fish, a wrasse, all others are coarse and game. I've been a sea angler for 60 years, stewarded the World Championships, beach and boat, managed 5 International shore teams, he's a complete newcomer to me and a lot of other sea anglers. Obviously the AT are continuing in the style to which we have become accustomed, puddle dippers and fluff chuckers reign supreme.
  6. This is a very old post, is there a newer one as my mate has given up coarse/carp fishing and wants to sell all of his gear but I fear that he is wasting his time here as the posts are very old and probably nobody reads them.
  7. I have serviced the rear drags on my ABU Cardinals 54 & 55 for years and they are not difficult but I did have the diagrams at first. Your reel diagram should be available online somewhere, try Google or Jim's reels. You may wish to upgrade the drag washers for Carbontex as they are smoother.
  8. Magpies have had the blackbird's nest. Loads of smooth and palmate newts but only seen 3 or 4 female GCN's and 1 male so far, I hope a few more turn up or he'll be busy, lucky git. Anybody in my area, Havant/Waterlooville/ Portsmouth got any spare Canadian pond weed as I've so many newts what I've got this year can't cope, I've had to put blades of grass in for them, any stray tadpoles welcome as I had a phone call the other day that there were some "distressed tadpoles in a ditch" went there next day and all dead as this dry hot weather had evaporated the water. I know it's illegal but better transferred than dead in my book. Got a pair of hogs and another big one, they were fighting the other night, hope fully they breed this year, some bred close by last year as I had 1 small one given me and found a small one in the garden so took it in and fed it for a couple of months and released it when it was heavy enough, it may be one of the pair as it's smaller than the big 2.
  9. Some marinas are offering reduced fees while virus restrictions are being enforced, so don't sign too quickly.
  10. I won't buy farmed salmon after watching programmes on how badly they are treated but pay extra to buy wild Alaskan salmon from Waitrose, it even looks and tastes better.
  11. To be selected, you have to apply, so I didn't and wasn't.
  12. Well a baited trap in the open could catch birds too but I was assured that the target was rats.
  13. Checked with police, perfectly legal as long as shot doesn't leave my premises and I've tested the gun and cartridges, Eley sub-sonic magnum and the pellets hitting a target make more noise than the gun.
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