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  1. Cod! Day after day? You're obviously not talking about the Solent area. I haven't caught a cod in 5 years fishing for them. The area is trawled and netted to death.
  2. I'll look at the "to be collected" idea as I know how expensive posting rods can be as I've sold some shore casting rods and it's between £20 and £30, depending on length and value so I would prefer collection.
  3. Earlier this year a friend died and his widow asked me if I could sell his tackle for her. Sooner than selling it piecemeal I looked at it and paid her half it's new value, which was a fair price as some of it is "as new". A few bags are missing but otherwise it's in good nick.. Everything from quality carp rods to match, float and ledger gear plus keep nets. Would this be a good place to sell it or should I put it on E Bay or the like?
  4. Shimamo Torium 16. Heavy shore, just add a mag, or medium boat reel. Loaded with braid with nylon leader. VGC. £75 ONO. + P+P
  5. I think my closest call with danger was a grass snake swimming in front of me.
  6. Mine too. I used to buy SA, AT and AM and I've won prizes from all of them but I find it more interesting and informative to now read online news groups. I can't remember when I last bought a magazine.
  7. If it was closer I'd put a bid in but too far to travel.
  8. Sea Angler used to quote 45,000 readers and there were 3 sea fishing magazines. Now there is Sea Angler and possibly one other but I haven't seen it for ages and someone says that Sea Angler now only prints 5,000 copies and the Editor is now self employed, not sure how true this info is though. It suffered the same fate as others. Constantly regurgitating old stories, blatantly biased towards its advertisers and not having anyone on it's staff that could identify sea fish so wrongly giving prizes to the wrong fish. I'm almost tempted to bring out another magazine to put it out of it's slow l
  9. My local councillor has informed me that planning permission for 4 two bedroom flats has been applied for in the cleared area, it's thought to be, "over intensive use for the area" but will probably be granted if it goes to appeal, the government likes building.
  10. Not quite in the same boat as you, excuse the poor pun. My general health is fine but worn or compressed discs in my lower back and a possible trapped nerve in my neck limit my casting ability and a case of arthritis in my hip limits my walking so overall I'm limited, especially for the "rough stuff". I've spent a fortune on coarse/carp fishing gear but not brought myself to use it yet, it's a gigantic step from fishing for monsters around the world's hot spots to puddle dipping, although that's what originally gave me the fishing bug, although joining the RN at 20 gave me the bug for tackli
  11. Probably died of starvation after the super trawlers wiped out the food fish stocks.
  12. Seen more pairs of dragon flies lately so may be a good year for them but again no tadpoles for them and the newts to feed on but newts doing well with a long breeding season. Bad year for the birds, thanks to the magpie lovers, Chris Packham and his mates at English Nature, loads of magpies this year as we couldn't cull them last year. We have 2 pairs of Gold Finches which normally have a brood between 6 and 8 chicks, 14 in total, this year we saw 2 chicks early on but just lately we've seen 10-12 so they must of had a second brood which managed to hatch, thanks to my trusty .22 and a
  13. I used to donate monthly until that woman complained about their personal mugs, she was offended and they had a disciplinary against them so I don't donate any more.
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