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  1. Most people on the left say it's all a hoax.
  2. Apparently the scum have been charged now, good on Tommy! I don't get how the law have still released them on bail ?? Gott'a say, I think TR is sound and gets a lot of stick from the fools on the left. Why anyone who is british would scorn any group like bnp, britain first, ukip etc etc beats me?? These people are trying to keep britain britain and to keep our rights and laws, not to allow the snowflakes change them to suite the immigrant population!
  3. And the left wing dich heads constantly slag this fella off!! Typical bobby on the side of the slime!!
  4. Length of the rod I use would depend on the venue etc. Very often i've used a 12ft match rod when fishing over a reed bed or a lot of marginal weeds. I also use 11ft, 9ft, 8ft, 7ft and a 6ft dedicated lure rods of varying casting weights for various species and waters. I think a 8ft rod is a decent all round length for lure fishing on a lot of waters. Forgot to mention reels, for the biggest part I prefer a fixed spool reel but do use a baitcasre/multiplier on occassion, usualy with a heavy enough lure to cast enough distance.
  5. It sewms people have gone onto a tissue paper diet! The food situation would be as normal if people had sim Ply carried on as normal, infact there would most likely be too much as when your no feeling well you don't exactly feel like eating! The amount of food which is going to be wasted is criminal, although the shops won't be complaining!!
  6. I won't touch 'em, I just snip the line as close as possible without touching the invasive barstewards and bury them. Last summer I was sat watching a m8 of mine fishing and he was outside a sewage oitlet. He actually hooked a solid human turd and played it in. I was shocked because he proceeded to bit his line off a few inches above the effin hook and turd !!! I asked him if he was off his head or what and he just laughed and said somethings gonn'a kill ya! He reckons because he never washes his hands he's become emune to most germs. I didn't hang around after that and even though I hadn't touched ewt I had to have a shower when I got home!
  7. Phone, pretty much all that gets stocked into my local river is womens sanitary towels, tampax, wet wipes and litter on a massive scale!
  8. Be a while yet before I catch any barbel, the rivers shut for coarse fishing until the 16th june.the EA had a vote wether to keep the closed season on rivers, or to remove it. The majority vote was to remove the usless closed season as they did on still waters many years ago...so the EA have kept it, why have a vote FFS! The rivers around my area have been unfishable for the biggest part of the winter , and a lot of last summer also! I might just keep it quiet and go anyhow! I know lots of places where no one ventures during the closed season.
  9. Phone, That does look like a nice coat, not cheap though! Oh, yer reet, I do need a thump on me yed :). Did you notice, those two chub have a good few black spots!
  10. I went for a last cast of the season on the river today, the river was up a couple of foot and dirty coloured. There was a horrible downstream wind but the rain was holding off.....for now. I had a chub after half an hours trotting by which time the incoming tide was rapidly knocking the levels up and it was pi$$in down with rain. I moved a few hundred yards upstream and set up a link leger. The river was flowing backwards now and my float hadn't been out for more than a couple of minuites when it slid away and another chub graced the net. A short time after that and the float shot off below the surface and the powerful fish bolted off to mid river where the hook pulled out. By this time my hooded cotton top was soaking and my neck, back and shoulders were cold and aching, my hands were going knumb also!....feck it, id had enough, time to hoof off home for a warm cuppa!
  11. Martin, 63 not old, you've got plenty years left yet! :). You might struggle to get the reels back, very often i've loaned gear to friends knowing that i'll prolly never see it again lol. I wasn't bothered, they were good friends :).
  12. Interesting Martin, i'm sure i've seen reels made by Ken Smith. It's such a kind offer from you Martin, but I honestly think you should keep them and use them yourself though bud. Be great to see some pic's of your trips out fishing now and again :).
  13. Thanks Martin, that's very kind of you bud :).
  14. Yup, I think yer reet Chesters.
  15. A half hearted session for the latter part of this afternoon proved to be a decent little session. No big fish but plenty of them. First swim produced only two fish.... Second swim kept producing and I filled my net head up with some of them foe a pic...
  16. I've just checked out the weather forecast for the forseable future. Anyhow, it's cold and wet until next saturday which is the last day of the season on the rivers, after that it looks fine! The ea had a vote on keeping the closed season in place or ending it. Anyhow, the vote to get rid of the closed season won, so guess what?....the ea have kept it??1
  17. Thanks Phone, the black spot on the gill plate is some kind'a wormy parasite that lives in the fish's guts.i think the black spots are cycts containing young worms, maybe eggs, I don't know antthing else about them. You often see the spots on roach also. As far as i'm aware it doesn't kill the fish. Maybe if they get infested with the worms it might become serious...? I'e just looked it up on google and apparently its a worm that lives in birds, they crap out it's eggs which hatch as worms, then the worms go and penetrate snails etc. The fish eat the snails and the worms attatch to the fish as cycts. When the fish is eated by a bird the cycle repeats itself.
  18. Due to the rivers round my neck of the woods being in flood for a some time now and not fit for float fishing, today was my first time out trotting for a spell. I only set off to the river at 2pm as it was a spare of the minuite decision. Whilst the sun was out it didn't feel so cold, but as soon as it went behind clouds and started to set the wind made the temp of 6.5 degrees feel like minus 10! Anyhow I did manage five chub and lost two to hook pulls as I played them upstream in a powerful flow. Here's four I caught in one swim...
  19. It's wierd how some days just about everything goes wrong, even when you try to keep calm, Constant line wraps round the rod tip, the hook catches on anything and everything, amazing tangles from the slightest jiggle of the line etc etc. I think sometimes when one of these days pops up it's in your own interest to just fire off home and get a brew :). I have no problems doing whatever it takes to discourage dogs from tormenting me, and that includes their owners also! The weather is looking awful for the remainder of the river season so i'm not sure if i'll get on it at all. If I can't then i'll just wait until it warms enough to try for a tench until the rivers re open. Just started to persist down again at this very moment :(.
  20. I need a lie down after that! I could feel my blood pressure rising and the need to inflict GBH !
  21. Tigger

    Skin cancer

    Fingers crossed your all good now Phone, I sincerley mean that bud!
  22. You right Chesters, the metal detector I was talking about is aquachigger.
  23. GOLD! No wonder they do both, I think if I found one little nugget i'd be the one getting hooked !
  24. I'd just take the rod and pin, a bucket of maggots and trot through all the likely spots. Very often the chub are there but only make an appearance when some food floats past. When you say detecting, do you mean using a metal detector? There's a chap in the states has an interesing you tube channel where he detects a lot in rivers. My mrs is always watching it and keeps saying she wants a detector !
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