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Run iobit system care to see if its a software issue

If not it maybe hard drive related ,if its a laptop check ts getting enough air underneath a neighbour killed hers putting it on a fluffy table cloth and then in frustration when it keept freezing hit the keyboard and shattered the platter on the hard drive beneath.

If the hard drive light is continually flickering its nearing the end of its life but check the pc isnt full of dust especially under the cpu fan ,whilst your in there check the hard drive for heat if its really hot then its starting to fail.

They should get hot if you are using them for games or graphics but just idling getting hot means time for a new one.

The only thing is memory but they rarely fail but check its still all there by right clicking anywhere in "my pc" and properties and the memory should be seen .

I would plump for air or hdd though as the cause if its not a software issue

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