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Updated PB List

Chris Plumb


My PB List.

Haven’t done one of these for a while (though it hasn't changed much in the last 5 years!) and as I had a query about my PBs I thought I'd put an updated list on here...


Best Carp27lb 6oz. 15 August 2008. Blue Pool – Burghfield. Method feeder – hair-rigged hemp bogey.



Blog Entry: http://www.anglersne...63-1415-august/


Best Pike18lb 10oz. 10 February 2001. River Lambourn – Newbury. Free-lined Lamprey section.




Best Barbel 12lb 4oz. 27 July 2004. River Kennet, Arrowhead – Thatcham. Ledgered Halibut pellet.



Best Bream12lb 2oz. 2 July 2011. Summer Pit – Yateley. Float fished (lift method) maggot.



Blog entry; http://www.anglersne...ry-704-12-july/


Best Brown Trout – 8lb 12oz. 14 March 2008. Middle Kennet Estate – Newbury. Trotted Maggot. (No photo)

Blog Entry; http://www.anglersne...y-222-14-march/


Best Tench 7lb 10oz. 18 June 2003. Wylies Lake – Thatcham. Float fished (lift method) black pudding.




Best Chub 6lb 7oz. 19 February 2012. Middle Kennet Estate – Nr Kintbury. Trotted Red Sweetcorn.



Blog Entry; http://www.anglersne...48-19-february/


Best Salmon 5lb 10oz. 13 October 2008. Lower Itchen Fishery. Trotted Maggot. (No Photo)


Blog Entry; http://www.anglersne...281-13-october/


Best Rainbow Trout4lb 10oz. 5 March 2004. Barton Court – Kintbury. Trotted Maggot. (No Photo)


Best Perch4lb 5oz. 28 October 2013. Kennet & Avon Canal – Thatcham. Float fished lobworm.


Blog Entry; http://www.anglersnet.co.uk/forums/index.php?/blog/82/entry-1140-28-october/



Best Crucian 3lb 13oz. 26 June 2011. Newbury AA Lake – Widmead. Float fished (lift method) bacon grill.


Blog Entry; http://www.anglersne...ry-699-26-june/


Best Grayling2lb 15oz. 6 January 2002. Lower Itchen Fishery. Trotted maggot.




Best Roach2lb 11oz. 7 February 2003. Middle Kennet Carrier – Nr Hungerford. Trotted maggot.





Eel - 2lb 1oz: 12/06/15, Ledgered prawn. Mill Farm, Pulborough


Blog entry; http://www.anglersnet.co.uk/forums/index.php?/blog/82/entry-1299-12-june/

Brown Goldfish - 1lb 14oz: 21/06/05, Float fished Bread, Pumphouse Lake, Yateley.

Sea Trout - 1lb 12oz: 06/01/02, Trotted Maggot, Lower Itchen Fishery.


Rudd - 1lb 11oz 18/06/18. Float fished prawn sections, Johnsons Lake - Milford. Rudd1-11_zpsqbshaogl.jpg[/url]

Blog Entry; http://www.anglersnet.co.uk/forums/index.php?/blog/82/entry-1532-1819-june/

Best Dace 1lb 2oz. 7 February 2003. Middle Kennet Carrier – Nr Hungerford. Trotted maggot.




Recommended Comments

An interesting and, if I may say, impressive list, Chris. Well done with the rudd last year! The thing that particularly strikes me is that none of your pbs go back before 2001, though I am sure you were fishing the Kennet and elsewhere long before this. It rather puts the lie to those who say that it was all far better 25 years ago. Can you put your finger on any reason why you had a flush of pbs in the years 2001-5?

Thanks for sharing this info.

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Hi Jojn - yes - I've got diaries going back to 1971/72 season (when I was 10!) and always fished the Kennet system since then - so have quite a bit of data! For me it all kicked off in 1999/2000! In those 2 years I had my first 6lb + chub, my first 3lb+ perch and first 10lb+ barbel. All of which were big step ups from previous PBs. My Chub pb in particular leapt up from 4-13 to 6-3 in one go in 1999 - having crept up by just 12oz in the previous 11 years. For 15 years from 1979 - 1994 my best barbel was a modest 6lb and when I caught my first double it added 1½lbs to my pb. My perch pb stood at 2-03 (1993) before smashing it with a 3.01 in 1999 - at the time I'd only ever caught 3 perch over 2lb!. A lot of commentators put all this down to the explosion in signal crayfish numbers at around the same time - and who am I to disagree but it does give an explanation as to why there are no pbs before 2001 (my Rudd was the last one!) The 2001-05 period is partly due to access to great waters - the roach and dace were on the same day - from a swim that Martin Bowler fishes (and catches a 1-02 dace!) in Catching the Impossible - alas I no longer have access to this (the old boy that ran the fishery passed away and it was bought out by owners that no longer allow coarse fishing). Similarly the pike was from a water I can no longer fish (in fact that was my last ever visit though I didn't know it at the time!)

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Thanks, Chris, that's interesting. I now remember about the roach and dace, and also the pike. I don't think you very often fish deliberately for pike nowadays?

Even allowing for the points you make, the fact that all your pbs are post 2000 suggests that some of the stories of the great times of yesteryear are exaggerated, or at least taken out of context. I have heard stories of 2lb roach and1lb dace from the Wharf told in such a way that you'd think it happened all the time. I was fishing Hungerford canal once and someone told me about a match won with, I think, 25 lbs of roach - and they were all over 2lbs! That was when it was clear and weedy, before it opened up to the boats.

When I was in Newbury, up till 5 years ago, I sometimes met pessimists who gave the impression there were no decent fish left in the river, and your blogs always encouraged me that they were there, and gave clues about where to start finding them. Though I'm sorry to hear even from your blog that the Kennet has taken a dip, certainly for perch and barbel.

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There was certainly a sudden increase in weights at the turn of the millennium - in the 4 seasons 98/99 - 01/02 I had 22 PBs with my barbel PB going up every year. However I reckon there were many more fish in the river 25 years ago - for example my diary records the opening day of the season 1993 - spent at Brimpton (in the pouring rain!) I had 6 chub and 7 barbel that day yet no fish (of either species) was over 3½lb and despite catching over a 100 chub and barbel that season (mainly from Brimpton and Lower Benyons) my seasons best was 3-06 for chub and 4-02 for barbel! How I wish for those days now! Thankfully the chub still seem to be hanging on in reasonable numbers (and size) though the big perch and barbel of any size have all but disappeared....

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