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Just A Quick Intro

Ollie Jay


Welcome to my Page!

Not to sure what im spose to write in here yet so i'll just start by telling you a bit about myself,

Im Ollie jay if you hav'nt guessed allready and im 26 yrs of age married to a wonderfull wife called susie also 26 (been together for just over 9 yrs now) and still going strong ;) Been fishing for around about 14yrs now and still love it, also keen on snooker which was my first serious sport i played and managed to knock in my first 100 at the age of 16 but unfortunatly after so many years of playing the game i got a bit board so now just play for fun!. As for work i used to be a forklift driver till the friday just gone when i quit my job to become self employed working for my dad helpng him with decorating painting building and general maintanance really, its quite a bit diferent to my last job but im looking forward to the chalenge but feel i need to practice my tea and coffee drinking!! lol

Right im waffling on now so i'll leave it at that!!

Just one main thing........my spelling is probably the worse you have ever seen...but hey ho.....i dont care :P




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Cheers chaps


will be takeing a look into the first one but unfortunatly im unable to use that one Nick, cheers anyway



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