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  1. The astra, nova are all the same, apart from the shape really...of that age..., first the water, have a look under the bonet, where the wiper motor is housed, there are drain off holes on the top of the wings, check these are not blocked with leaves and stuff,, but be careful when putting your hand down to check, if there has been a shattered or broken windscreen in the past, it will do your fingers in, so use a cloth round you hand to start... As for the electrical side, with your lights..first of all, before trying to dry it with engine heat, what i would do is nick a hair drier, and blo
  2. I agree with you chris...i tried to have a discussion regarding stuff that was for sale, that i thought was wrong..my wife is a wet wet wet fan, and a few months ago they released a CD in one of the sunday papers, it was free with the papers...within minutes they were on ebay for £2.00 a shot....when these CD's clearly stated not for resale.... All we got, was that ebay is a meeting place for people to meet and sell items...so is it a meeting place, is there anyhting regulated, and if its just somewhere to meet and sell, why charge, and pay VAT. Im lost with the whole thing, and im sic
  3. There are so many packages out there to suit every user, and there needs and costs.. I have my comp and the wife has hers, both on 8megs..we are with BT, who i beleive keep up with the latest updates, upgrades, new stuff that seems to come out all the time.. Im happy to pay that bit extra, because, as soon as they bring something new out, i upgrade and just end the previous contract, and start a new years contract...so i always have the latest broadband speeds, and routers or what ever... I think in this day and age, you have to look at what you want, as with mobile phones and cont
  4. I dont know fully the laws about guns...but know what they can do....reading through some post, about who owns a shot gun, and the checks you say you have to go through... can you tell me, if those checks were different to someone having a pistol, in the days when you could hold a licenses for them... The part i fail to understand, is what is the difference between, a pistol and a shot gun....to me they both kill, to me they are one of the same...they are both weapons designed to kill...one can be hidden more easily than the other. and as for the checks.....what real safe guards are th
  5. I started this post, after having a discussion with someone, about them being able to train to shoot pistols in the 2012 olympics. I was quite strong on my views, maybe memeory and haste, clouded my judgement. To that person i appologise, and i would at this time glady sign your petition to the government....I am happy to say i was wrong. reading alot of the posts, but not all i admit, there seems to be a trend in that by defending yourself with a weapon will be breaking the law...and many have said that would lead to all sorts of things.. I thought the same. and after a while, and t
  6. We have had many posts about weapons, i think they should all be banned, shot guns, pistols, knives and the likes. But listening to the radio on the way home from work, and hearing how someone had been on there way home from workm or place of interest had been killed for something, there wallet, watch, car, or just some one breaking into there house, that sort of thing. It got me thinking. let us all carry a weapon, it may give us a 50/50 chance of life, the way the law is, we as law abiding people, come up against these thugs have a 0 percent chance of survival. Why should these t
  7. I want her, she might be russian weight lifter, i need someone to carry me gear, my back is breaking these days. sean
  8. 11/16 here, we either all guess well or know our shemales lol..
  9. Well usually to my knowledge, the 97 percent gun crime your talking about, is usualy kept within themselves, either gang warfare, drugs and the likes..... the part that worried me is the 3 percent, which turns out to be the innocent, children, or just ordenary members of the public. Its ok to say today this guy is ok, give him a license...but we have all gone through bad times in our lives..lets say we say yes, let the pistols become legal and licensed again, and we have another killing of children a few weeks after,...will you then come on here and say your wrong... sean
  10. Ok roy. You left the post and asked for people to sign, I asked quite rightly what safe gaurds you could offer for me to sign when the law says no hand guns. So what your asking is for me to just sign, i have posted a fair question to say what safe gurds maybe put in against a government decision. as of yet you have not given any, so in realistic terms, do you really want me to say yes, let this man have a gun, when i dont know you, i know nothing about you. and i guess out of the 10.000 members there is a small fraction who knows you personally, you want us to sign to say let yo
  11. The illegal held fire arms are used in crimes agains crimials, drug people use them on each other.. The innocent childrens live were taken by people who were members of clubs, who had a mental problem. to my knowledge, you dont find the drug dealers going into schools to kill children....they kill as gang warfare. sean I know the guns, and amo must be seperate. What does that achieve, if a guy has had a bad time at school, he can put the 2 together, he owns them.
  12. Just one point, if there are no safe guards, that anyone can come up with, which up to now no one has, Then should we really put guns in the hands of people we dont really know, but can shoot well, they can aim staright and hit there target, what ever target that may be, and when they are done, they turn that target to themselves and leave the us behind to pick up the pieces. Im sorry guys that i dont agree. Butr the welfare of my children come first, and when they are at school, i want to know that they will be at home that evening, safe and well, and i can tuck them into bed
  13. I dont know what they are newt, maybe thats why our government banned them, because there are none, bu i have three girls who go to school. and i dont want to live in fear of some of the school shootings that happened over the last few years, in our country as well as yours. sean
  14. Just one more post to think about..over here and in the USA, where people had gone into schools, killed alot of our children on both sides of the atlantic, had been members of gun clubs, i would say over the last 20 years, more people had done that, than joe blogs off the street who had an illegal guns. all i want is some safe guards, is that really to much to ask. sean
  15. Im happy to sign, but come up with some safe guards, not just a please sign because i want to to shoot in the olympics. i love the olympics and want to see us in all the contests, but at the risk of one child, no way...and as someone said, ban the fists, thats a bit lame, many people use them against children, but that we cant take away, but guns we can.. as for your fist idea, thats why child line was brought about..to try and stop the fist to children... sean
  16. They were banned for a reason, you are asking people to sign, when you have not mentioned any safe guards, children were killed by people in clubs owning guns and hand guns. I would be happy to sign, if you can come up with some for of safe guard. if you think, my concern is a problem, then it shows we have a problem anyway. sean
  17. so can i join a club, buy a pistol and try out for the olympics. is this what your trying to get made legal again. sean
  18. To be honest Im lost with all the laws, I wonder if someone can put these in order, gbh abh theft murder manslughter afray I would be greatful if you could put these in the order on the least offence to the most serious. regards sean
  19. and should this post no be in the politics forum sean
  20. Does this question really have to be asked, we reply on an individual question, comment or what ever..... Is it fair for our members who are from another race, religion to sit and wait to see what others members think of them. can we not just be all fisherman, and post as fishermen.. then there would be no problem about upsetting what race people are from. sean
  21. I think its great, as i pay my insurance and tax, and mot up to date....the reason i asked is that, we all hate speed cams...but could they also be used to do the same. if your caught on one, could that info then not be check, to see if it was taxed insured and mot at the time it was caught, sean
  22. so what does the number plate thing you have bring up, the details i mean. sean
  23. Go to whetherspoons mate, they do meals for the fiver mark, and they include a drink..your right what you say about the price of a beer....i bought a drink in wetherspoons cost me £1.45, crossed the road and the same drink cost me £2.80. sean
  24. thanks to all who gave there advice, i have gone with pet plan, many thanks again, you all came up trumps again as usual. sean
  25. leave the keys where they are. i would take a chance on a break in, at night most lower ground floor windows are closed anyway. The most important thing i can think of, is your safety, what if there is a fire and you need to get out. you can replace your TV, but cant replace you, and the last thing you want to do in a smoke filled room, is try and find a little key. sean
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