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    Fishing, Birds of Prey, Monkeys and Apes and wildlife in general. My family and my Labrador "Molly". Lord of the Rings, True Crime (esp. forensic science type stuff and serial killers!!) and Jodie Foster!
  1. Whether you call our pursuit of fish a sport, a pastime, a hobby or a way of life - and disregarding any differences of opinion that we may have - we all have one thing in common: We all enjoy doing it. We are all members of a brotherhood (not gender specific) that enjoy trying to catch fish. It is like a secret that not everybody knows. Those of us that know the secret could never adequately explain in words what it is to someone that doesn't know. Even amongst ourselves that secret has different meaning. If Forrest Gump were to comment he might say, "Fishing is as Fishing does" There is
  2. Sorry but I meant Redmire Pool in Herefordshire - you know the one!
  3. Cheers Mr M - I knew someone would know
  4. Sorry to but in but can anyone steer me in the right direction of Redmire - im trying to Google Earth it but can't seem to find it - cheers
  5. Yes and no. It wasn't his real name - that was Dave C******* - and his shop was in Greenwich, SE London, but it was a real antique shop and was actually called "Robin B'stards". I used to work at an auctioneers in Greenwich and he was a regular customer. Fantastic character - really eccentric and definitely a bit mad! When interviewed about it he simply replied that everyone thought that's what antique dealers were and, therefore, why not. Whilst on the subject of apt names etc we also had a customer who - I can only imagine what his parents could have been thinking (or drinking) when the
  6. This was too close for comfort - I was on that common the day before with my dog. Doesn't bear thinking about. Best wishes to all concerned. Thetford
  7. Didn't realise Newt was a fag farmer. PM make Marlboro which I've smoked (red ones) since I was 15 (38 now ) and been thinking of giving up 'cos I only smoke when I'm drinking and now I can't smoke in the pub. Or the bookies - I know, I know - I can't drink in the bookies but I can drink in the pub opposite and some of my most inspired punts have come from conversations over a pint and running across the road to get on before the off. Almost everyone in the bookies is puffing hard on a fag while they watch their horse/dog win or nearly win (they never lose - they nearly win ) I guess
  8. Sorry for delay - been working No actual concerns Budgie other than a genuine wish to improve my knowledge. I'm the type of person that yearns to learn and this forum is brilliant for that. I'd always thought that our three varieties of carp were just that - varieties of the same strain. In simple terms I thought it was like having blonde hair, brown hair or ginger hair - not like being white, black or asian. Please everyone - don't attack me for using this analogy - it just illustrates my understanding. The only reason I asked for validation was there were no references cited in t
  9. No bad on you Errrm but can anyone confirm or refute the info at this link?
  10. I bow to you FB, a lamb recipe that doesn't contain mint! Every commercially available lamb burger type product that I have come across is liberally laced with the bloody stuff! I know I could make my own - and with your recipe now will - but not everybody likes mint and those that do can bloody well put it on themselves as far as I'm concerned. And another thing - why can't you buy lamb sausages? Apart from making your own has anybody seen any? And if you did were they stuffed full of bloody mint as well!
  11. I knew a guy in about '90 - '91 that bred Pit Bulls. He was always extolling the virtues of them and saying that the only bad ones were brought up wrong by bad handlers/owners. He was no mug when it came to dog training and I met a couple of his dogs that where, indeed, excellent dogs. I bumped into him after my daughter was born in '92 and asked him how the dogs were etc. He said - "I was wrong - I stand corrected". Apparently the majority of his dogs - sometimes up to a dozen - were kennelled outside his home. He had one dog that was his pet - which lived indoors. You may be able to guess wh
  12. Yes - a very happy New Year to all members. Now that I've moved from London to Suffolk I might be able to get to meet some of you
  13. I can go all day without a fag - I don't even take them to work. But if I have a drink I smoke like a trooper. I've walked 3 miles in the rain to find a 24 hour garage when I've run out when drinking. I'm gonna try wearing a patch when I have a drink and see if that takes away the need. As for the advert I'm with Wordbender - if it stops one person smoking then that must be a good thing. A hell of a lot of people won't take any notice but some will. Shocking adverts are powerful - look at the drink drive advert with the lads in the pub where the girl crosses the room and gets "knocked dow
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