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  1. From today’s Hansard: Mr Deputy Speaker (Mr Nigel Evans) I have to notify the House, in accordance with the Royal Assent Act 1967, that Her Majesty has signified her assent to the following Act: European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Act 2020.
  2. Just don’t get between him and a meat pie! Or be cruel to hamPsters.
  3. HaHaHa, ‘Boris Johnson defeated....’ a continuation of the spoilt brats sitting in the corner and throwing their toys around because they are not getting their own way. Those amendments got shot down quicker than the Japanese aircraft during the Battle for the Philippine Seas.
  4. Listening to the debate in Parliament now, Shadow Exiting the EU Minister, Thangham Debbonaie has once again issued some sort of threat to the Govt. I think for the fifth or sixth time, “Unless the Govt. accepts this amendment ‘WE’ will vote against it.” That’s another on the list who hasn’t noticed there has been a general election. Help yourself.
  5. Well Gozzer, it has been a long time but, if you go back to the earlier parts of the thread you will see that some contributors were merely grasping at headlines and posting up a link to rather dubious headlines without reading the entire of the text or indeed having any understanding what so ever on what process or whatever was behind the actual decisions made. Some posters would post a link to an article and, after it was proven that the content was untrue would continue to post links to differing media publications saying the same thing almost as if the accuracy of any report is proven by and directly proportionate to the number of differing outlets within it is referenced. If you look now you will see that...... OH BUM!
  6. I’m with you on that Phone. Started off on the classics, including War and Peace! Found a habit in fiction by the likes of Wheatley and Clive Cussler but the list of decent fiction reads is very short indeed and easily exhausted. Although, I was aware of an upcoming author who made NATO Strategic planners take a sharp intake of breath before one of those collective “OH Sh1t” moments in “Red Storm Rising” by Tom Clancy and followed his releases avidly for some while. Over the last decade I have switched to non fiction but nothing written by people who have made an awful lot of money in so called entertainment and wish to improve their bank balance even more, I mean real life stories of real life people you probably wouldn’t notice sat next to you on a bus! My wife’s grandfather was a rather famous RN Diver in the days of brass helmets and hand operated bellows, although not well written as it was a true auto biography it is a good insight. USS. Indianapolis is a gripping account of that disaster, written by Lt. Commander Lewis Haynes one of the survivors it is both harrowing and gripping whilst awakening primeval fears. Apache Dawn by Damien Lewis is another great read as is Tail Gunner by SqnLdr. R Rivas. But I would go to Red Storm Rising to reignite your will for fiction, for me it was a not put down read.
  7. To use your own words, “You haven’t got a clue what you are talking about.” Conversation ended.
  8. Firstly, EU Directive 2016/1164 DOES NOT legislate in any way suggested in this false story, fake news, bullshit, propaganda or whatever you want to call it claim originally coming from social media and now reported in newspapers with a particular bias or agenda. Second, PERHAPS MORE IMPORTANTLY, The Directive was implemented in, I think, the 2018 budget and came into force on 1st January 2019.
  9. You don’t have to read far to see the bias on the website quoted Gozzer, once again laughable. Especially so if you look at the IPSO website you can plainly see, during the period 01/01/2018 through 31/12/2019 IPSO received Fifteen yes Fifteen complaints against The Daily Mail! of which seven were rejected after investigation. Not sure what other publications had but not exactly the spin put on the story. AGAIN.
  10. Ha! Did some muppet just quote from evolvepolitics, what a frigging joke.
  11. You are correct, routing, especially around corners is very much better, easier and quicker when using a table. Just been out to my workshop; This is my one. But I don’t think they are available new anymore but used is a possibility. It was designed for the router supplied but that broke so I removed the push button on and off switch and rewired in a standard, switched 3 pin plug socket. BIG BUT, it is steel so will need a cover outside.
  12. Can’t answer the smoking question except by saying it must be strong. Interesting poll, conducted in November of 1,500 odd persons, not exactly the fanciful opinion that some will grasp at, perhaps it is more straws! Always good to read the footnotes before you shout your mouth off! Here is a good indication, and yes, it is a quote from this ‘latest poll’ ”However, readers should also be aware that when we dig a little deeper into the data, it reveals that this shift has come predominantly from those who did not actually vote in the 2016 Referendum. Around nine in ten Leave and Remain voters say they are still unchanged in their view on whether to leave or remain. BMG’s polling suggests that a year ago, those who did not vote in the referendum were broadly split, whereas today’s polling now consistently shows those who stayed at home in 2016 are overwhelmingly in favour of remaining in the EU, with the latest poll putting it at a margin of more than four to one (81% Remain / 19% Leave – excl. DKs). [ADDED 18/12/17] – Readers should note that this poll does not mean that the British public think that the decision to leave the EU should be reversed. Nor does it indicate strong support for another referendum. In fact polling shows that there is very little support for having a second referendum” Another “The sky is falling!” Moment perhaps.
  13. I have one of those cheap to buy small router tables, they are a bit small with flimsy legs so I took the lags off and bolted the router table onto a small length of 6x2. When I use it I sit the unit into the jaws of my workmate so the jaws grip the wood, it is very stable and at a good height to work on. You don’t need an expensive router but there is a lot of difference in the bits. cheap ones in B&Q break in seconds but there are some good ones on Amazon. If you are forming MDF etc then buy the cheap ones and return them for a refund because that stuff will blunt the most extensive bits in seconds.
  14. People can sit and analyse the votes as much as they like, they can add on Uncast votes here there and everywhere if it floats their boat. In simple terms there was a referendum to decide if the U.K. should switch to PR and the result was NO. Equally simplistic was the referendum to leave the EU and the result was to Leave. Then there were requests to have another Referendum on multiple occasions that were rejected by Parliament. It then went to the U.K. electorate in a General Election. Now, after the leave vote was, once again confirmed by majority they want to go back and change the PR vote! But still a few wish to change every referendum and election that did not go in their favour simply because they are right and the majority are wrong! Personally I can see why those who follow that train of thought support the EU. After all, it is what the EU think that matters to them, the fact that the EU leaders are not elected nor govern by mandate of any majority is insignificant, and yet they continue to find reasons why any democratic vote is not, well, democratic! Oh well, 14 days and counting.
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