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  1. Very emotive subject, mining. Does anyone suggest that the mines are reopened? Is that the obvious answer, the solution to all problems? What about the dairy industry that has been systematically destroyed directly by membership of the EU? Or fishing perhaps. How many other jobs were lost to our population by the EU’s decision to relocate and subsidy industry and manufacturing to other EU member states? Go to Bassett area of Southampton and ask the now unemployed skilled workers who built Ford Transit vans for decades what they think of mines reopening.
  2. Oh well Chesters, light at the end of the tunnel there, at least he is now admitting that the uncertainties caused by Parliament dithering over Brexit, well not dithering in reality but blocking it has cost the lot of us a lot of cash, but there again, perhaps he has not listened to himself! But who would?
  3. More than adequately explained by Douglas Adams....
  4. I’ve fished from various sail powered vessels, best I found was a baited or lure attached paravane chucked out the back whilst ambling along at a couple of knots.
  5. As John said, cannot read it! From your subsequent post I understand you refer to freedom of movement, you reinforce your opinion by pointing out that immigration will continue. I don’t know what tree or shadow you are barking at but, as usual for some of particular views you are misguided and insulting to suggest that others object to immigration period. I have stated on here before and for your benefit will repeat myself, I have no objection what so ever to required, controlled immigration. I do not object to people moving to this Country to fill a requirement provided that requirement of skills cannot be met by reasonable foreseeable training and vocational skill attainment by young persons already resident. I certainly do object, unreservedly and without apology to persons moving here to become part time scrap dealers or part time workers in a hand car wash, being then able to claim working tax credit or benefits for children NOT resident and then NOT spending that money to the benefit of the local economy. That is a recipe for financial doom. If you still wish to broaden your argument further in the subject of workers rights then post away, personally I think you will find EU workers rights lurking in the shadows of our own.
  6. Deregulation and erosion of rights all round. Say what you like about the EU, but protection of its citizens is taken extremely seriously. You won't want to hear this, but they are on your side even if you aren't on theirs. Can you evidence this statement by factual argument?
  7. EXACTLY what I expected, reasoned argument? Nope, each and every time pathetic threats or churlish statements.
  8. Now you are getting a tad confused again, let’s try and dumb it down a bit for you. My post referred to the numerous occasions to media reports that are partially innuendo, partially bias opinion and partially out and out crap, QED your statement that the person removed after attempting entry to a secure and sensitive area was supposedly shouting anti Brexit rhetoric. Your apparent reply is I “don’t like the truth!” There is a problem with that statement you are perhaps unable to comprehend. You also seem to be confused on the second argument, you are discussing disability with Ken not me, you do not have the right, even if your argument is correct in your view, to transpose that answer to reinforce your argument. That would be akin to me countering your argument regarding the apparent treatment of disabled persons by stating “ That’s wrong because Southampton FC are doing very well at the moment.”
  9. Sticks and Stones may break my bones but your ability is lacking.
  10. Got to laugh at a person who quotes an article in Metro which, within minutes is proven to be, not only false but absolute fairy tales intended to be readily absorbed and repeated by the weak or simple minded. Said person then readily posts a link to the same dubious source and expects a number on here to be as gullible and stupid as he is. One can excuse a five year old, it’s a matter of cognitive development not expected in a child.
  11. Same old same old, back to healthcare workers again, are they on a red bus in Sunderland being driven by Latvian welders? It would be easier to get the sh1te over in one go surely! Back to some facts perhaps, extract from Deutsche Welle, a German state owned broadcaster (21.09.2019); “German Health Minister Jens Spahn on Saturday appealed to Mexican care workers to consider moving to Germany to work. Spahn traveled to Mexico City last week as part of a recruitment drive aimed at redressing a shortage of nursing and ancillary staff in German care homes. In a video posted to Twitter, he said the trip was about "helping to speed up the process by which nurses from Mexico can come to Germany." He said visa procedures and the recognition of professional qualifications would be accelerated for qualified Mexican staff. The article continues to say there were currently 50,000 to 80,000 vacancies. I wonder just how you can spin that to Boris, Brexit or even the Conservatives! Meanwhile back in the real world no mention on here of that factory ship off the SouthEast Coast or the 400,000 tons of sand eel GONE from the North Sea. Sick to death with this constant reposting of crap articles from crap media sources, have some freedom of thought whilst that particular right is neither legislated against or taxed.
  12. I think the bus on the moon might be true Chesters, I was talking to Elvis Presley the other day because he now works in my local chip shop after he went into hiding and he said he had seen it there! P.S. I don’t think Clod ‘looks’ at the Moon, more likely he howls at it.
  13. Its not just that Ken, people are free to believe and repeat whatever they like, the lunacy of it all is they do not do just that, believe and repeat it. It reminds me of the Chinese whispers joke from long ago, The General intends to advance, send reinforcements, becomes, The General is going to a dance, send three and four pence! It starts with There is the possibility that The Queen has the power to sack the P.M. moves through The Queen COULD sack the P.M., moves onto The Queen MIGHT sack the P.M. and ends with The Queen WILL sack the P.M. if... and all the time the statement is added to there is no comment from the palace simply because, as usual the Monarch, correctly, keeps well away from such things. Might, perhaps, could, possibly or even there is a chance that... all lose their meaning to the ears of the desperate.
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