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  1. Not my words but written by a friend. The litany of abuse and inhumanity I have seen aimed at a man who devoted his life to public service of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth has irked me beyond belief. He's a racist, you say? At 18-months old, as a young Greek baby of Danish parentage, he was removed from his home and as a refugee was taken to Paris where he was brought up by two alcoholic parents. His mother was sectioned when he was five years old, whilst his father left him to pursue his own love life.
  2. So by continued scaremongering about the AstraZeneca jab whilst at the same time demanding the U.K. gives up its own supply, sending armed officers into ‘secure’ supplies and blocking the supply of the AstraZeneca to other Countries and then threatening to seize the entire supply of jabs in a U.K. funded and purchased laboratory that happens to be in Holland, sitting on the jabs that have been supplied until they go out of date and then saying they are not going to use them anyway! Pfizer then announce that due to ‘market conditions’ they are increasing the price of their jab by 60%.
  3. Ha! Just remembered that time when some bright spark opened an eBay account in the name of Tony Blair and was auctioning peerages. Fecking funny and fecking true.
  4. Agree with Chesters on this, I had a similar scare years ago when my children were young teenagers, I left them a video that thankfully never got shown. Cancer treatment has made massive leaps in recent years, a very good friend has a daughter who was diagnosed with an aggressive cancerous brain tumour when she was eight years old, Drs gave her six months to live, those words cut everyone down like a machine gun, words can never express those feelings. She is now 22 years old, every year she has all the scans and tests and every year the Consultant says “you know what I am going to s
  5. Oh, Mrs Von der Leyen, we have run out of chairs, perhaps you could stand there and try to look important or better still, go sit in the corner because nobody is impressed.
  6. You wouldn’t expect Chesters to read the Beano and take that seriously would you?
  7. Some of that is funny Bob but my fecking eyes hurt!
  8. Lots of spats going on in the EU over fishing it seems. Irish fishermen have been offered monies by EU for financial assistance to offset their loss in catch due to Brexit. France says Ireland is getting too much and wants a proportion of the Irish money to go to French fishermen who are losing more money because they are more badly affected by loss in quota. Denmark say their fleet is the worst hit so want some of the French money! Reports here say the U.K. fleet is down on quota due to Brexit. Surely they can’t all be right unless perhaps something else is affecting
  9. I think I’ve covered this in earlier replies.
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