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  1. Keep us posted Elton, hopefully she will start recovering in the next couple of days, best wishes.
  2. Richard Horton is the same as every other wannabe politician and second or third rate ‘celebrity’ who is going to claim this and claim that, rather like the guy who shouts at the ref at a football match, they always know better and are obviously experts. In this case Horton needs to get his memory checked because the government wasting precious time during the onset of the virus, as he puts it, was because people like him were saying things like this and the Government followed the advice of the scientific community. Despite claiming this is not a political issue, your common or garden mouth piece will always make it so Ant at the same time agreeing that it is not political he will continue to post crap that supports his view. let’s just hope people will pull together and we come out from this without too much loss of our nearest and dearest. As for the ravings of a loathsome individual, well, there is a block feature on here, the site becomes readable and enjoyable again if you use it and leave the ramblings well behind a curtain.
  3. If it is true that the Tory party are guilty here, a repeating point by some posters! and the U.K. was not prepared for the pandemic then you have to list other countries who were or are equally not ready, Germany, Italy, Spain, hang on a minute, much to much typing, how about by Continent, Europe, Asia, N. America, hang on much to much typing... If, the poster thinks, as he surely must that THE ENTIRE PLANET was not prepared for this pandemic perhaps he could give a reasonable, plausible link to how the Tory party are to blame? As for his new champion of the fight against Boris et. al. Richard Horton, perhaps when he is quoting him from last week’s Question Time he would kindly refer to exactly what the same person was saying in January about the same subject! But given past behaviour he will not have moved past reading an article and repeating it as long as it feeds his bigotry and bias.
  4. A friend of mine has been taken into hospital with covid19 and put on one of those Dyson respirators, just phoned to see how he is and apparently he is picking up nicely!
  5. I’m with you once again Gozzer, NOT getting dragged back in to commenting on this thread again. How many times are you on the last post count Phone?
  6. The funniest thing about communism is the people who support it in one post and then use it to berate people who quote a supporter in another post, not aimed at you Ken!
  7. I think he means ‘accept’ Chesters.
  8. Anybody out there got a five year old who can translate that for me, can’t see my grandchildren to ask as I’m staying indoors because of Brexit!
  9. Nissan has halted production, so that’s one of his predictions that has come true.
  10. Good God this is hard work, you say I defend or deny Military Cuts, to prove this you call me a liar and post a link to a fricking newspaper that is nothing to do with me. READ THE QUOTE, I got it from a children’s site as I thought keeping to key stage 2 levels might be better, if and when your Son obtains the Queen’s Warrant he will be addressed as Sir, to his face anyway, by junior ratings, he will NOT BE an ‘Officer’ as defined by just about every armed force in the World. You are becoming more confused each time you post, again, I do not deny cuts to our armed forces, it has been going on for decades and is not attributable to any party or government.
  11. I don’t write or even work for the Express or any other newspaper so how could I have possibly written or said anything published. You are confused, a noncom is NOT an Officer.
  12. Find it, quote it and post it. Your Son is NOT an ‘Officer’ (holder of The Queen’s Commission) he is a CPO (non commissioned) Writer. My discussion was on your post regarding HMS seven (sic) being taken out of service early, I pointed out the FACTS that HMS Severn (the clue is in the name River Class) was purchased on a PFI which meant it cost more to lease than build a replacement that the Govt. has already done, my argument has NEVER been denial of cuts, but the simple fact that successive Govts. over decades have slashed the armed forces.
  13. Let me try to get this through to you in simple terms, all factual as can be proven as within the knowledge of certain members of this forum. Please indicate if there is any part of it you do not understand or find ambiguous. I HAVE NEVER CLAIMED TO HAVE SERVED IN THE ROYAL NAVY. I HAVE SERVED IN THE ARMY AND THE RAF. I HAVE NEVER CLAIMED THAT I HAVE A SON WHO IS OR WAS OR IS EQUIVALENT TO A COMMISSIONED OFFICER IN THE MILITARY, ONE OF MY SONS WORKS WITHIN THE MOD. HE IS A CIVILIAN. (That being said, he is a departmental team manager at a Navy base I suppose that makes him a fecking Admiral!) ONE OF MY NEPHEWS HAS RECENTLY RETIRED FROM THE PARACHUTE REGIMENT, HE WAS A MAJOR, O.C. PATHFINDER COY. ANOTHER STILL SERVES IN THE RAF, HE IS A WING CO. I HAVE OWNED A BMW, BUT DO NOT CURRENTLY HAVE ONE. I DO NOT PART OWN A RACE HORSE. That’s just a few I can think of, if you have evidence to the contrary please quote it otherwise you are pathetically and childishly name calling for nothing other than self satisfaction, that makes you a troll as I have suggested in the past, which point rather makes this post superfluous but I’ve written it now but won’t be repeating the mistake.
  14. Didn’t you hear Chesters, he got sacked from The Samaritans after a caller committed suicide after talking to him on the ‘phone for five mins. His argument was that he couldn’t save everybody but they pointed out the caller had got the wrong number, he wanted to order an Indian takeaway.
  15. Let’s gainfully employ our time during isolation, how about all of us idiots and dummies (plural so no requirement for a possessive apostrophe) give that great intellect clod spelling and grammar lessons. Could be our greatest gift to the people of Whitby.
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