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  1. Tap on your own name on the post above, when your box opens tap on “edit profile” top right of page.
  2. Thanks for sharing that Vagabond, great to hear that you are still at the swim. Important not to forget Gozzer’s signature, it’s called fishing not catching, personally I have enjoyed many a fantastic days fishing catching nothing, but the peace and tranquility of sitting and trying are enjoyment enough. Get back to the rivers, ponds and yes, even the carp puddles, take in that peace and quiet, a fish is a bonus, plenty of other glorious sights and sounds to refresh the grey matter.
  3. Operation Stack was put in place On M20 around midday today due to industrial action in Calais, that is the second time this week.
  4. Just a little smile to myself. Well a bloody great grin really. I remember saying on here when ‘the usual suspects’ were bleating on about and posting links to the great saviour of remainers, Gina Miller, that these things come back to bite you. Well, you all just got your arse well and truly bitten. Interesting editorial in The Sun today, not known as a ‘leave’ publication, I don’t think it can be correct though, reporting that certain car manufacturers are considering moving from Spain to the UK after Brexit. Clod is an expert on car manufacturing and he has been saying the opp
  5. Thanks for the share John, That memory will chase a few bad ones away for ever and I’m sure it will stay with nipper forever.
  6. Could it be a Norwegian Blue pining for the fiords.
  7. Just looking at the statistics being thrown at us everyday by the media and looking at some of the stories, and stories is a bloody good description of them from the same. There was a Sky News live report from Bolton where the A&E were asking people not to attend for a test as they were being overwhelmed. Cut to some 15 year old lad who had just got a test and was obviously in need of total sympathy because he had to now wait for the result of his test before he could go back to School and continue to take his exams, he HAD TO DESPERATELY take a test because he had a new persistent co
  8. Clod is attracted to headlines in the same way that a magpie is attracted to shiny objects. He rarely reads the text but relies on the headline to ‘prove’ his point, invariably the main bulk of any article he links to does not agree on the point he is making. PS. Do you have magpies? PPS. The magpie is considered amongst the most intelligent of birds. That point ends any association with Clod.
  9. You are not wrong, the EU regulations over barn and free range chickens are nothing short of pathetic, the likes of Clod will tell you that animal welfare is at risk from Brexit, this is just another example of a moron repeating crap he is fed by his EU masters. You can add killing a bull VERY slowly by stabbing it with swords and spears, tying the neck of an animal so it cannot swallow and producing a pate for toast or dog fighting, Cock fighting that is also allowed and more. But he will mention a bus and other things, and, as I see add a bit that says “all the gear and no idea” to
  10. Liverpool FC have won the League for the first time... People are being paid by the Govt. to not go to work... Somewhere a Scouser with an old lamp he has polished up is wondering what his third wish should be...
  11. FIVE POSTS! Anything worth reading? Anything of his own opinion or just copying A.N. Other? Red Bus? Nissan? Lithuanian Welders? On second thought better not bother, some would say ignorance is bliss, in his case ignoring him is bliss and for him ignorance is his only qualification.
  12. Hey Phone when you get a few mins spare can you send a message to Nancy Pelosi, probably easier for you than me. Apparently she has decided to throw her fantastic and highly knowledgeable understanding of International Law into the discussion pot, she obviously is an expert because she is a Politician and therefore an expert. Firstly, this is a disagreement between the U.K. and the E.U. and has got feck all to do with her and her continuing war with Trump over just about everything, her expert opinion is about as welcome as a tray of pork sausages at a Jewish Wedding ceremony. S
  13. Reading it, it does appear your summing up is correct. The U.K. will continue to contribute towards the Defence of the EU with monies and troops. Under Article 6 (“the Union and the United Kingdom shall use their best endeavours to conclude and ratify such an agreement before 1 July 2020.”), best endeavours means jack shite in Law, so what it means is, if the EU refuse to budge on their demand for full access to U.K. Territorial Waters then they will continue to have full access. The deadline has passed, THIS is in breach of International Law under the jurisdiction of The UN. Th
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