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    Ok mate, I must admit I used them on the pole and they were perfect, if you're casting with them I wouldnt let them get too soft before you take them out of the water. Good Luck. Mitch
  2. Miggy


    I bought some Dynamite Bait Amino Acid pellets that were supposed to be hookable and they broke apart as soon as I hooked them. A mate recommended some pond pellets that he uses from the pet shop. I was a little sceptical at first, but he told me he had some success with them when match fishing as a kid. I used them and they were great...the fish went mad for them...So you may want to give them a whirl...plus, they were cheap aswell Mitch
  3. I caught a couple of nice tench and bream on luncheon meat whilst night fishing. I cut a cube of roughly half an inch in size..and hair-rigged it on a size 10... It stayed on well for a couple of casts and probably would have stayed on all night...but I opted to change it quite often Mitch
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    32... not bad to say im only 15 pfft ..
  5. Just wondering, can anyone help me out... I have a goldfish, who is about 10 years old. About 4 weeks ago he developed a large lump on his left hand side. He has lost some scales around this area and the lump is vivid orange in colour. He is not showing any signs of discomfort and is eating well...The condition of his water/tank is fine. Recently a small opening resembling a cut has appeared on the lump. Does anyone have an Idea what the problem is? Mitch
  6. Cheers fellas thats cleared things up for me... I'll be making the mix tonight and didnt want it to go to waste so turned to AN Mitch
  7. Ok thanks Worms. I think I will fish with it and argue that it is purely a mix of loose feed and if I am told that I am not able to fish it, then I will try something else
  8. Tomorrow I plan to fish a lake close to me for the first time. I am planning to use the pole with a selection of hookbaits. However, the rules state that you are not allowed to use groundbait... I was planning to liquidise some hemp, and use it in conjunction with half a pint of pellets, some whole hemp and sweetcorn to create 'slop' type mixture. I was wondering whether if I cupped this in with the pole cup, whether or not it would be classed as a 'groundbait' so to speak. Cheers Mitch
  9. I can't stand people like that...just smile and nod politely ... then embarass him where it counts most ...guarenteed you will still be 'lucky' in his eyes... Congrats on the nice haul btw and pb tench.. I caught my first tench at the weekend lovely fish
  10. Can anyone give me an esimate on the weight of the tench -in their opinion- please
  11. The bottom ones are with the same camera... and the pictures are clear, but when I enhanced them they became unclear, but they allow you to see the shape and size better than almost total darkness...
  12. I got a phone call late Friday evening from my uncle asking whether I would like to fish an overnight session. Having only ever fished 2 previously -and thinking it would be rude to refuse... I jumped at the chance, but at 7 o'clock on a friday evening there are -of course- not many tackle shops open, and -barring a couple of bags of pellets in the shed I had no bait. So raiding my mums kitchen cupboards was in order... Having found half a loaf of bread, a tin of luncheon meat and some vanilla essence and red food colouring, I decided to fish the method feeder with a white crumb groudbait
  13. Hi Mate, usually I buy groundbait from the tackle shop, but on friday night i used blended white bread with vanilla essence and red food colouring. Obviosly its not the best, but it works, I had 2 tench and 2 bream all of good size. It is thought that adding spices can help and anything that would boost flavour. Sure there are better out there, but if you're stuck for ingredients -and time- it seems to work well for me. For the record I fished a hair-rigged cube of luncheon meat over the top. Mitch
  14. Ok Budgie, no worries mate.
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