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  1. Thank you Kappa, just the little screw in bit. Steve is kindly lending me a couple of bank sticks.
  2. Hot water, blankets and Horlicks aside would anyone be kind enough to lend me a butt rest? Seem to have misplaced one and don't want people thinking I'm fishing the Thames in flood!
  3. Ha I haven't seen it on a supermarket shelf in a long time so couldn't comment.
  4. Thank you, excited is an understatement. I'll pick up a few pints of deads from the tackle shop. They've normally got a quite a few in the freezer so if anyone wants me to them some up let me know, they're £2 a pint!
  5. What are the chances of an eel if I leave a lob worm on overnight? Have somehow managed never to catch one... What are the chances of an eel if I leave a lob worm on overnight? Have somehow managed never to catch one...
  6. My dad says a good chunk of crackabarrel was his favourite barbel bait on the Thames as a young one.
  7. Will people be scaling down the line when fishing the perch? I have 10lb mainline spooled on at the moment
  8. Getting very excited now. Has anyone got any thoughts on what bait they will bringing?
  9. I like the look of the Sentient although most definitely cannot justify another feeder rod.
  10. Perhaps a gallery for us nosey parkers? Would love to see some more pictures of the bream/ tench. It all looks very smart though.
  11. I bought some korda goo in corn flavour, first time I used it had 5 carp up to about 18lbs from the canal. Coincidence or not it was one of, if not the best catch of carp I had from the canal. I rang up my friend singing its praises then it sat at the bottom of a tackle bag for 3 years, just came across whilst having a bit of a sort out. I know a lot of people swear by garlic flavoured spam for the barbel but I haven't noticed any difference as yet.
  12. When I've been meaning to get out my river fishing has been ruined by the rain. Just wanted a bit of settled weather, average river and some nice chub conditions. I'm sure people have been catching a few fish but it hasn't been my idea of fun out there. Was going to go for a few hours after work yesterday, checked EA river levels at lunch time and it was fine, by 6 o clock when I drove over the river the nights rain was in and it was ripping though again. Still, had the best autumns fishing I've ever had this year. Best of luck to anyone out this weekend. Bring on a warm spring and some tench!
  13. Has anyone read any insightful studies on hydro such as this and its effect on fish/ biodiversity?
  14. That is an absolute monster, congratulations!
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