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  1. http://www.sustainablebuild.co.uk/composttoilets.html
  2. Terry Pratchett Died today at 66yrs old, Brilliant Author, will be missed by many My condolences to his family and friends and, not forgetting his loyal fans. Rest In Peace and thank you for the years of enjoyment reading your books. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-31858156
  3. Hi Guys, Anyone tell me "what job" you can walk into with no training Whatsoever, No CV and earn £67,060. per year!!! 6 weeks summer Holidays and claim £1,012.75 for the rent of your office. and have a second home you can claim your mortgage back on ?????
  4. I have used this to repair Boots and wellingtons (Sole ) rubber boat, Awning Immediate repair parches TEAR-AID B you can even use it underwater. Type B (only Vinyl/PVC) Tear-Aid repares: tent cover, canvas, rubber (inflatable-) boats, umbrellas, raincoats, jackets and bags. But also products like aluminium, stainless steel, fiberglass and more. Tear-Aid is available in type A en type B. Both types have the same unique qualities but they can be used on different materials. extremely strong watertight airtight very elastic does not fade very versatile does not dry out permanent on Caravan,
  5. Hi Guys, I have a Abu Garcia spare line spool to give away size 5, in brand new condition!! it will hold line of the following 12lbs-230yds 17lbs-160yds 0.30-260mm 0.40-140mm If you would like to have this spare spool for the price of postage or collection then contact me david-platt@lancs-fusiliers.co.uk Dave
  6. Hi Guys, What Nursey???
  7. Hi Alan, Every time I put mt E-mail address in it says " you are not allowed to post on here or something similar. That night Alan it was a wonder I didn't throttle larry Lol Thats why I bailed out and got in my car ( after I defrosted the locks ) got the engine going heater on full and from then it was bliss. I am now retired, had enough of driving all over the place and, it looks like I will be getting back into fishing as my grandson wants me to take him. bless him He goes with his Dad but he says he wants to be taught properly Lol best not let my son see this lol. Catch you later
  8. Hi Alan, No matey, left Elvington long time ago, We had to leave on account he had too many vans on site for his licence, ( Last on first to go ) the old man who ran it is now dead and, its being run by his Son-in-Law Peter. Not fished Elvington for a few years now or anywhere else for that matter, ( Problems with mobility ) we are on a site at Dunnington just outside York ( Ashfield Caravan site ) its a brill site. Hows the Family ( Good I hope ) I see your still doing the doors, Had some good times on the fish ins, I see maggot drowners is still going strong but, not many of the old crow
  9. Hi Mr Fawcett, Long time since Elvington matey, has your hair grown back yet Lol !!
  10. Hi Just thought some one might be interested sorry if its on the wrong forum http://www.fisheries.co.uk/fisheriesforsale/pilsworth/pilsworthpdf.pdf David
  11. I suppose in his defense he would have said " I didn't mean to kill him " or words to that effect but he should have thought about the consequences before taking the action he did. Now one man is dead due to this idiots over reaction a life cut short, a family suffering the loss of a loved one. No 4 yrs is too short, this is no deterrent to this sort of crime he will probably be out in two yrs, I would have thought 10 yrs was reasonable.
  12. Hi Steve, Sorry to hear of your problems with your Gall stone Operation, Truth is Steve not many gallstone ops are free from complications but yours was something else you really have gone through it. It must have worried your Peggy some what, Glad to hear you are now recovering. Best wishes to you and the Family. Dave P ( Do more lurking than posting )
  13. Hi, How come we haven't seen any offences of Men taking women to court for indecently assaulting them, I know when I was at school, this rather nice lovely gorgeous (Female ) teacher always wore low necklines and when sat at her desk, you could not get near for young lads pushing to get their books marked Lol and, I think most of them would have given there high teeth to be Sexually assaulted by her.
  14. I did not know we had a problem with the americans training on British land, I spent a lot of my service time training with the american forces in and around thetford. Never had any problems with them, bit gung ho and full of themselves but apart from that nice guys.
  15. AN investigation has been launched after hundreds of dead fish were discovered by a Ramsbottom man. The fish were found by Gary Fleming in Bradshaw Brook, near Bolton, on Sunday while he was walking in the area with a friend. Mr Fleming said: “They were fresh. Someone has dumped something poisonous and powerful enough to kill all the fish in there. “I saw about 60 dead fish on the surface, but there was some water that was so deep that you couldn’t see, there could have been hundreds. I got to the bottom of Jumbles reservoir and there was about a mile of water strewn with dead fish. It was
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