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  1. Excellent video thankyou Thanks for the replies folks
  2. Hi. Thanks for the reply. I thought dropshotting tended to use small soft lures?
  3. Hi. I fancy doing a bit of drop shotting for perch around the broads but I could do with a bit of advice on rigs. What rigs do others like to use? I have heard talk of some using 30lb braid in case of a snag, they can then pull the hook until it straightens out and returns. I like the sound of this but the few rigs I have seen have been flurocarbon tied to braid. Surely the flurocarbon would snap making the 30lb braid unaffective? Anyway, any pointers would be much appreciated Thanks
  4. Some interesting replies, thank you. I much prefer an active for of fishing. It has been a fair few years since I've been out fishing. I'm wondering what areas of the Broads are free to fish without a permit. Do you need a permit for the Waveney? Cheers
  5. Hi. Thank you for your advice. I had a think about it and thought I'd prefer to target large perch so I went for a Shakespeare Agility drop shot rod and bought the KastKing Sharky II reel (size 3000). Both supposed to be good quailty for a budget. Whilst read I saw a lot on the web about how poor our lure rods are for the money in comparison to yours over there in the USA but that is pretty much to be expected here in rip off Britain.
  6. Hi. I am looking into buying my first lure rod and reel. I'd like them to be decent quality. I'd like to catch perch and pike on the broads.. I'm not sure whether to go light or medium. Can anyone recommend some rods and reels? Cheers
  7. Thank you for the advice. Yes I have a good experienced friend that I go out with
  8. Hi. I fancy having a crack at pike fishing on the broads and I was wondering what might be a decent first rod and reel to get started? Cheers
  9. I have no problem with otters at all. If I saw one swimming in the river whilst fishing I'd consider myself blessed and love the site. All part of my love of nature. If they are a problem for man made carp ponds then tough luck. I'd rather give up fishing than see harm to them. Same goes for cormorants, pike and whatever.
  10. You could take the oportunity to fish for some really decent roach on commercials that often get ignored. Fish really light. Less chance of one of those horrible carps taking your bait this time of year.
  11. I haven't caught any thing at all...but then I haven't been fishing since last winter!!! looking forward to the summer fishing
  12. '' Once I caught a fish alive, then I put it back again''
  13. I fancy a lazy day's fishing at the local commercial in Norfolk tomorrow. What do you reckon i should target. There are 3 ponds. The largest being a carp pool and the other two have your usual suspects, bream tench roach etc. I'm not really interested in carp. Cheers
  14. I think you'd be better off gaining your basics with your rod and reel and learning that coarse fishing isn't neccersarily about getting the huge fish. If you are new to coarse fishing i'd start with a simple float setup and gain knowledge of how to handleyour coarse setup and learn about a variety of fish out there. You may find you'll get fed up of coarse fishing very quickly if you go out specifically for carp with no watercraft knowledge. You don't necersarily have to cast right out either. If you fish in the margins and be very quiet you should catch a good range of fish of all sizes to g
  15. Sorry, it's ok. I had a brief moment of stupidity ( one of many). I hadn't logged in
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