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  1. Can anyone beat this as an example of OTT fishing tackle? What you're seeing here are a set of distance sticks which in themselves can be very handy but these ones come with spirit levels built into the end so that you can make them perfectly vertical. They'll cost you over fifty quid too
  2. Hi all, looking for some advice. . About six years ago, I was given custody of my son after the social services and subsequently the judge, deemed his mother not fit to care for him, he was two years old. I had not been in a relationship with his mother since she was pregnant with him. His three siblings were also removed from his mother and placed in to care. His mother was a neglectful and sometimes abusive parent who's actions were reported to the social services on several occasions. His mother was someone who made friends very easily and would leave her children with people she hardly kne
  3. I've had my best results when float fishing for Tench using expanders on the hook when nothing else seemed to work. Saying that, most of my Tench fishing is on a deep pond where only an underarm swing is required, the pellets can easily come off the hook and can split easily when applying them to the hook.
  4. A couple of weeks ago, I was driving home from Cheshire after enjoying a bank holiday weekend in Nantwich with some friends. I was travelling Northbound on the M6 with my young son in my father's Campervan. I noticed a police car following me but was not worried as I thought everything was in order and I'd not been speeding. You can imagine my surprise when the officer switched on his blues to pull me over. The officer asked me to sit in his car where he would explain to me why he'd pulled me over, to my horror, he informed me that my dad's vehicle was showing as having no insurance. I expl
  5. It's easy to measure eg. 10 rod lengths out by using distance sticks, eg. ten wraps around two distance sticks set a rod length apart. Rod tip would typically be close to water's surface, no more than 3ft. I agree that to drop on a slack line would be better for accuracy, the problems there however are, having to release the line form line clip immediately after cast and dropping on a slack like increases the chance of tangles.
  6. I'm wondering if there is a simple mathematical formula for the following problem. Using my Deeper fish finder, I find a likely looking underwater feature in eg. 30 ft of water where I'd like to cast a bait to. Using my spool clip and distance sticks, I measure the distance of this feature from my casting point at eg. 10 rod lengths out. As I prefer to feel my lead and bait down on a tight line, what would I need to add on to the distance to allow for swing back?
  7. Some cracking fish there mate, three doubles in a night from the Dribble is a good result. I can't believe you've had so little feedback on this post, you should've said you caught them on a vintage centrepin and everyone would've lost their minds.. I'll let you PM me the details of the bait you were using in exchange for the info I gave you on the Tench pond
  8. The Korum Latex folding spoon nets are pretty good, I use one myself.
  9. Alright ATS, I can recommend a cracking little Tarn but you'll have to cross the Border to Cumbria to get to it. It's called Skelsmergh Tarn near Kendal. A club called Kendal and district angling club have it. You can get day tickets but if you can make it there a good few times, it'd be worth buying the £40 annual permit. They also have another couple of waters that contain Tench, the newly acquired Atkinsons Tarn and a Stretch of canal. Getting back to Skelsmergh. This is a stunning natural tarn set in a SSSI, it's circular in shape and quite deep. It holds Tench and Perch, both o
  10. You man like this? I can see in some situations, the rule is a good one, especially on rivers. When I'm pike fishing, I like to have my line and rod directly in a straight line, there are some places where I fish where the set up pictured above isn't possible due to things like bankside vegetation. There are times when I have to spread my rods out a little bit. I don't think it's the distance between rods (within reason) which is the main concern but how you react when you get a bite. When I'm fishing for pike and one of my alarms sound, I strike immediately. I invite you and e
  11. I know this and I only ever fish for Barbel with this ticket, any more than two rods would be just silly.
  12. And that is when I'll start using three rods only.
  13. Here's a scenario, I'm Pike fishing one of my usual swims in the lake district. My baits are on the other side of a steep rocky drop off and I've set my 4 rods up with a maximum of 3m between the outermost rod butts, (instead of 3m between EACH butt which up until yesterday, I thought was the rule). I get a run on the 2nd or 3rd rod and whilst playing the fish in, it becomes entangled with one of my other lines, out of netting reach. I have no option but to drag the fish to the net pulling my other rig with it. Now, not only do I have the difficulty of unhooking the fish amongst a tangl
  14. I've just been going through some EA rules and realised I've been breaking one of them when I've been Pike fishing in the lake district. The rule I've been breaking is the middle part of the following regarding distance between the outermost rod butts. The number of rods you can use at the same time depends on the water you’re fishing in and the fish you’re trying to catch. You must make sure that the distance between the butts of the outermost rods isn’t more than 3 metres when fishing with multiple rods and lines. It’s illegal to leave a rod and line in the water unattended or over which
  15. I do most of my pike fishing in the Lake district where it can get pretty cold, I'll be deadbaiting for them tomorrow in temperatures between 0 and -2 degrees with a south easterly breeze, feeling quietly confident.
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