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  1. from my local river ( gala water ) a feeder river to the tweed , 1 day 2 years ago i managed to catch 5 different species on a spinner salmon , sea trout , brown trout , rainbow trout , grayling > ( rainbow trout was a fish farm escapee ) technically it was 6 species , i caught a minnow , hook in the mouth , but i think it was a fluke. so 5 species for sure , maybe 6 NOT TOO BAD FOR A RIVER LESS THAN 25 MILES LONG
  2. thanks guys , that was an interesting read !!!!!!!!!
  3. with coarse fish not being my first target when fishing , can you guys tell me if this is now the time of year that coarse fish spawn. i am sure i have seen perch spawn in the reeds or fry swimming about at this time of year. do all coarse fish spawn at roughly the same time.....
  4. up here in scotland , our drainage system is pretty good , however after watching the national news & seeing all the terrible flooding down south , i have 1 question on a lighter note ,,,, do any of you know if due to the flooding , some fish species have been able to spread to waterways that they did not exist in previous , if they have is this to the anglers advantage. one other thing , do you have any rivers down south ( from scotland ) , that have breeding populations of carp , i have only heard of carp in lakes or lochs.. & never in flowing rivers........
  5. those hooks look like they could do some serious damage , really glad we dont use things like that nowadays. still very interesting hooks though.
  6. just a simple question. is it better to buy hooks without a barb or debarb them yourselves? i tend to think barbless hooks are more expensive , however if i take the barb of myself will they be just as good , as well as cheaper ?
  7. i enjoy watching fish rise to the surface , they also get used to you & expect to be fed , if you keep your pond clean , you will see fish down to a good depth. some even let you hand feed them through time !!!!!! still not sure if i should protect my pond with a surface net or some type of metal grill to keep out greedy otters , herons , cats etc.........
  8. there may well be very large pike in there due to trout on the menu. warm weather wont bother fish lying 30 ft + in the summer. i often fish st marys loch in the scottish borders it drops of to 150 ft in many places, tactics i use vary from lures to dead bait & even live minnow which is very good , i have often hooked pike in 50 ft water & boy is it a battle. the pike will lie in the drop of point to ambush fish , when the wind blows all the food for trout blows with it , the pike will follow them too. look for a build up of leaves & grime & below the surface trout
  9. top stuff phil , well answered , i would like to get in to a large tweed pike , as i imagine it would be a very powerful creature with it having to fight some strong currents i myself 2 seasons ago was fishing the fairnilee beat on the tweed with a spinner when i hooked what i took to be a large salmon it gave a tremendous pull & took of like a train & 5 seconds later it was gone , broken , when i got the line back it was as if cut by a razor balde , it may just of been a pike with its sharp teeth. i have caught several large grayling on the tweed too , with spinners in very f
  10. Thanks phil , when these fish were caught on the tweed , were they All taken with bait. The authorities insist on a close season , just to protect salmon , They would hate the idea if multiple coarse fishers arrived on the scene as their laws are based on salmon , sea trout & brown trout , they would find it very difficult to stop people coarse fishing. I would of thought that the spped of the tweed flow would not suit coarse fish except Grayling , I imagine when the tweed floods 8 ft or more & the river flows at 15 mph + that the perch , rudd etc will just move to the side & be
  11. Thanks , Andy i will look forward to reading your document , when you post it. Thank you all for the pond calculations , i would of NEVER of worked out the amount of gallons in it ( NEVER )
  12. 400 gallons was a very rough guess , it,s about 8 ft x 7 ft , its a straight drop from the side down to 30 inches , it is over 36 inches in the centre. so i did not calculate anything as i would not know where to start , it seems a lot of water to me , i really wanted about 20 fish or so , i will try dobies garden centre , thanks for you feedback , phil. is there a formula for measuring water quantity in a pond with several different measurements
  13. hi , guys do you or anyone you know sell young coarse fish for my new pond , not really fry but the next stage where they are maybe 2" long , perch , roach , rudd etc........... thanks
  14. hi , folks i have recently moved house & in the back garden is a large man made pond , holds about 400 gallons of water. my question to you all is where can i get some coarse fish for it , do you know any suppliers who supply the public , maybe rudd , roach or a nice shoal of perch. i am in southern scotland. any website links would be excellent thanks
  15. Is it safe to assume , humans are a big cause of the spread Nice detailed map , I could not of received a better answer to my question ,Steve
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