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  1. This thought policing aint just in university's. Its also in my workplace.We arent allowed to verbally abuse each other unless it is "banter".Nicknames arent allowed in case it is offensive. Nearly everyone has a nickname .I have one based on my size and having a big tash I cant sleep at night worrying about the damage it is doing to my self esteem 😀
  2. Our subs are probably stuck on a sandbank somewhere😊 at least portland down is getting 48 million thrown at it✌
  3. my water also tastes of tea or coffee I dont drink tap water unless it is boiled, Milk is my favourite drink but no doubt that is bad for me
  4. In llandudno at the mo -3 this morning 4 degrees now .No snow but can see plenty on Snowdon
  5. He says the world is flat it cant be or all the water would fall off the edge
  6. sorry to hear of your condition keep your chin up
  7. ex to me me means was or used to be who cares only the pedantic brigade
  8. Thanks John I will still use the forum when I need some info or light entertainment I just wont read certain threads
  9. Thats the word amusement now its abusement lol
  10. It was more fun when ant zulu kendo nursey and co were on onNot forgettingg chesters
  11. the reason I stopped using the forum was due to me getting absolutely pi22ed off by the know alls bickering
  12. Have watched the programme a few times but he is far too hyper for me, maybe its put on but all the shouting is too over the top for me .
  13. Ken the reason I am fishing long range is the bigger fish stay far out in the lakes because of foot traffic on the bank . I have fished them since I was a kid they dont have bars or snags so abrasion isnt a problem
  14. Thank you very much for the information chaps .Phone I am useless at hitting roach and bream at long distance and thought braid may be more sensitive and make my catch rate better lol .Also where I intend to fish is mainly a big carp water has a minimum of 15 lb bs line rule so thought the thinner diameter braid would get me round this as 15lb mono isnt good for bream fishing
  15. Merry Christmas to everyone. I could do with some info I,m biting the bullet and going to use braid for feeder fishing has anyone used it to target bream on the quiver. I would appreciate any recommendations on which brand to use and colour plus rigs .I have read some stuff but still confused .I have read I may need a shock leader is braid too weak to take a decent cast if so how what leader breaking strain would i need thanks in advance Rob
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