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    Reading thrillers, sci-fi & fantasy. Watching rugby union and Katie Melua although the court order says I can't get nearer than 100 yards to her now.
  1. One of his funniest clips ever:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcnFbCCgTo4
  2. I have a few links that may be of interest to some of you should you so require them
  3. Hello all, A couple of friends of mine are starting a new venture and they asked me about setting up a website, etc. Now I know next to nothing about this but because I used to work in IT as a project manager, my friends assume that I know all this stuff. As anyone will tell you, us PM's don't know anything, we have techies who do all that stuff for us and as long as they assure me it works then that's fine. Anyway, back to my friends. The business they're going into doesn't require anything all singing and dancing, it will literally be a shop window to say hear we are and this is what
  4. ahh yes, that wonderful aroma of eeliness wafting through from the back of the car to tickle your nasal cavity
  5. Nice one Steve, bet that felt good in the landing net
  6. I didn't apply this year as unfortunately I've got a family event to attend that weekend that no amount of begging and pleading is getting me out of. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, it's definitely worth going. If I'm back in time on Sunday I might pop down and see how everyone's doing. Assuming that's alright with yourself Steve ?
  7. Ban should be much longer this time, he was banned for 7 games when he was at Ajax after biting a PSV Eindhoven player on the shoulder during a match in November 2010.
  8. How many times have we all said, "I'm so hungry, I could eat a horse ?" Now everyone's moaning about it !
  9. I have several words to describe him, but I think I'd end up being banned if I said them in here
  10. Best comment of the weekend was the referee in the Italy v France game to a French player who I think he thought may have been feigning an injury:- "I know we're playing in a football stadium but there's no need to act like a football player. Now get up and stop messing around."
  11. Saw this earlier, tonight, made me chuckle. From the "Queen" on Facebook or Gin O'Clock as she's otherwise known. You can follow her here http://gin-oclock.com/ Dear people of Romania and Bulgaria, As many of you prepare to head for new European shores when your passports finally become valid in countries that you have heard of, you may be considering a trip to one’s principal island and home, the United Kingdom. Please take absolutely no notice of one’s Government’s attempts to discourage you. As one always says, it is entirely understandable why people would like to flee the con
  12. I more or less agree with you Newt. The case that Ken and Barry are referring to happened a while ago in London although the link that Barry posted has a few inaccuracies (as with most things on the net). The two officers were originally accused of lying to cover up a cock up and faced murder charges. Eventually though it was proved that the only way the shooting could have occurred was the way officers said it did. The suspect unexpectedly turned towards them pointing what they believed was a sawn off shotgun. I also agree with Ken though, if they put cameras on armed officers guns, helme
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