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  1. This is another useful resource for looking at small rivers in the area: http://www.picturethepast.org.uk/index.php Some of the images are fairly contemporary and will give you an idea of whether the location looks fishable. Beware the creaky search facility. There's always Google earth for an aerial view. A lot of these small waters are only known to people who live next to them and would repay a bit of pioneering work IMO.
  2. Some Leen history here: http://www.lentontimes.co.uk/images/galler...listener_50.htm
  3. In the early C20th the Leen was a very productive water but ran through industrialised areas and became all but dead. It was culverted heavily in the 60s but I've always felt it had potential as a fishery if it were cleaned up. I'd be very interested to know how you get on if you give it a try. Another tiny water that used to contain small pockets of big fish was Tottle Brook which ran from Highfields lake to the River Trent.
  4. Haven't fished the area for years but Bottesford AC might be worth a try. The 'Where to Fish' guide (in many libraries) gives the controlling clubs for almost all British waters. It's amazing how rivers have cleaned up since industry moved out. A friend was a fishery biologist on the Erewash as recently as the late 80s and he reckoned it was pretty disgusting then, though probably a lot better than 30 years previously.
  5. A bit further away the Devon ("Deevon") has always been good.
  6. I remember most of those as open sewers but dare say they're all fishable now.
  7. The advantage of an Englishman abroad SL [Kenneth Moore accent] My dear chap I had absolutely no idea[/Kenneth Moore accent] Wouldn't work in the NT pond I have in mind, there'd be a stately homo or two taking me down the cellars for questioning in no time. Like bluddy carp they were, ciabatta fed rudd with a Smarties habit. A Ferrero Roche hair rig or a popped up Jelly Baby and you'd be away.
  8. Been an absolute cloud burst in Yorks for the last half hour, bouncing off the pavements, drain covers like fountains. Badly needed.
  9. Magazines leave me cold, only bought the odd one since the mid-70s. Seeing sponsored anglers fish plum waters for giants has zero to do with my regular fishing and makes me dissatisfied. A nice book is a different matter, in fact my angling book collection is worth a lot more than my tackle.
  10. Aye, Dexter's been entertaining in the Norman manner, 40s a la carte. I just been twitching for slimy roach with beefcake shoulders or bream with a touch of rouge, delete as appropriate. Meantime the carp have been sailing past dorsals in the breeze, playing tag, sucking the leaves off willows, posing like a Sun scorcher in Trafalgar Square fountains, manoeuvring like the fleet off Spithead, anything but feeding which, as I was worming for trout and just passing, like, suited me fine. Hairy riggers not happy behind their Special Brew though. I said this year would be the year of the ru
  11. On the lure point anglers should have a damned good reason not to use a trace. Perch and chub are put off by wire (I believe) but most river venues will get you three jacks for every chub and you will be bitten off. Unless there are no pike present clubs should make non-use of a trace a booting out offence.
  12. Maybe my comment didn't match what I meant to say and I agree on the wider point about fishing and welfare. When we were kids we used keepnets indiscriminately, especially those 4ft jobs with the big mesh and at the end of the day you'd have 70 gudgeon with their heads out and gills trapped and finish up trying to squeeze them through the holes. Obviously modern nets are different but I'd need a reason to use one like setting up a photo before I could justify it. I remember seeing summer matches where keepnets were solid and the mortality rate shocking. That's a different matter to a few c
  13. How many rays does it have, my eyes can't tell? If it is a wrong'un, which is quite possible I'd base it on the shoulder and the copper coloured scales. Trouble is all the roach (?) in that pond look the same. Are hybrids sterile, or do they become progressively weaker strains? BTW, lest anyone suggests I'm passing off funny money I almost never weigh fish (well, maybe if the pike looked a thirty) and seeing my mug in the comics holding fish porn would be my idea of hell. I like to think I've reached a state of zen-like, all-rounderness where size and taxonomy really doesn't matter.
  14. Alright Shanghai - I signed up as you recommended. As you know quality tackle is completely wasted on me but you'd have liked a chap's pin who used to fish on the Trent back in the day. A solid machined aluminium block with one finger hole, take your crow quill all the way to the Humber, he used to work at Rolls Royce I believe. Fantastic. The Adcock Stanton looks nice in a less-is-more kinda way, I remember when they were thirty-five quid.
  15. Hugely complex subject with every variable of water, wind, distance, species and getting away from the OP's trotting theme but if you can catch on the lift method, which relies on displacing on small leger weight to all intents and purposes, every other method is subtle. A large suspended bottom shot is in a sense a variation on that theme. Ideally for roach, say, a tall antennae would give tell-tale pick ups with a line of dust shot responding to progressive bands on the float. You'd be able to see exactly what was happening but whether that would enable the angler to give the correct res
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