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  1. That guy on that acoustic guitar in be background is certainly giving it a bit of stick Keith
  2. Several of my biggest Chub were caught using legered bread crust fished just off the bottom; or simply fished on the surface; occasionally with a little bun spice flavouring added.. I don’t think there’s many baits that our Chub won’t eat; including big black slugs, prawns, small fry freshwater swan mussels etc. and back in the old days (when they were plentiful and it was legal) anglers used to use our native white clawed crayfish. Unfortunately we are not allowed to use the Signal crayfish or the Turkish crayfish that have spread into our waters; as bait; but no doubt our Chub (and
  3. Deleted: (Bubble Floats ramblings are not really worth an answer) Keith
  4. What a great pair of Chub JV Were those fab Chub caught on the upper Thames or on the Kennet? Keith
  5. Don’t bite Tigger, this childish pleb has ‘Winding people up on forums’ on his list of interests (what a really sad git he must be ). Just ignore this fool and he might just float away on his bubble and go somewhere else NB: Do we have an ‘ignore’ function on this forum?
  6. Quote from article linked: [Quote]Many local Labour branches are made up of only a few dozen members, and the motion has no bearing on the larger Camberwell and Peckham Constituency Labour Party (CLP) which elects people to national party structures.[/Quote] NB: Labour, Conservatives etc. are all as bad as each other in my view. Keith
  7. Its totally unbelievable that an outgoing president of the USA like Trump is acting like a very small child and crying because his doll has fallen out of his pram. The whole world is laughing at him and his supporters, they’re making democracy a laughing stock in some countries; and Putin must be laughing his head off right now. He (Trump) is just a mad conspiracist who is totally out of touch with reality. and inciting the brainless plebs around him to be the same; Just like the conovirus sceptics who were protesting in London today (its not only the USA that has brainless plebs liv
  8. I was on crash duty sitting at the end of the runway in a crash wagon at RNAS Yeovilton in Somerset when the yanks delivered the very first of our naval Phantoms which had been refitted with our British Rolls Royce engines, and we could hear over the intercom the American Pilots who were flying them commenting on how good these British Rolls Royce engines were compared to the ones that they had in their own Phantoms back home in the USA. Keith
  9. We had a few guys who were regularly using Tiger Nuts on our estate lake a few years ago and when we took our boat out around one of our islands we found literally thousands of tiger nuts all lying around the island just lying there and rotting away. So we had to ban them. Using them sensibly and carefully on a much larger lake could be fine but beware of using them heavily. They are not very good nutritionally anyway. Keith
  10. I don’t doubt that Bream chase fry as I’ve watched Bream chase a tiny Mepps spinner and seen them doing the same with a small polystickle lure; and bleak aren’t that big anyway; however I have seen a hunting group of perch round up fry into a corner of a pond and then rush in to the fry picking them off, and some of the fry jumped onto the bank trying to blindly get out of the way of the Perch rushing in; so I’m not wholly convinced that it isn’t Perch that are causing your Bleak to jump out of the water. Keith
  11. That’s my understanding too. Here’s the current 4 tier Angling guidelines https://anglingtrust.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/4-tier-guidelines-23-12-20.pdf Keith
  12. I’ve often thought it would be nice if I could go back in time and spend a day or two fishing with Isaac Walton on his beloved river Lea, and take some of my modern fishing tackle with me to show him what we will be using in the future. The only problem that I can see is that I would very probably be hung up for witchcraft Keith
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