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  1. Maybe getting some muck under our nails & eating bogeys when we were kids has built up some resistance?? It's what we kids did then, & for a reason although not known at the time.
  2. I was born 1956 & my Brother 1950 (we were both lucky with Mams choice not to take it) - Thalidomide has since been proven?? to have some efficacy in some skin cancers.
  3. You're thinking of Bergerac - same actor (John Nettles) Marty Hopkirk (Kenneth Cope) more or less began his TV career as Likable Ass Hole "Sunny Jim" AKA Jed Stone - some relation of Minnie Cauldwell in Corrie!!
  4. Yep' Phone, I'm fine thanks apart from one day blending into another & sleeping at the wrong times. Luckily my wife & I are keeping each other sane (ish)
  5. She is now working from home due to the pandemic in credit control & collects debt against businesses. It's her job, like it or not!! She's 66 & we're waiting for latest mammogram results having being clear from last breast cancer surgery some 4 years ago.
  6. My wife is a credit controller & collects money from debtors (Companies & Residential) I'm talking people taking the p**s - Many a time is the reply - "I am Not Understanding!!".
  7. Never watched as many episodes (there's about 100 & seen most) since I've had this window of opportunity (F*** all else to do) It's "Scooby Doo" for grown ups. Except it's never the skint Fairground owner dressed up as a ghost!!
  8. Hi Peter, I'm still using 2 very old but still very nice to fish with Grice & Young Pins - I have them both on set up rods & use them every week on a commercial. Not everyone's cup of tea admittedly but (for me) I like being pulled all over the peg with big fish AND also a great pleasure with the smaller ones. It's nice when one has all day & no real pressure to get one in the net!!
  9. I'd love to be back on a Lathe again but haven't worked since mid' Feb. I was an inspector for Oil tool Industry for over 18 years. 13 years in the power turbo transmissions Industry. 7 years in the pump Industry & Weapons handling & Weapons Firing Systems for MOD. I can do turning with mi' nob end.
  10. I've heard North Korea has brought out a vegetarian version called "Not Poodle"
  11. I've been pulled by Police patrol cars late at night on my way home from my girl friend's at the time (but that's another story) on grass verges with a torch. Yes I mean looking for Lob worms - Not my girl friend on the grass verge.
  12. Not to mention one or two on here, including myself. I could do with a Ghillie to help carry my gear to the peg these days. Take care buddy. You are not alone.
  13. Finished up with 4 or 5 small Perch up to 8 oz on red maggot, a few skimmers & a roach. Forgot to ask if they had worms in the shop & couldn't be arsed to dig for any!! Worms are expensive anyway - about a fiver per 100 g.
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