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  1. Just Carp - Big & small so far, I only fish commercials these days but can still see the potential for Chub on the river!! Sadly a thing of the past for me for health reasons. Caster still takes some whacking!!
  2. I've used Cat Biscuits with some success, especially those Fish shaped ones so the pellet band fits nicely around the middle part & won't come off until You take it off. They're small ('Cos they're for Cats) & will catch almost any good size surface feeding Fish.
  3. I Freeze left over maggots - Dead Reds!! but this Sunday, with what's left over, I'll be turning into a pint & a half of casters for Viking Lakes in a fortnights time.
  4. Hi Tench, you might want to try a bit more hook exposure & a Red coloured hook (Drennan Red) which would be more in line with the Meat colour. Failing that- a slow sinking Caster (Floating Caster with a No 8 shot very near the hook) Sweetcorn Shells fished the same way can also work. Also try small punched meat rather than cubed - may be a case of seen it all before & something just presented a bit different might do the trick?? A small cylinder of meat is sucked in much easier than a cube (But that's one for the Jokes section Lol) Also the Waggler approach can
  5. That's Great News Ant, doesn't life chuck us some proper curveballs !!
  6. When my late Dad's best mate was in the RAF & stationed in Egypt (Suez crisis??) he told us that if you drew a chalk circle around a Scorpion, it would run round trying to find a way to cross over it.
  7. A "Mis Cast" left in for a few minutes can often end with a Bonus fish.
  8. Martin56

    Big Eels

    You could get a tray of sprats for about a quid from the supermarket fish counter & hook them pennel style (2 single hooks in tandem) size 8 or 10. Maybe Trebles if allowed??.
  9. OK John, we'll leave it at that.
  10. Roundhay Park, waterloo lake in Leeds was always a venue for big Roach some 40-50 years ago!! Wouldn't go there now - Full of druggies & the like!! It used to be a Leeds Book or Day Ticket water - sadly now unsafe for lone Anglers!!
  11. One has the right to agree to disagree. Never knew what a days work looked like!! My Dad would shovel a ton of coal on a Saturday Morning for ten shillings.
  12. Answer = Nothing much at all, It's much easier to go for the soft targets like fishing License dodgers, which gets the Angling Community wound up - deflecting the Real issues which are too hard for the EA & the "Self Appointed Tossers" who call themselves -The Angling Trust, to tackle!!. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000vk71#:~:text=Panorama investigates the scandal of,discharging sewage without a permit.
  13. We are all here for you Ant and Phone, never be afraid to reach out.
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