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  1. Yep' Phone, Chub generally feed well all year round. Here's a little poem I remember as quoted by Jack Hargreaves maybe from the 70's "Country Boy" TV series ...... "When the wind is in the West, the fish bite Best, When the wind is in the East, the fish bite Least, When the wind is in the South it blows the bait into their Mouth" (There is nothing for wind in the North I remember him saying)
  2. I used to have the fish stall lad on at Morrison's - "What fly where those Trout caught young man??" Wife was never not impressed, but always amused me. (Was lost on said Young Man too!!)
  3. "FRESH FISH" from the Supermarket iced delli stall can actually be up to 20+ days old!! & they're allowed to call it FRESH!!
  4. Wouldn't trust ANY of the current politicians to run a Whelk stall or a Bingo Card. Not many of them are in it for us & even fewer are up to it I have no lengthy diatribe on this, but it seems to be the general opinion of the rank & file, ie those with (or once had) Proper Jobs!! A lot of us could bring them on to our shift & show them what a real days work looks like!!! (Or is that just my flat cap mentality??)
  5. Thinking about it - must have been another forum I was on (which I no longer use) alongside A.N.
  6. Great to see the 20/30 minute?? "Timed Out" has now disappeared from the Forum. (I'm not seeing Timed Out message anymore!!) Gives us all the opportunity & more time to re consider our wording & the context of which MAY or MAY NOT cause offence or Misconstrued statements. Also the Jumbling up which would happen within a Quote/reply to a given post. Well done to the Admin' team. Thank you. Martin.
  7. Martin56

    Falling in

    I once slid in on my backside down a steep, greasy river bank & only filled my wellies. (With just river water I hasten to add!!) The rest of me stayed out of the water & dry. Does that count as falling In ?? I hope so, I'd hate to feel like the odd one out!!
  8. Yes I do & we still have a few of those at work except the word "backs" has another word in its place Lol.
  9. Phone, any reel with a wire Bale arm (AKA line pickup in the posher echelons) was colloquially called a casting reel especially oop North when they first become popular & affordable!!. I believe they're still called Egg Beaters in Oz.
  10. May be more cost effective then to pay for jobs you need routing?? You're a bit of a bodger like most (not a machinist / engineer or carpenter by your own past admissions!!) All the gear but not really the skills in the sphere.
  11. Twas really an easy decision to let them go, I've all the reels I need to see me out. Nice to see them go to a good home & for them to be used again in anger. I can tell from meeting him, Andy will look after them for me. Especially the 300 with all the paint chips Andy - that one was my late Dad's , the best thing is the knowledge it'll be used again. That, for me will celebrate his life just right!! Enjoy with my pleasure Bud'. Fixed Spools were at first called "Casting Reels".
  12. If the hole in the starlock washer is too small to SNAP over (Note they are starlock & not just star) the hole can be eased out with a round diamond coated Needle file till it does. It won't drill because the slots will jam up the drill bit.
  13. Looks like you need to always clamp the work?? - It's not like using an electric Hand drill etc.
  14. Chesters -Have a look at this - Free hand Routing for beginners .........
  15. Maybe the 8 Lb Line or Fuse wire & a Blob of Epoxy?? Or solder if Fuse wire. Get the wire out of a 13 or 5 amp Fuse (the end caps come off easy with pliers) if you don't have any loose on those card coils. Remember, back in old Fuse Box days!! A 40 amp wire might be better?? There are some 2 & 3 mm StarLock washers on the Bay which may do the trick?? They pop over the end so grip just like a circlip!!
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