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  1. Jack Charlton of Leeds United & part of the 1966 wold cup winning team. Also a keen Angler & regular (well maybe once a year) of the ridge pool Ireland - not cheap per day. I am Leeds originally!!
  2. Do try & keep up Phone - Apache is the first number in the first post in this thread!!
  3. The only thing I like "Up the Butt" is a Centrepin!!!
  4. Transformers can be used to Step Up (increase) or Step Down (Decrease) voltage. It's something to do with the number of turns of copper wire on a coil. (I think??)
  5. To be totally honest Keith, I'm afraid of everything just now. My confidence in everything is shot to **** atm. what with shielding for over 12 weeks+. I've no job & now & on benefits - a far cry from being once a decent earner!! Last job - the owner took our wages & not been paid since 14th Jan!! then went into Liquidation. OK though since!! Got my Government Redundancy etc & cashed in one of my smaller pensions. We'll be OK.
  6. One that still commands a following & revenue after 60+ years!!! The money's in the bank - what more do you need!! Maybe you'd like it a bit more Savage!!
  7. Thinking I'm about done fishing this year. Gonna' do some tin can busting & ratting with my Air Rifle in the back garden. Our cat is always bringing rats home - I just need to find where she's getting them!!
  8. Frozen dead reds often sort out the better fish whereas live ones can have a tendency to attract the sprats & be bitted out IMHO.
  9. He/She looks a little sweetie.
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