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  1. I'm seeing on Telly, people turning up at food banks in nice Cars!!
  2. For the NHS, Carers & all the volunteers!!
  3. I had an Email out of the blue from Tesco saying the Government had contacted them to say I was Identified as one such person. We got an 8 hour slot & our shopping will be here Sunday between 19:00 & 23:00. They'll also send another Email an hour before it's due. Morrison's however, who we use almost to the exclusion of the other big rivals have sent no such message!!
  4. Martin56


    I can use "Shop Floor" talk with the best. I'm a Leeds lad born & bred!!
  5. Martin56


    Chin up bud & take the lead!!
  6. Martin56


    Settle down John & paint those porcupine Quills!! Yes I've also had one or 2 G&T's. Get your act together mate, otherwise anything goes on here!! which is not what we do!! It's also a family Forum!! unless I'm sadly mistaken??
  7. Martin56


    So is mine, more than 35 years ago!! God rest them both.
  8. Martin56


    I quite like this "My Dad could Chin Your Dad" banter!! Just please, both keep it like that & play Nice
  9. Last night the wife was wearing a sexy black Negligee for bed - I could see right through to the Cardigan!!
  10. Phone - They still need a bit of loving!!
  11. We're OK here thanks John. Wife is working from home. I'm watching Telly from home
  12. Please All, Stay home - Stay Safe!! Martin.
  13. Best wishes to your wife Elton & a speedy recovery. The rest of your family need to keep safe & sanitising everything you've all touched in the home. Even the toilet flush handle & taps - we do!!
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