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  1. Let he who is without Sin, cast the first!! (Yes It's been said before lol)
  2. You will only ever be attacked by a Shark if you're wet!!
  3. Twinkle Twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are, up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky - twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are. Good Night & sweet dreams Phone. Martin. XXX
  4. Yep' Huge, Knighthood for anyone who can hit a ball, ride a horse or row a boat. Everyone else who helps to save the world can only wish for lesser honours.
  5. I'd welcome her back with open arms - if only we had the justice of six times 7.62 mm. (And no blanks) It's time to accept what you've done - Now it's time to pay the Piper!! Stay where you are & take your chances in the Big Bad World!!!!!!
  6. Thank you Mr John Mallard, you helped to save my life. RIP.
  7. I had to phone my GP today to tell him I'd taken 2 Viagra, then the wife announced she was going to her Mother's for the weekend. So, the doctor said - Give the Au Pair one instead?? But I don't need Viagra for the Au Pair!!
  8. I Like to use Drennan Red Hooks especially for Red Maggots, but will also serve well for other baits. Available Loose or to Nylon from any decent outlet. https://www.bobcotackle.co.uk/shop/drennan-red-maggot-hook-to-nylon
  9. It's more than likely you'll draw the wrong species into your swim before the Roach come?? Maybe better to chose a swim where the Roach are already in residence (or likely to be) Have a look at the Bernard Venables Vid's I posted in the "Jigging the Float" thread, for an example of a Likely looking Swim.
  10. Yep Tench, Mr Bernard Venables shows that Roach do like a falling/rising bit of crust or Flake like in this Lovely old Vid' which will pass on 8 minutes or so this evening. Closely followed by Pt 2. ( shown in wrong Order - Pt 1 is the 2nd Vid'.) Pt 2 shows the "Fluttering" bread best with some nice underwater Photography. Using Mashed bread as Groundbait.
  11. I can still tie small spade ends (18's or even 20's at a pinch by hand) but like already said, Big hooks with Light hooklengths are hard to come by. Best I can find are these Size 12 & 14 to 4 Lb & Size 16 to 3 Lb. Preston. Modern 4 Lb Line is probably the equivalent of the old 2 Lb say of the 60's & 70's.
  12. What's the difference between an Italian vampire and a Brazilian type - Not sure, but maybe a close shave!!
  13. Now then Guys & Gals, The Name of the Band was Showadde' Wadde'. Now then Now then - Jewellry Jewellry. Jim Fixed it for Me!! (& why I'm still on here) Shut that door, look at that muck, I'm feeing rather Queer.
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