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  1. Hi Yosser, Welcome to our lovely, friendly Forum Giz' a job I can do that (Google "Boys From The Black Stuff) May I suggest you get some practice in pleasure fishing on your own before even thinking about joining a Club!! Fishing clubs by definition hold Matches (Competitions that is) Unless you are actually talking about clubs that just own water you can pleasure fish?? There are some really nice guys on here who are only too willing to help.. Martin. (I'm Leeds but the membership on here is from all over the UK & 1 or 2 across the pond)
  2. I also have quite a stock of NGT's across the size range off eBay a few year ago & only used a couple of times. I'm not impressed at all with them so have just put them away never to be used again.
  3. Just shake the line & keep everything slack, don't PULL anything, you'll see the loose loops & will hardly ever tangle it. Never Ever had a problem with Drennan re un raveling. I love the Drennan Red Hooks - Ready tied in size 20, 18, 16 & 14. I'd go for a 12 to 15 inch hook length all day long for the shy Roach. Reckon they can otherwise see the loop to loop link if shorter? Fish are pretty stupid but they do learn!! I would Defy anyone saying they could tie a hook BETTER than Drennan. £2.50 for 8 - whats not to like!!
  4. That mystery fish was more than likely a big Pike (which grabbed a little fish you didn't even know was on?) It's happened to me in the past.
  5. I always strike at the end of every trot down before batting/reeling in - there's a chance a fish could be mouthing the bait at the very last second. I've also had success trotting 8-10 mm cubes of Meat for Chub. (just tripping the bottom) I often Punch meat into a cylinder - the top from an old thick felt tip pen works well, making a hole in the top so I can blow or push it out the end. (They're often slotted anyway to prevent kids from choking) The waste/flash from punching is loose feed!!
  6. I can see this election being once again a result none of us wanted - a coalition government. Have you noticed any real difference in your personal circumstances no matter who gets in!! They're not in it for us!! - At risk of repeating Mark Twain - "If Voting made any difference - Do you think they'd let us do it".
  7. Surely It's the man behind the opinion that counts - not hiding behind some made up Winston Churchill look alike. Unless that's really You??
  8. Here are Dead maggots in action!! https://youtu.be/l8xbMkQ8GCg It's a nice 1/4 hours watch if Nowt else.
  9. There's just one more suggestion Ian - Dead maggots (Dead Reds) which are killed in the freezer or can buy already done.The theory is that it looks like old bait that's been there a while & therefore "Safe to Eat". They certainly work very well on commie lakes - much better than Live ones, for all species - Not just Carp. So Much so, I've given up with live ones. Loose fed & hooked as a bunch. I hook 4 or 5 to 8 dead magg's+ depending on hook size on quiver tip & float alike. Can be re frozen 2 or 3 times if you don't use them all. The odd maggot can be killed rolling it hard on your bait tray or thumb & forefinger to try.
  10. Maybe different now but in My River days I caught a lot of Chub using Kraft cheese slices. Undo them all & knead them into a big ball then break off pieces & mold round the hook like an Arlsey Bomb. Other cheaper slices seemed a bit too soft IMO so Kraft were the best. (Maybe stiffen cheap ones with Crumb??) Sometimes just something a bit different can do the trick. I dare say you've might have had a go before with this?? Nearly all Banged the rod round. Big Hook - 6 or 8.
  11. Quite a busy couple of hours there Ian, (Would be for me anyway) well done. Maybe they'd have been less finicky with Casters? (and maybe picked up some better fish as well)
  12. I'm seeing now - could be actually Glass Fibre & Maybe not Asbestos after all as I first suspected?? (Though some were) Better safe than sorry.
  13. Keith, I too have a charcoal stick hand warmer from the 70's - The issue these days being the Asbestos Matting inside the case where the fuel stick goes!! (I'm surmising It can only be Asbestos - given from that time?) May be still safe to use being woven, but not worth any risk IMO. (ie blowing on the fuel stick when in place & dislodging/Inhaling any loose Asbestos Fibres) Hopefully, we all got away with it.
  14. All my fishing is confined to (commie) lakes these days sadly, I'd readily swap for a river in flood or not but for lack of my own transport. Maybe I could cut down on tackle & start going back to the river on the bus? I still have my late Dad's Wicker basket seat box, some decent centrepins (Ian would be happy to use if pushed) & trotting rods.
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