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  1. I nearly didn't bother to look - thought it was about something FAR LESS remarkable - like 2,000 Posts!! Congratulations on your Mahoosive achievement Steve.
  2. Hi guys, I've just started pellet waggler fishing in anger & found that my 11 foot, to 12 foot 6 Drennan still water feeder rod is perfect for the task. I've still a bit t learn re the feeding regime, but this rod is great (Yes it's the one I was gifted by a workmate)
  3. I was just thinking It's just you & your Lass now, so maybe time to downsize a bit?? Freezers (I'm told) Don't like being in cold places - like garages & work much better in the house.
  4. Just dump the freezer Dave, cash in an ISA & get a new one!! There's no pockets in a shroud Lol. Alternatively, you could buy a Graded one - they are still Brand New but might have a Dent or a scratch so they can't charge the full price. Some are reduced by up to half!! Try your local market shops or stalls. These are the Graded whitegoods outlets.
  5. That's Great News Ant, would the Inhaler happen to be Trelegy Elipta?? It was good for me & was on that for a long time. However, my GP/Nurse has now put me on a new one called "Trimbo" - not because I'm any worse, but because you get to use it Twice a day & patients are finding the Trimbo gives them more relief purely because it's Twice a day. They'll give you a Spacer - a inhaling tube which the Trimbo fits on one end.
  6. Apparently, the Home Defence title of these Guns has no reference as to the Legality of using them for said purpose!! It's up to the Laws of the country. In the UK, it's illegal to use these weapons for home defence (But it maybe OK to hit an intruder with say a Cricket or Baseball Bat??) Personally, at near on 65, I'd take a chance with the Jury as these Guns are after all NON LETHAL, And an Intruder gets all he deserves!!
  7. Hi Ant, I watch all the AAR stuff even though I'm perfectly happy with just my 40 odd year old .22 Webley Vulcan air rifle. It still packs a hefty punch.
  8. Paddy went for an interview for a job on a building site. The foreman said - OK Paddy, can you give me a sentence that contains the word "Fascinate". Paddy replies, "I have 9 buttons on my Donkey Jacket, but I can only fasten eight"
  9. Not if you have a Vivid enough Imagination Lol.
  10. I used to fish Tadcaster on the River Wharfe, namely Grimston Park & Ouston Farm which were Tidal & probably still still are depending on what the EA may have done to change that over the last 45 years. When the river "Backed Up" you might as well have gone & had a Lay down in the field behind you for an hour or 2. I can't really remember catching or a fish or getting a bite during that time till the normal flow resumed. Just goes to show how very different, different Tidal venues can fish.
  11. We've still a lot to be grateful for, thanks to the English Longbow. Our Arrows Blackened the sky in battle!!
  12. I agree with Ken, and I've never really set up specifically for Lift bites, but if the float should rise even a bit, it's always worth a strike. Typically, it's more the species you are fishing for - ie, on still water for Tench & Bream next to Lily Pads.
  13. I fished next to a guy many times at Roundhay Park lake in Leeds who fished Caster on a Fly rod & Nauped (That's a Yorkshire Expression) loads big of Roach when most others weren't doing very much.
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