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  1. Thanks to Martin56 I'm now the proud owner of threeMitchell 300s, threeMitchell 440s match, spare spools and an unidentified Centrepin. I spent all morning stripping, cleaning, re oiling, and generally servicing. One tiny spring to order and they're all just about as good as new. The Chinese...
  2. Doubt it Phone - Mitchell's have now gone Chinese!!
  3. They don't always respond to trotting Ian, maybe take another rod that's set up - overshotted & a foot or so overdepth & held back. Put the rod it the rests & have a sandwich, with the Ratchet on (if you dare lol)
  4. John, just start fishing & someone will come round to get your £3. (or £15 for the book)
  5. Martin56


    Might well be to do with Furlough & general pissedoffness re this pandemic??
  6. The fish aren't hard to catch & will keep the lad busy "Grandad - I'm in again". Most are decent but under a pound in this hole!! Just right for kids to start with but still put a bend in the rod.
  7. Hi John, here's a lovely pond to take your grandson. The first peg as you go in is to the left in a nice little bay & full of nice Roach & Perch (but beware of the odd Donkey) It's about 3 or 4 foot deep & half pint of maggots apiece will do you both & 2 can fish same peg. I've had nets full of Roach & Perch & nice easy fishing especially with a young lad. Was £3 day ticket last time I went but may be a bit more now?? https://www.go-fish.co.uk/venue_24600_fishing-pylon-pond-(pylon-angling-club).htm
  8. Martin56


    But there are huge Industries surrounding it which supports thousands of jobs (Tackle, Bait, clothes, Luggage, Fisheries, Breeders and loads I may not have mentioned)
  9. The smaller picture is now I just want to go fishing once a week. I'm done working after putting in 45 years+ in Engineering.
  10. OK, so let's see how many people we can kill off & save some (future) old age pensions worldwide!! Covid-19 didn't come from nowhere!! Biological weapons have their uses. The Internet, Television, mass production & anything else you care to mention in the modern world were all born of warfare.
  11. Wish I was as politically charged as you guys!! I just don't get most of it!! Me - I just want to go fishing!!
  12. Not too sure if this Wednesday is goer?, my mate has had injections in his hip last Friday. He is 86 & still does marvelously well. We take it steady & both take 3 or 4 trips to our pegs with our tackle. (Always fishing well within sight of each other) It's just a different time of life where we both need to feel safe!! There's still no prisoners taken re who does best!!!
  13. Oh e' did did e' - Maybe a new shell suit & a permed wig - Calm down, Calm down!! Must 'ave bin' a real 'ead the ball!!
  14. It's no skin off my nose!!
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