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  1. Chesters, in all honesty, I really had to put the work in to get those fish. I walked about 4 miles of river there and back and dropped in negating steep bankings etc. Walking in the river is hard work as the combination of shallow fast water pushing againts you and slippery algea covers rocks of all shapes and sizes beneath your feet is pretty naff. My feet are very sore atm. This is the snag pit where I managed to prize that,little barbel from.... The river is low now and at this particular spot which is about 70yds wide I can just get across (if on tip toes) in
  2. I had a few hoirs out yesterday and then again today, had a good few chub yesterday and so e huge dace. Not a sign of a barbel though. A few pic's from yesterday... Today I lost a foul hooled barbel but before the hook puled out of it I had a good look at it and it was maybe the biggest barbel i'd ever had, although it wouldn't have counted even if i'd caught it anyhow. I lost another to a hook pull which was so powerful I couldn't get it up enough to see in 3ft of water before the hook pulled. Maybe it was foul hooked also? Anyhow, I walked
  3. I didn't notice the alarm Keith, thing is, never mind, accidents happen.
  4. I got out on the 16th but only managed 20 min's fishing before the thunder and lightening which was accompanied with heavy rain forced me to vacate for fear of being fried by on of the many bolts of lightening! In the 20 min's I got to fish I had a coup,e of small chub and a large dace. I had another go yesterday but it was a repeat performance as the weather forced me of again. I had about 20 dace before the rain, thunder and lightening saw me off. This one didn't want to be photograped.... This one crapped on
  5. Nice one Keith, have you got over the breakage yet
  6. vulnerable /ˈvʌln(ə)rəb(ə)l/ adjective exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally. "we were in a vulnerable position"
  7. Chesters, you need to get out more lol.
  8. Yup, used to be loads of old shafts/bell mines round here which had turned into little ponds. Unfortunately farmers have and still do fill 'em in without a thought for the frog,, toads and newts etc that live in them! That pond in my pic's had some nice perch and rudd to a pound or more a number of years ago, and I often caught tench to 1 1/2 lb. It was very alkward to fish today with it being so overgrown. I do think the tench and larger rudd and perch will still be in there but prolly being beat to the bait by smaller fish. As you say most of the fish look stunted and are slim gi
  9. I had a walk over the fields today to an old bell mine that's formed a small pond, god only knows how long ago. Anyhow the pool has began to get encroached on badly by reeds and weed, so there isn't a lot of open water left. I was thinking of wading out and pulling up a lot of the reeds and maybe raking out some weed to create more open water but i'm a little more than nervous of sliding under the silted up bottom into the shaft so maybe not. I would have a go if someone had a rope tied to me, well see. I had loads of little rudd and perch. I wanted one of the little tench i've had in
  10. Don't say that ffs lol.
  11. Deff'o different fish Phone, they were quite different when in your hand. Not that it would stop you catching the same fish again, but they were all caught several miles appart from one another. I have caught fish twice, infact way back on a few hours out thread, I did and the pictures of the fish show without a doubt that it is the same fish, so as you say, it does happen :).
  12. Shame that Chesters. If you ever get an opening your more than welcome to fish up here, i'd do my best to put you on some barbel :).
  13. This was my second double caught on float gear, daft as it sounds I can't remember WTF it weighed (rather worrying that). Anyhow, it wasn't massive but a decent bit heavier than the first one. This one was my third heaviest and I remember it's weight :), it was 13lb 3 or 4 ounces. I got a 13lb 7 ouncer 17 months back but can't find the pic of it. I have had lots of doubles on the float now but mostly between 10 and 12lb. This one was 11lb, I had a few around that weight from that same swim last summer... I have a modest pb on the leger a
  14. To be honest, to take a photo i'm happy with the pictures my phone takes, and I nearly always have it with me....just gott'a get a decent fish now! After saying that, I do have a picture of my first actual weighed double on my float gear. It was a wierd scenario that day as I kept telling yself that my tenth fish would be a double, I won't go through the tale again as I told it on here a few years ago when it happened...it is a true tale though and my tenth fish did turn out to be over 10lbs!, Here's a couple of the fish before I got the tenth one...
  15. Funny you should say that Ken, I keep saying i'm gonn'a have a picture or two blown up and frame them. If you think about it it would mean more to me than looking at a print of someone elses fish capture. I'll have to try and catch a special fish and do my best to take a decent picture first .
  16. I don't recognise the picture Chesters but I like it !
  17. I think I remember seeing a photo of yours which was a little more than a wall....it was a full room! I have an attic room full of my gear but I put a few bits in the corner of a downstairs room to go with the John Searl print.
  18. Here's mine... I've always liked John Searls artwork and especially this print. I know it's daft but it's just another form of ornament ....in'it LOL. I use the reels and floats so they're working ornaments :).
  19. Might be worth you using a piece of peacock quill fixed either end via a rubber? I've freelined exactly the same chesters, I found fly line to be a good indicator of a bite being easier to see than normal mono. Also floated a lump of bread and peered round the undergrowth watching for it to be engulfed.
  20. Gott'a admit I nearly always use a top and bottom fixed float usually an avon bolo in various sizes, but mostly 3, 4 and 5 gramers. Obvious reason for that is because I mostly fish running water and usually use a pin. I have used a waggler and attatched it via rubbers top and bottom wich miraculously transforms it into a stick float :).
  21. I'm not trying to teach my granny to suck eggs here, but....Chesters, your wrong bud. If fishing a parrot cage swims as you describe, you simply cast straight out (rod pointing forward, or at any angle) and wally your float/ lead, whatever out. You don't have to cast from the side, or from the back to wally cast. Infact, casting with a centrepin is easier and more accurate up to around 30 or so yards out than of using a fixed spool reel. Alan showed me how to perform the cast needed for a constricted swim also. Just for reference, I very often fish in seriously overgrown swims
  22. Centrepins arn't to everyones taste, but the biggest reason (imo) for this is that most people arn't proficient at using them and loose interest. Many people, even those that actually have a centrepin reel don't realise how effective they can be once you get the hang of using them. Sadly, Alan Roe (a former moderator on AN) never appears to come on here nowadays but he was very helpful to me and he even went to the trouble of coming meeting me (which I will always be grateful for) and showing me his style of the wallise cast which then set me up to on to enjoy using a centrepin on both r
  23. When I trotted the raglu, the bubble float keept it up in the water as I held it back/slowed it down as it trotted away. The bubble float was also my bite indicator, and was ripped under when a fish snatched the lure. The float helped to hook the fish but I still gave a bit of a strike to make sure the hook was set properly. The raglu looked like a small fish trying to swim against the current as I kept the line taught....looked great! It was good fun, and the fact that you didn't need to bother baiting your hook was a bonus. Well worth you trying it when on your globe trottin
  24. I used to trott a raglu rubber lure under a bright yellow bubble float on an outlet of the inland sea on anglesey when there was an incoming tide whilst targetting bass. I used a small baitcaster reel and an 11ft daiwa supercast rod. The set up was fine for that scenario and I very much anjoyed using it in those circumstances. Only downside was having to use the rod in an upside down position. However, I would definately choose to use a centrepin on fresh water rivers. As one example of many....it's impossible to trott proficiently with one arm outstretched and control the trott using a
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