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  1. Thanks for the good advice and I certainly fancy a 6lb chub! Congrats on that. Do you ever fish with a rolling or bouncing ledger à la Fred Crouch?
  2. Thanks Gareth, the Loire is pretty near actually, I'll have to go to Niort and get some local knowledge in the tackle shop there. Been reading the blog, some nice pieces on there!
  3. Out here in Deux Sèvres we have Pescalis, the main site and the other exceptional 'ponds' dotted around the countryside that it owns. Not expensive and something for everyone. It could be seen as a 'commercial' but it really isn't, there is little angling pressure as the place is so big. Last year was a great year that included a 3 1/2lb Perch, a long, long, amazing European lake sturgeon, some great Rudd and Roach and carp up to mid twenties. No Tench last year and no big bream either but there are specimen fish of all species just waiting to fished for. I'd like to find a barbel river for
  4. Thanks for all the pics, that's a stunning location, I'd love to fish there. Here in France that could be a pond or lake, nobody has given me a satisfactory explanation yet of the difference. I often fish a 1 hectare pond, yet next too it is a 'lake' but it is officially a 25 hectare pond. The local lake is only 4 hectares but it does have a river running in and out of it. One thing, on the language, fish are always singular except for rare exceptions such as 'the parable of the loaves and fishes' in the Bible, so more than one Tench would still be Tench, I know it's weird. Anyway keep posting
  5. I found some more, they came on ebay today as 'method feeder connectors'.
  6. Thanks for the responses, I should explain that I made a cock-up in my original post, I actually bought a Drennan feeder, forget that I ever mentioned Preston Innovations. There must be two types of Drennan quick change beads, I have the type with the rounded push on cone and they are very good but the other type has slots for quick changing at either end of the device and just one is supplied with the feeder. Apologies normally I'm not so confusing but I should explain that since Friday I have been on a course of strong pain killers and I am flying! I see now why people get addicted to
  7. Thanks for the link Steve, I already have those though.
  8. I bought a Preston Innovations in-line feeder recently and it was supplied with a Preston Innovations quick change bead which unlike others has two slots for attaching the hook-length and the main line. This means a total break down of your tackle is possible without losing depth. However I can't find a supplier for just the bead despite the packet the feeder came in stating that they are available separately. Anyone recognise the photo and if you do who supplies them? I can't find an email for PI direct.
  9. Dragon Carp are pulling your plonker, I think all European goods are covered by a one or two year guarantee and it may be that the item is 'unfit for purpose' BUT - as it wasn't expensive do you have the time to chase them, I WOULD ! The Grey's reel looks tempting, lovely design, have a play with them all in a shop. Don't forget the Young's reels too.
  10. The Okumas look like great reels and as to the other lot, well the internet is a great place to permanently lose customers because bad service tends to get reported in more depth than good service. Good luck in your search for a new pin.
  11. Thanks for the heads up on the Cortesi reel, bad luck the pawl fell into the river, maybe try getting just the new pawl if you like the reel. I've been using a Fred Crouch Aerial type pin for a year now and it is performing well, a lot more expensive though, I think it will last many years, it's simple and well made.
  12. I'd say avoid this like the plague. I bought one and sent back as unfit for purpose, as I said at the time if a big fish scowled at this it would literally c*** itself and fall to bits. Badly made junk! Go for the Marco Cortesi.
  13. Out here in France they sell a particularly evil smelling cat food for about 80p a large tin, it is half inch meat cubes in a jelly. I mix it in with ground bait and also use it on the hook. I fish mainly in the margins so casting isn't a problem, as it is moist I use a baiting needle to hook the cubes. I push the needle through the cube, catch the hook on the baiting needle's little barb, then pull it gently back through the cube, release the needle and turn the hook before pulling on the line to draw the hook back up into the cube, it stays on fine and seems to attract the larger fish, smell
  14. Welcome Del, it's hard to say if you'll get bites, if the water temps are still low then your chances of blanking are increased. Find out what species are in there and target the ones that you might fair better with at this time of year, such as Perch. March and April are good times for Perch. Check to make sure your canal doesn't have a close season after 15th March, I'm not sure of the laws in the UK now as I only started fishing again last summer and I live abroad now. Good Luck, sometimes you learn more when the fishing is hard, change your tactics to suit the conditions and think like a f
  15. I don't wish to contradict anyone else's review BUT in my opinion, do not go near the Shadowlanda pin. I bought one unseen off the net thinking to use it occasionally or for winding line on and off other reels. When I opened the box I was astonished at the crap quality, I mean really bad, I was lucky and got a full refund. If a carp or god forbid a barbel so much as smiled at it, it would c*** itself and fall to bits! It wobbles like crazy, it appears to be made of alloy but I'm not sure, it could be cardboard, the finish on it is like a medieval disease, it left me asking, why? Why would an
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