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  1. The very fact that this would deliberately result in a single parent family, albeit for a period of time only, should be sufficient grounds to stop it.
  2. OK Steve. I see your point. I'll see nearer the time about a swap when we all know what we're doing. Gozzer - Car share? If I could/can go I'd be happy to.
  3. I always seem to be unavailable due to being on-call at work that weekend. I had to give backword a few years ago on the one chance I've had due to my Grandfather passing away. Perhaps a change of the weekend by one week?
  4. What happens if you mention the Rugby?
  5. Paul_D


    Done....#500515. Half way there.
  6. I could agree with most of this too....Haven't come across the finest lookin women yet and I do hope that you're not including Mr. Hockney in your feelings about good Yorkshire artists....
  7. The second weekend into December is enough for us!
  8. Definitely agree with that Chris. Speaking of proper beer I'm just building up for our annual Christmas train trip. Nothing to do with shopping but traditionally, a bunch of us from work plus some ex-colleagues take a train out to Marsden and work our way back to Skipton stopping off at the stations with the pick of the hostelries for a pint or two. Magic!
  9. Timothy Taylors Landlord
  10. They can be a real pain in my experience.
  11. Not many chub been showing at all this year Alan. I haven't fished the stretch that I suspect you'll be fishing this year though.
  12. Got mine but must admit I do think they start selling them too early. I won't buy one until the start of November.
  13. Chesters, you're so right. Too late now but I now so wish I'd pressed to find out what the family history was when I'd had the chance.
  14. Thanks again Scott. Dad was born in Leicester and I live in Yorkshire so not too easy. I may well get back to you for that help. Cheers.
  15. Thanks Scott. I'll need to get on the phone to my sister. She dealt with his personal effects when he died so if there is anything she'll have it. I've definitely relatively recently seen the marriage certificate though.
  16. My family on my Dad's side is a complete mystery, shrouded in secrecy and I was never able to get any answers as to what or who my paternal Grandfather was all about. I know he was a 'ner do well' who met a dodgy end care of the Glasgow underworld but I wouldn't mind finding out more about my late fathers side of the family. Do any of you have any advice on which of the on-line genealogy sites to subscribe to and which not to?
  17. Yep, I'll agree with that. Just been to the post room with them and they weigh in at 1321g wearing their supplied, very comfortable, wide neoprene strap. They measure approx 20cm in length - that's just short of 3lb and 8ins respectively in old money - hardly massive to my mind. I'm told that a great proportion of the weight of a top end binocular is actually the coating on the optics thereby alleviating the need for the physical proportions of lesser sets. The Duovid's are honestly very usuable in the general situations that Elton mentions. All I'm saying is that it means that I can stand
  18. Hmmm.....Steve, I've no idea how much the Duovids weigh so, out of interest, I'll find out tomorrow (the dog is in his Kennel so I don't want to pass through his run and so disturb him to get to my fishing scales) the kitchen scales won't be man enough I know. They're comfortably not heavy though.
  19. It is a downside no doubt Jeepster. But I didn't want them solely for fishing, that's why I've complimented them with a very lightweight but high magnification set to cover all my needs. But it's a fair point.
  20. Well, I'll strongly disagree with that on the basis of what has already been said. With binoculars you get what you pay for. I've spent a lot on loads of different binoculars as I like nothing better than taking a pair along for a walk, fishing etc. Cheapos are a means to an end but I bit the bullet and bought a Leica Duovid 10-15x50 and it's the biz. I rarely use it at 10x usually leaving it in the 15x setting. It came with a tripod mount but I've never found the need to use it as it's steady enough for general viewing. Superb! The downside - it's too heavy to take along when roving etc s
  21. Thanks Judy, I really need it after the Friday and Saturday night I've had.
  22. Paul_D

    Blue Trout

    Never knew that Phil, very interesting. I love fishing the place too as it seems to hold the hardest fighting rainbow's I've ever come across as well as its gorgeous setting.
  23. If you're planning on using it abroad in European countries I'd go for the 700 series with pre-loaded maps. Cheaper in the long run to buying add on maps later, otherwise the One XL is just as good.
  24. Traditional Lancashire Hot Pot has Kidney included in the recipe......nuf said. I was the exception in our family of not liking this dish I will admit.
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