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  1. Hi "Tom Lad", the centrepin is a WR Products "Speedia" and yours looks as if it might be the wide drum version. From what's visible in the photo it looks like it's the "bog standard" version without the drum tensioner and adjustable ratchet. In a reasonable condition this is arguably one of the best centrepins still about today. It looks as if someone's been at yours with a big brush and pot of black paint but if the drum plates aren't too buckled and it still spins well after a good clean (wash internals with petrol, DRY and then re-oil with sewing machine oil,
  2. Hi all , I can see the value in these trays. If you happen to be, like me, a wandering float fisherman that "works" from a small bag hung round the neck containing spare hooks, hooklink material, hook tyer etc and bait, it would be most useful. A slice of bread in a bag is okay for fishing flake but for punch a firm surface is neccessary. I for years now, have used two (slightly larger) slice sized pieces of old plastic food preparation board, separated at one end by a piece of plastic (medium slice thickness). These three bits are "hinged" together using carpet tape to form a folding
  3. Hi again Rusty, Sorry for the delay, with reference to Chris Lythe's reels, they really are worth the money and beautifully engineered to absolute perfection but I'm not so sure about the delivery times involved. Over two years back I discussed my requirements with Mr. Lythe and placed my order with him after discussing and accepting his 2 year delivery times. Very shortly after, I was discussing business with another well known angling personality to whom I mentioned my recent order with Chris Lythe. His immediate response was " Well, I hope you have more luck in getting yours than I h
  4. Hi Rusty, they've been available for a few months now...... I was given the opportunity of one of the first to be made, to which I declined. I would definately not part with £800 for one even though they bear the Barder name. Although they are precision engineered, they aren't particulary pleasing to my eye. I may be wrong but I think they are manufactured by somebody else as I have no recollection of seeing any of the machinery required to make them in his workshops. With reference to Chris Lythe's reels in comparison to Edward Barder's, at least you will get your Edward Barder ree
  5. Hi all, I've just bought a couple of liquid flavour additives (Worm and Predator Plus, you'll know who they're made by!) with the intention of mixing one or the other into a quantity of crumb as an attractant for small silvers while Perching. If I was using a 2 pint bait box full of crumb, what ratio/quantity of liquid flavour would you use in the water to be added? Do you have any particular guidelines that you work to? I've used them in the past but with the exception of one particular flavour for Tench, I can't really be sure that they have ever made much difference. Maybe I d
  6. Hi again Dales, thanks for the info, nice one! I'll have a quick scan of the "net" for availability and prices as well as paying a visit the "local" camera shop.
  7. Hi Pearbo, I've just had a look at PP9's .....bloody hell mate! I'm going to need a wheelbarrow! The dimensions given for these batteries are 51mm deep by 80mm high and 64.5mm wide! I don't think we're talking about the same alarm. I'll never squeeze one in the compartment! Joking aside, I've tried the usual batteries that Fox favour for their Micron alarms but although they seem to be about the right length they are not large enough in circumference (they wouldn't work either..... voltage maybe?).
  8. Hi Dales, thanks for the info. What number battery is that please? I see your point about the weight of the head but from what I've been reading, there seems to be two definate schools of thought concerning tackle resistance where Perch are concerned. Personally I'm not sure....... but then they will drag a big old Perch bob under when their mind is centred on a live/dead suspended beneath it. I really don't know.... maybe it is dependant upon the particular water, bait fish stocks, light levels etc. etc. I guess that's for me to find out! What I wanted to do was to adjust the clip s
  9. Hi Andy, ..... ouch....... it does hurt more coming out rather than going in doesn't it? I managed to hook my left thumb a few years back while stalking some Carp on the Basingstoke canal. I was freelining and casting a BIG lump of crust to fish in the pads on the far bank. I was using a big hook (2 or 4 can't remember exactly) which had become a bit blunt and decided to tie on a new one (damn the expense!). I'd just finished and was pulling it up tight when a "Jasper" (read wasp..) chose that moment to hassle me. while still holding the hook in my left hand I started to "windmill" at the
  10. Hi all, I've just been browsing through Ebay and spotted a used working Fox Micron P with pouch for just under £15! With dreams of legered deads for the large Perch in some local club waters rattling around in my head, I couldn't help myself and hit the BIN button. I'm rarely seen with anything other than a float at the end of my rod but I do have a "real spot" for the stripeys and fancied a second rod alternative. I've never used this type of alarm before and know that there are a few Perch and Pike specialists looking in, so wondered if you might give a few tips. From what I'v
  11. Hi Andy, why bother with nuisance fish (i.e. Carp)...... fish for the Perch! Follow Steve Burkes advice and stick to the worms. No fish can resist a nice fat juicy old lob (and they definately don't need flavouring here in the UK!) There's a very good possibility that anything other than what you are fishing for will be a good specimen! Good luck!
  12. Hi Nicepix, no, you are correct..... but the best way of accidently leaving any on is not to use it in the first place!
  13. Hi essexboy, firstly whatever you do DISREGARD all previous suggestions. If you want to preserve the condition of your reel, under no circumstance use vinegar or scotchbrite pads on your reel! I have and use very frequently, a large number of "pins" both new and very old. If any minute traces of acid (i.e. vinegar) are left on your reel it will cause severe damage to the steel pin/alloy body and mechanisms of the reel. Brillo pads or similar will destroy the finish of your reel! Washing up liquids contain traces of salts which will also set up a nice case of corrosion! I'm
  14. Hi Jake (and Elton), as for your question "is floating line better than sinking line". It all depends what you want to do with it. You say that you fish for silver fish..... would that be with a float or by a legering method? A floating line is definately the better option for float fishing on flowing water, irrespective of flow rate purely for the fact that with the line laying on the surface film, the action of striking will connect with a bite (assuming no excessive slack line) much faster than having to lift a sunken line through the water layers first. Howeve
  15. Hi Rusty, a lot will depend upon which part of the Kennet you'll be fishing but I think your old pellets will be okay. Almost everyone fishes for the Barbel and they will have seen loads of pellets. Your pellets might just have the edge being smaller and will smell/taste "washed out" (and therefore, safer) to the fish. The bed of hemp is always a good ploy in conjunction with "halibuts". Whatever you do stay clear of the meat baits! You WILL be plagued by crays! Good luck, the BIG Barbel usually show and are caught at night!
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