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    I run a big game fishing charter specialising in blue fin tuna.
  1. All fish under 65 lbs are released. These 2 were 145 and 160 lbs...
  2. Lots of bluefin tuna action these days... Only a few big game charter days remain available for September. Give us a shout.
  3. Here's some action on my boat last year: Enjoy
  4. I average 1 blue fin tuna per day. 100 to 150lbs common, a few 500lbs fish caught every year, current record over 650 There's less than a dozen captains that have the knowledge of how to catch them so you need to be with the right one.
  5. Landing lots of really good sized tuna these days. Ranging from 120 to 250 lbs. A few days are still available for fishing in August and September...
  6. Apart from tuna, amberjack, dentex, swordfish and sailfish can also be caught in Croatia...
  7. Tuna in the Adriatic have made a great recovery over the last 3 years, from the brink of disaster. Good news for all !
  8. 30-50 shimano exage - brilliant action and quality !
  9. Wise words, the btf I catch usually strip 200-300 yards in 10-15 seconds...
  10. bluefin

    Circle Hooks

    I use owner circle hooks for bft. Size from 7/0 for sardines to 12/0 for mackerel. They ensure the tuna is hooked right in the scissors
  11. bluefin


    Great bait! I use them for trolling for amberjack and dentex in the adriatic...
  12. Up to 400 pounds cash waiting depending on condition.
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