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  1. Peters Opal, who sponsored the printing of "Angling Boats" book, have supplied five pairs of tickets for the 2007 London Boat Show. The fairest method of giving these away is by free lottery, you can register on www.boat-angling.co.uk - details are on the Home Page. Hope to see you there if anyone is coming on 11th!All the Best Salar
  2. This link tells you how to build and use a hot smoker http://www.boat-angling.co.uk/11.html and this has a recipe for how to brine mackeral, plus a mackeral pate recipe http://www.boat-angling.co.uk/9.html Hope that helps!
  3. Here's a tip that worked for me (this assumes you can see the trailer). Reverse ever so slowly, watching the trailer. If it moves away from the direction you want it to, move the steering wheel slightly. If that makes it worse, move the steering wheel in the opposite direction to correct it. If you reverse very slowly and make very small movements to the steering wheel, you will have enough time to make all the minor corrections you need. After doing that a while you will realise you are steering correctly without thinking. No more to it than that. The trap is to reverse too quickly and make t
  4. Salar

    The Spring Run

    Maybe, but something positive would have been more encouraging. 150 codling would be the tiniest tip of the giant iceberg of prawn trawlers legitimate by-catches anyway. Its great to read about catches, it cheers up those of us stuck ashore for one reason or another. Keep the reports coming Mahoo, most of us like to hear good news!
  5. This may sound wierd but the forward and back trim angle can affect side to side stability on some deep vee hulls. I had bad stability problems on my Alaska 500 until the engines were trimmed by a hole or two on the transom angle adjustment bar. Then it ran on rails. You might want to try that in case it works, then you won't have to spend any money. I have trim tabs on my Trophy that came factory fitted, but to be honest I rarely use them unless on a long run, a beam wind and with a lardy mate.
  6. I made one out of salvaged bits. Took me hours, caught two lobsters then some watery pedunkle nicked it. See below - oak floorboard slatted floor, hoops salvaged from broken pots, funnels ditto, netting and rope from my secret store of bits. Very easy, just fiddly!
  7. Here http://www.interextrading.com/multi_cylinder.htm Don't bother with the square type, the netting is too thin and they rip.
  8. Maybe in Maidstone but the main months for Solent plaice are March to late April. They hang around South of the Island until July if you know where to look. I used the fish the Southsea Blocks regularly each Spring but don't bother any more, the plaice are too thin on the ground. This season I'm going to try other banks to see what I can find.
  9. Salar

    Swim feeders

    Following on from the salted baits thread a few months ago I have recently been trying neat salt in a feeder, and I have definately had more bites on the salty rod than others. I used a small plastic cannister (like a film cannister), with a small hole drilled top and bottom. Fill with cheap dishwasher salt (which is pure salt) and it lasts for 20 minutes between re-baits, even in a fast tide. Blood is salty, and fish are supposed to be attracted by the higher concentration of salt in the water. The new generation of US soft baits have salt impregnation for the same reason. Unfortunately I los
  10. Salar

    Boat Owners

    You would not believe how little I paid for her actually. Keep looking, and one day a bargain will come up. You can save a fortune by being prepared to apply lots of TLC to an old lady. And thanks for reminding me about the sig, bout time for a change after all those months...... N
  11. That's relief! At least my catches are In Moderation!
  12. For crying out loud. I used to spend a lot of time on this forum, them when people started knocking those that admitted to catching fish, I gave it a rest. I come back for a visit and find you are now not supposed to be using multiple rods. Well, I catch fish, I keep and eat the edible ones, and at times I use up to five rods from my boat depending on what species I'm trying to find. I guess that qualifies me out of the AN sea angling forum.
  13. Salar

    Boat Owners

    I started with a 13 foot dinghy and a Seagull o/b, then traded up to an Alaska 500 with twin Mariner 30s, then bought a Tropghy 2352 and been in love for the last 11 years. Swapped out the petrol guzzler for a diesel, still does 29 knots flat out and cruises at 20, much more economical if a bit noisy at 10 litres per hour (ish) and 55p per litre! Looking after a boat is a hobby in itself, don't bother if you only care about it as a fishing platform. If I didn't have a boat it would be like losing a limb so I don't mind all the work (and cost). And by the way I do a bit of fishing from her too.
  14. Hey Newt, that must be great fishing. The beach at Duck is long, straight, sandy and fairly steep so you can fish anywhere. I was told not to bother casting more than 20 yards, the fish were right in. I waded in nevertheless, and saw a ray swim past behind me. I brought some of the bucktails back with me and they work on our bass here as well. Fabulous place. Great memories!
  15. And I never knew you could get paid for it: www.grapevinejobs.com/index.asp?Pag...ent_job_id=9978
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