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  1. ok..so its not a fish... i wanna go home now.
  2. i'm no geologist, but this would seem to tie in with the "quake storm" theory that one quake can set off another as it was on the indo-pacific plate. i suppose its no concellation that these are very rare events...12k dead estimated at the moment.
  3. As recent developments have caused some controversy, many groups seem to be offering e-letters as a form of protest and a tool for indication of public feeling. Being involved in IT, I was curious how these identical emails would be handled by the ministries considering the apparent ease of which they could be filtered and replied to, so I asked a ministry friend of mine how correspondence like this is handled...it was as i feared. Emails and written letters are handled under the same rules (a good thing), where the ministry is expected to reply within a certain time limit. However, be
  4. when you say "it slows down"...are you talking about speed or response time? a speedtest to guage any drop is at http://adslguide.org/tools/speedtest.asp if its response time, this may point to a number of things... 1) AV can slow your machine down depending on its scanning setup 2) if your hard drive is stuffed full, temp files and swap space can get tight 3) your computer may be doing things in the backgound like compressing emails (if outlook is open) or indexing the hard drive (if you have that still switched on) 4) explorer may be running a large cache and norton is scannin
  5. just out of interest, have you tried another browser such as firefox? http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/ i'm wondering if its something in explorer stopping .swf files from playing.
  6. cool...thanks...it would be interesting to see if they are aware of how these mass mails are handled as emails and wether they follow up their impact on the recipient. I know the ministries have rulings on written letters, but with emails its all too easy to develop automated systems and answers which kind of defeat the point or waste energy and enthusiasm.
  7. just out of interest, how are the e-letters presented/sent? I just ask, because if they contain identical content or are deemed a nusiance, then they could be blocked/diverted by the intended recipient. Or do civil service guidelines apply to email as much as they do traditional mail?
  8. why not just start a new identity in outlook?
  9. if you cant see flash pages goto www.macromedia.com and download the latest flash plugin for explorer if its other pics, then something is blocking animated gifs...windows firewall?
  10. well done... how can Diana seriously intimate illegal commercial fishing is part of the recreational sport's problem? and how does recreational bass fishing affect the consumer market when all the bass i've seen is from foreign countries bred under the legal catch size here because the market demands smaller fish? devils advocate or not, it seems we need to dangle a carrot into a closed mouth. Although the point about people wanting to know what a liscense would bring them before they were happy about buying one was true, it probably isn't a political sweetner. "oh so you want your
  11. Davy...so you've got a modem feeding a router? Is DCHP setup on the router or are u using fixed assigned interal IPs? Also try just turning the firwall off. Also are you running NAT on the router?
  12. hiya...its not seasonal...its just linked to what i want to do...ie someone obviously heard me say "i want 2 weeks off at xmas" and that means i'll have about 4 days... your pics...something is wrong...can you right click one and see how big it is in k or bytes in properties...cos the ones on the web are 0k in size, so i'm wondering if your uploading an alias (a shortcut) or something.
  13. judging by the first 2 lines, im taking it as read that yakity has a couple of letters the wrong way around
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