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    fishing for anything but mainly Common Skate
  1. Yup you would think if it was RNLI driven it would be a UK wide campaign, rather than just in the AT's turf. Looks like it is AT driven and it's really nice to know that the opinions of Scottish anglers are of no interest to the RNLI in this case :(
  2. Hiya, I voted "Like it" as I spend almost as much time on it as Elton I find it good for keeping up to speed with what is going on in the fishy world and those that I class as my friends.. cheaper than a phone call
  3. It will be interesting to see just what this "new vision" is
  4. Hiya, depends on how you are fishing for them, that rod will cope with just about anything swiming in UK waters however if you are pirking etc it will be undergunned due to the weight of the terminal gear
  5. Hiya Newt, thanks ... I hope things are ok with you ?
  6. Hiya, Out of curiosity just how do you plan to represent the whole of the UK when you are based in the very South of the UK ??
  7. Hiya, I tend to agree with Ken, wire IS the way to go with Spurs as a decent Spur will chomp through 100 - 150lb mono like a hot knife through Butter. Going up to 250lb mono means the hook size will also have to go up which then gives you the bigger hook = more damage on a fish that has to be released. For big Spurs I would be using a short 40 - 50lb wire trace with 6/0 - 8/0 (the lighter wired ones and bait dependant) circle hooks
  8. Hiya, I've seen one of just over 6lb caught on rod n line from the shore up here back in the 70ies, it was eaten before the person (my brother) realised it was a record. Acording to Fishbase max. published weight: 3,110 g
  9. Hiya, as usual the choice should be down to the individual, unless there is rock solid proof that a stock needs total protection. I'm pretty certain the majority of anglers feel the same way, in fact I would put money on the only anglers that vote for Compulsory C&R will be Bass anglers.
  10. Hiya, I've been here for just over 20 years Sadly the college building on kilbowie road has now been demolished, the new college is down next to the Clyde where John Browns yard was.
  11. Hiya, a .177 superfield injected a high speed to the head solves that problem (as two Magpies found out this morning :) )
  12. Hiya, As someone who uses 100lb and above mono on a regular basis, I'd love to know what size of single is he using a 6/0 as that's about the smallest hook you will get 100lb mono through the eye of.
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