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    Newt, I was thinking about some other threads where they were catching only certain species before the bait was able to sink to the other fish like Bream and Perch. Although I'm not sure it matters since I'm really only interested in keeping both of us entertained. As for bite indication you are right. She has caught fish before. Her first Speckled trout when she was about two. It will be just the two of us and I can't think of a better way to spend a few days. Cheers for the advice fellas.
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    I'm itching to take my daughter fishing with me when she arrives for the summer. I thought I would try for anything that will take sweet corn, bread, and maybe some luncheon meat. My question is will I need to get her a rod license? I don't think I'll need a day ticket for her since she's 8. I was going to try a #14 hook with a 6lb hook length set up with a sliding quill. I don't think I'll bother with weight. I'm only interested in keeping her catching.
  3. Sounds like good fun Newt. Catching big sunfish on lures is a blast. Especially the ones that are as big as your hands. Only we called them Pumpkinseeds. Not sure I've ever heard of a place in the States that sell maggots by the pint though. Let alone a vending machine that has them... The only Roach I've ever seen had legs.
  4. It was an amazing place. With water so clear that you could see forever underneath. I was there long enough to see the turtles labor up onto the beach, sling sand to dig their holes and then watch as the little ones made the break for the water a few months later. Catching shark and tuna from the rocks and the trigger fish were like piranas when you threw anything with meat still attached. Hiking up Green mountain. Did you sign the book Chris? Coconut rum that would knock your socks off. Spent most of my time spearfishing grouper and keeping an eye out for the morays. 6-8 feet long and
  5. Nick, anything that isn't pure lead will float to the top when you are heating it. You can scoop this off the top and toss it. On Ascension Island in the S. Atlantic we used to make our own weight with wood. We poured the lead into holes in the wood and then added small nails to create the holes that we could thread the line through. I bit primitive but effective. We didn't have moulds at the time. The fishing was the best I've ever experienced. On the other hand I work in a garage and toss all of the lead we take from balancing tyres (tires?) I've got quite a bit still if you wa
  6. You know those Unimogs can and still do get stuck...... Especially where we had it and next to impossible to get parts for them in the U.S. I just bought an ancient BM (H-reg) in prestine condition. Any ideas how I can get more power out of it? It runs well enough but being a 520i and automatic well, it just seems a little sluggish (ok more like a slug) on hills. It can be fitted with a turbo but I understand this could cost more than the car is worth. Probably not good for me though as I'm still getting used to the right hand drive.
  7. Jeff S


    16 days and counting. I have a ton of things to do including getting all my tackle ready. Homemade topwater baits to seal with araldite, hooks to sharpen, and a net to mend. Not to mention all the other things the other better half wants done. Will I have enough time? Lets hope.
  8. Minus the VW emblem among other things... Nawe I think not. The radio and headlights were working though.
  9. Seems like it was pretty political in nature. You didn't see the points coming for Greece and Cyprus? What about the only countries to speak in any other language except English? France and Belgium.. German redhead? Oh wait was that a man or a woman? Now Latvia can laugh, but I found it ironic that the UK got no points whatsoever. While the UK was out of tune they were much better than half of the others.
  10. My wife and I went to Robinhoods Bay this weekend. Busy but really a nice place for a visit. Our friends have a cottage that was built in 1640 and the pints were fantastic. On our way back yesterday coming through the moors a lady passed us at an incredible speed. I commented on how fast she took a corner in front of us... Well over 85 miles an hour. Wouldn't you know it. As we came around the corner we watched her car make its second flip in the air. It came to rest on all four tires. She was still unconscious when I arrived at her car. She ended up walking away. Tha
  11. I did fairly well with spinners made by Shakespeare. In fact a chub was one of the first fish I caught here. The spinner had a flourecent orange body and a black blade, another I had luck with had a silver body with a gold blade. Perch seem to like the flourescent yellow and don't seem to care about the color of the blade and oh right... Don't forget the trace.
  12. Leaving a bayou in Southern Louisiana well known for its fishing, a Cajun was stopped by a game warden. The game warden pulled along side the Cajun's boat and noticed two ice chests full of fish. "Do you have a license to catch those fish?" the game warden asked. "Naw, ma' fren, I ain't got none of dem, no. Dese here are ma' pet fish," the Cajun proudly replied. "Pet fish?!" the warden said. "You betcha pet fish," said the Cajun. "Avery night I take ma' pet fish down to de bayou and let dem swim 'round for a while, and when I think dey had enough swimmin' for da evenin' den
  13. They expanded on the concept. Some of which looks promising. I still wouldn't go for the original. http://www.store.yahoo.com/flyinglure/orflyinlur.html
  14. I bought a set years ago. I was impressed by the way it fluttered into areas where you are unable to cast. Needless to say I never caught anything with it. That isn't to say that it won't work though. I personally wouldn't buy them again.
  15. I'm not sure if I've read the thread right, or if I am being referred to as someone that has abused this site. I certainly haven't and I'd surely know if I had, the moderators would have certainly caught up with me by now.
  16. I think I remember you posting a picture or topography some months back of this place you describe. There has to be some huge cats down there that would take a hand sized bluegill. Looks like we're in for it tonight. Getting nasty and dark outside. No lightning though I heard some thunder a few days ago. Cheers
  17. Jeff S

    lead shot

    Looks like I was a little behind everyone else. Need to improve my typing...
  18. Jeff S

    lead shot

    You can usually tell by breaking open the casing and looking at the pellets. They score rather easy. If it isn't lead you'll know for sure. On the casing you should find writing which tells you what size/lead or steel but these were bought in the states. If it's a certain brand like Remington or Winchester they also vary in color. Hope this helps. They still manufacture lead cartridges that you can buy in the states. Depending on what you are hunting. Steel shot is much more expensive than lead but it is also illegal to use lead for waterfowl. Anything other than waterfowl is fair
  19. Hi again Nick. Think I can get a password as well? Cheers Jeff
  20. I miss the thunderstorms sometimes.. Not the ones out of Texas though. Right before I left last summer we had one that was as near tornado like than I would care to say. We spent the first 20 minutes in the bathroom with me trying to stay calm and my daughter in the bathtub screaming. It turned out all right of course. Glad you didn't get stuck in it. Dodging bolts of lightning, and that hail can leave dents in your forehead too. After almost a month with no rain it's been coming down off and on for the past few days. The river is up but still can't fish it with the close season
  21. Jeff S

    PB Shaken

    I thought it was illegal. I've seen many many threads on AN about moving fish from different locations. I was half way tempted to explain what happens after a total pike cull. A pile of dirt has been added recently to prevent fish being washed into this pond from the river when it floods. So I can see the argument. As it is, the fish came from the river to begin with. I found myself wondering whether I should keep fishing there today. If I caught anything I was going to return it regardless. What I don't need is to come to blows over something that I believe in. Not that I would
  22. Jeff S

    PB Shaken

    Thanks Vagabond, That probably is the scale that I was asking about. If I remember correctly it was on the PAC website. I'll check to see. Back at the pond again this morning. Just a couple of follows and nothing to speak of other than some very large leeches. Love to see the pike that it came off of. While I was there I was asked by several people including the club manager/owner to remove the pike that I catch to the river. About a hundred yards away. Is this common practice? One of them actually told me that there were some cracking Tench in there and in the same breath tol
  23. This morning I found a new venue. There is a lot of cover and it's very accessable. It's about 4 acres. Not to mention its practically 5 minutes from home. I spent 4 hours lure fishing to no avail this morning from about 6 to 10am. Then went to my local canal and caught 5 pike all under a pound and two perch that were almost the same size as my lure. The highlight of the day was this evening a new personal best from the pond I fished this morning. Pouring down rain and all I can say is it was over 30 inches. My scale can't handle that weight and all I could think to do was
  24. I never have quite figured out why the sexual urges of men and women differ so much. And I never have figured out the whole Mars & Venus thing. And, I never have figured out why men think with their head and women with their heart. And, I never yet have figured out how the sexual desire gene gets thrown into a state of turmoil, when it hears the words "I do". One evening last week, my wife and I were getting into bed. Well, the passion starts to heat up, and she eventually says, "I don't feel like it, I just want you to hold me." I said, "WHAT?" She proceeds to say the words that
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