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  1. http://www.eelfishing.co.uk/art.htm can't stand them myself but woody's talk was inspiring. his drawings are amazing
  2. I have a bic 252. I have just bought it from a friend and to be honest don't envisage using it very much but it was a good price. He used it on the oar or electric motor for float trolling. There is loads of room in it for one. It is flat bottomed as well. It has a wheel which means you can put your gear in it and wheel it in for launch. It goes on my roof rack but is probably just too heavy for one (well for me but i am a bit of a weed) I would only consider using it on the big lakes on calm days were the weather is settled and you are unlikely to be hit by a storm. Well
  3. Just watched part 1 which was very interesting. It's that emphasis on fresh deadbaits again that brings me back to that initial question. Maybe I should have asked whether frozen roach from pike packs are worth using or are they a waste of time? Hopefully, Steve might be looking in soon and can expertly answer saving me plenty of rod hours in the process! Anyway irrespective of that I'll be trying for a few more hours again this evening.
  4. I should have added that the water is heavily coloured and therefore lures probably not the best. I know I could try lures that rattle n vibrate but most of what I have read and experience says that it may not be really effective in such coloured water. It's also well stocked I'd be worried about foulhooking! Noodle I'm curious....see you soon Regards
  5. I've really got a bee in my bonnet about getting a big perch at the moment. I have a commercial very close to home that I know must hold a big perch or two. In summer i've seen fry being attacked and there have been a couple(not many) of reports of big perch being caught although nobody really targets them. I've read Steve Burkes excellent articles and some previous posts on here. I'm using prawns and lobs as baits at the moment but I'm positive that the big perch are taking fish as their natural food source. I can't use livebaits and have read that fresh deads are the next best thing
  6. These sort of clips are popping up everywhere and whether you like it or not it's possibly the sort of medium that people are now using. The cost to produce probably wasn't that expensive either.
  7. FYI: Thursday August 21st. at 7-30pm At the Waters Edge programme on BBC Radio Lancashire will feature the late Fred J Taylor MBE talking about his friend Richard Walker. Followed by Richard discussing the catching of Clarissa, The Magic Hat, his writing career, Baits, Recollections of his articles, finally his views on Water Authorities etc. Part 2 of the series will be broadcast Thursday 28th August at 7-30pm on BBC Radio Lancashire Fred Crouch discusses barbel fishing, Bruce Vaughan on Chub while the later Len Head talks about tench and river fishing in winter and finally Mi
  8. Hi Rob, I've used the enterprise sinking hemp as per the hyperlink above. Its magic stuff and have done well with it this year. Years ago I used to bait heavily with hemp but would struggle to get bites. Using this stuff over the top hair rigged with a bit of pop up corn to counteract weight of hook has worked well. It is tricky to hair rig but I use fine mono and a small sewing needle. I use a small black bead as the hair stop. I'm not sure how well it will work direct on hook.
  9. Log on here and post your views. Bottom right hand corner, takes less than sixty seconds and all you have to is request they bring back the fishing. www.bbc.co.uk/lancashire/sport/index.shtml I bit my tongue and didn't make a wise crack about it being replaced by ice hockey! I can understand fishing not being everybody's cup of tea but ice hockey!! I have a direct email into a sports desk producer. I was very tempted to post it on here so people can vent their frustration direct but with it being a public forum I will refrain for now.
  10. Thought I'd bring this to your attention as it can be accessed from anywhere via the web: BBC Radio Lancashire Honours Fred J Taylor MBE BBC Radio Lancashire's At the Waters Edge programme on Thursday 19th June at 1930 hrs is dedicated to Fred J Taylor. It will include interviews with Chris Tarrant, Len Arbery, Dougal Grey, Marsh Pratley, and Pat Marston - Walker, Peter Wheat and others. Put this in Google. .bbc.co.uk/lancashire .scroll down the screen right hand side to. Listen again, click on this. It will then bring up a list of programmes click on At the Waters Edge Any problems co
  11. I have been using a cunning little rig with the artificial hemp and so far have had tench, bream and a pb rudd. I will do a little article with pics etc in due course. Incidentally, I stuck some golden syrup in my hemp last time out and failed to catch a tench for first time this season. Think I'll go back to chilli-ed!
  12. Been using some 'chilli-ed' hemp for the tench but had been wondering whether a nice sweet addition might be better. Just been reading one of the monthly's that recommends addition of salt for bream. To save some time on experimentation (need more fishing time) I was wondering if anyone had any clear preferences based on results. Thanks
  13. That sinkbraid is just the business and at the weekend I had a lovely 4lb 10oz tench that looked so much bigger. I followed that a couple of days later with two more of about 3.5lb and 2.5lb. I had plenty of fish feeding in the swim. Think I need to play around with bait selection and hooklength a bit more. Thanks martin
  14. Has anybody got any experience of using the Polaris floats, do they work on a similar principle?
  15. I have some silkworm and will have a look at the sinkbraid. Its a gravel type bottom but unbelievably clear. I am already using the fake maggots etc but know I need to play around with the hooklength with the key I think being shortening the hooklength - the proof of the pudding will be in the eating! With such a short hooklink I suspected I had to move away from the flourocarbon/powerline/double strength but still not mega confident using some braid. I might add a PVA bag of maggots n a touch of hemp as a focus as well.
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