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  1. OI DAVY. That`s my job "Pretty fishing".
  2. Unfortunately no Ken. Still waiting for a bypass op`.
  3. NOT accidents ! Design faults, mismanagement, whatever you want to call it. Of course the Administration did a virtual whitewash at the inquiries. Just my crude attempt at dark humour. But if you don`t like it?
  4. I ain`t the least bit jealous Ken. Well maybe just a `tad. But I hope to be allowed out of `dry-dock` soon
  5. http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_ss_w_h_?u...x=8&Go.y=12 That`ll keep you occupied for a few hours
  6. spasor

    Bird Flu

    The big problem is Elton, Chesill beach is part of the nature reserve. From Abbotsbury to Portland it is the seaward bank of the Fleet lagoon!
  7. spasor

    Bird Flu

    Just flashed up on the telly. `Spose that means Chesill will be closed for a while?
  8. Due to ill health, and a string of ops` on the horizon. I`ve decided to give up fishing! I kid you not.
  9. What????? You must have finished your burrow then.
  10. I see you waited `till I`d sent you a chrissie card. YA BAS!!
  11. 143 and enjoying life to the max!! What a load of shize. In order to stay alive I`ve had to give up nearly everything that is enjoyable. I`m not even allowed butter on my toast! And yet I still have to go back into hospital tomorrow to get rid of some gall-stones.
  12. I predict howling gales and torrential rain. Or dry and cold Or damp and misty Cmon met office, I can do that, gissus a job
  13. At least Colin will see a lot more of his missus. Theresa works at the hospital. Perhaps thats why I can only get the sodding ansaphone.
  14. sorry folks, you know as much as I do. I would have returned your call Norrie. But I haven`t had the mobile with me.
  15. Cold, wet and breezy!! And this is sposed to be the best part of the weekends weather.
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