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  1. When making bollies (to be freezer baits). How long do you air them out for before you place them in the freezer? Thanks Quest
  2. At the moment I am taking in turns in catching carp from my bolt rigs useing bollies then in other trips. One of the best ways to catch carp - Worm on the float. You can't beat that!
  3. no problems at all. Just wandering if i could inprove my fishing with different line.
  4. I'm buying some new bait runners, At the mo I have been using krystonite (I think thats the spelling). Any way I was thinking about changeing the main line. What is the best on the market at present? Or should I stick with what i have been using? Thanks Quest.
  5. Don't drink, so you can stay focused.
  6. I wanna catch my first 30lber. Oh and make a fishing DVD. Which I have started all ready.
  7. If you gonna use peanuts make sure that you prepare them well. Or your kill the carp. Quest.
  8. My thoughts go out to his family and friends. RIP
  9. I have to disagree mate, As I have had a lot of luck with pineapple and tootie fruity baits. But I must admit every water is different. So who is to say who is right or wrong.
  10. I went carp fishing in Windsor last weekend for carp. Its a easy lake to fish, as you are all ways guarented a carp if ya use that correct tatics. had 5 out lost 4. All fell to Tootie fruity bollies.
  11. No way that is 17.5lbs mate. Your scales are broken.
  12. what colours would be the best? Can you reconmend any good web sites to but from. Thanks Quest.
  13. The lake that I will be fishing Small/Medium sized. Depths go from 4th to 6ft. There is not a large head of pike. Not sure how big they go. Any help would be great. Quest
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