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  1. Maybe Leon is in a position to give better and further particulars before anything is done?
  2. The introduction of new evidence is very rare, equally an appeal hearing is not a re-trail. The usual areas for consideration are errors of law, fact, or procedure. I dare say any concerned ICFA rep can clarify if an appeal is to be launched by asking an urgent question to the relevant body, if there is a concern over further money being lost?
  3. As fun as it all sounds, I think I might just give the 1,440 mile trip a miss. I'll send my apologies instead.
  4. Ah, well now you're on the right track again, may be you will be attending as the RSA-UK.ORG Rep, in order to raise these matters of concern? NMC AGM, 11am on Sunday 27th February 2011 at Mountbatten Centre, Portsmouth.
  5. I think you'll find that it is actually David Mitchell who is attending the NMC AGM, and not Keith Arthur. But apart from that I can't imagine why you were never consulted
  6. They were pretty quick to lock the Comments bitty, once it went beyond the usual backslapping exercise
  7. Would this not result in increased effort in small inshore areas? Maybe the Seagull should tow our inshore waters also?
  8. Thanks for posting a working link to the show, Ron. Most amusing. Glad you got a reply. I found the last sentence quite touching - Bought a tear to my eye, so it did.
  9. Same with me Bazza, must be a technical problem. No point sending him an email until we can hear the actual broadcast.
  10. I was hoping that you could listen to the proggy online, there were links on the hompage to 'listen again' but narder. Anyoone find a way to listen to the proggy on the the Interweb?
  11. 17/01/2011: For immediate release Fight for the future of fishing The Angling Trust sent the email below to our member database on 16/01/11 and hope that you can publicise this call for volunteers through your media channels. If you or your company can help with any of the following areas please get in touch by reply or on 0844 77 00 616. --STARTS-- Fight for the future of fishing The Angling Trust is looking for volunteers who care about fishing and can dedicate their time and expertise in the following areas. Social Networking Can you use your personal or professional experience
  12. http://www.petitiononline.com/ukcghq/ Dear Mods/Admin feel free to Lock, Sticky, Delete, Edit this post, whatever. The overall implications of this ill-thought out knee jerk approach to our Marine Emergency Service far outweigh the singular actions of one Troll, who has appeared to be granted his wish, in closing down debate.
  13. Seems he is being asked a few awkward questions - http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/20...end-of-comments
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