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  1. just in the seting up tank process of getting plecs and was just wondering is tank lighting needed as read afew posts with people who have no lighting on tanks just relay on natural room light any help greatly appreciated
  2. Thanks all for the welcome. Cant make September be in the U.S Should of asked last night, but in repairs it says hall senser ?20VAT anyone know who from?
  3. for some reason, keri looks absolutely overjoyed to be getting a wedige in the first few seconds. did she really like it?
  4. If such a system is ever implemented; I really hope that doesnt backfire and people end up intentionally fishing sharks just so they can tag them and collect the reward money.
  5. Thanks for the info rstraight.What do you guys think is the best rod weight for carp?
  6. Was thinking of going in the morning but a little nervous about the ice. Has anyone checked it out today?
  7. Thanks for all of the good advice. I'm really interested in the Raymarine. Does anyone have any experience with them?
  8. I was just wondering what place has inexpensive outside travel trailer storage someplace around Corpus Christi?
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