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  1. The main issue for me is carrying the thing on a bike so the shorter the better, the Shimano packs to just over 2ft at 26 inches, that would easily stow away somewhere, whereas my 12ft three piece Penn V3's (They are four piece but the fourth piece is a different top part) is four foot long and not easily carry-able on a sports style motorbike. Think the Shimano is looking like a winner at the moment. Yesterday I thought I would do a search of tackle shops in London and have a nosy, they are getting few and far between, the one in Wilcox Rd in Lambeth is gone, the one in Wimbledon is c
  2. Hello Norm, cheers for the reply, I have been doing a bit of looking around on the net and found a few but none of them are the ideal yet (My ideal would be my Penn V3's if they packed shorter). There is a Ron Thompson that is a bit shorter than I would prefer: http://www.anglingdirect.co.uk/ron-thompson-traveller-beach-rod-11-6 This sounds very good, bit pricy but on a par with a Sandstorm I suppose: http://www.vealsfishingtackle.com/product/shimano-beastmaster-ax-s-t-c-surf-13ft I found a Shakespeare the other night but it was also 11ft 6in but I can't find it now. Is Davy
  3. Hello people, sorry for not being around for the last 9 years............... Luckily I remembered my password.............. No longer on Stronsay, living in London for the time being and just remembered I bought a Penn reel down with me from last time I was up home. So I am now looking for a multi part beachcaster so it can be carried with ease on a motorbike. 1 Did Daiwa do a multi part Sandstorm, sure I can remember one, but can't see one for sale ? 2 Any other options, ideally a 12 to 13 footer but storing away to 24 to 30 inches and of decent quality ? 3 Not telescopic
  4. Nice looking boat Davy. I hope you are on first name terms with all the Lifeboat men !!!! Good luck with her. Bob
  5. I used to work creels on a 30 footer, I have put creels down and still caught a Lobsters and Crabs, without any bait going in it. I think they actually like the shelter. One of my mates once lost a bag of lobsters from the side of the pier (The Onion bag split), I had a few unbaited pots on the other side of the pair, and managed to get him back three of his Lobsters, I knew they were his, they had elastic bands on. They do work better with bait in general. Bob
  6. Just found the Penn heavy rod (That used to be in the V range). Its now called the "Penn Surfblaster - Ruff Stuff (Rough Ground)" as I mentioned I went for the RT accelerator, but I also considered this rod. Veals do them. Bob
  7. For all round fishing I would also go with the Penn V3 (Now with a new name), they come with two tips so you can cast from 2oz to 70z, I have even used mine with spinners, but they will still take large fish. As Fishing Guernsey mentions they are a bit light for heavy duty work like congers over rough ground. I can use mine for Dabs and light beach work, change tip and they will do normal beach and rock work, they are fantastic for spinning jelly worms for Pollock, and when you get a decent fish, they play them very well. I also have two of them, I use them with Penn525's, but they wor
  8. Had another thought, when the V3 was on the market, they did another rod in the V range that was well rated and in the same spec range as the Axcellarator. Just what you are after now. When Penn replaced the V3 (And other V rods) they carried on producing the same rods under a different name, I think the one you are looking for is the Nor Easter (Or something like that). I would couple this with a Slosh 30 or 535, with 30lb straight through line. Bob
  9. Have a look at the MFA Clip on, they are small, and reasonably bright. I use mine for clipping on the tripod and lighting up my rod tip, but they do come with a headband, so double up as a headlamp. My boy has one as well, they last a long time on the batteries. Bob For your Info I use a Shakespeare recharghable Halogen/normal bulb headlamp as my main one.
  10. I assume you are talking about shore/rock fishing because you mention V3's and Penn 525's. I have two V3's and 525's and they make great allround rods (That will catch a very heavy fish), but when I need heavier gear, I use the RT Axcellarator (Not sure on spelling) and a Diawa Slosh 30. At 14ft its a bit of a handful fir casting compared to V3, but for hauling heavy gear through rocks a weed, it's the business, bite detection is surprisigly good. If the do a 13ft version, that's what I would go for. I can cast the RT slightly further than my V3's but not by much, and I do need to
  11. Sounds like a great trip and a fantastic tribute to a really nice man. I will be there next year. Bob
  12. There is another answer to this, fish are always on the lookout for a free meal. If you look in most well established pond filters you could well find blood worm and all sorts of free fish food, chances are they have got used to seeing this food and hang around for a snack. Bob
  13. Lost a lot of lead recently but I think I still have enough for a trip Sunday. I will put a 8oz and large Mackeral bait out on the sand past the rocks (100 yards out and 100ft+ depth) and I will work a jelly worm or two for Pollock across the top of the rocks from my usual mark. With any luck !!!! Bob
  14. I think we have been over fishing for them. Over casting, over leading etc. Do you hold the rod or use a tripod stand etc? Will give your tips a try. Do you really reckon the beads work as I have yet to catch anything when I have used them. Bob
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