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  1. That looks a nice rod Tony, I`ll try and hunt one down to have a good look. Thanks for the advice
  2. Very kind of you to say so Phone I would happily use a Musky as bait for the fish I`m after. Nile perch grow somewhat larger (only by a few hundred pounds though). N4lly, the Bunker Spoon 25-50 arrived and I am incredibly impressed with it. Its got more tip strength that the Conolon but feels very well balanced and has got good reserves of power.
  3. I was running 65lb braid mate so got instant contact. These fish have such powerful jaws that they can clamp down on a lure, turn away, decide they don`t want it and just spit the thing out. Sometimes you get lucky and hook `em, most times you don`t! Been looking at these rods: TRL Bunker Spoon Does anyone have experience with these rods?
  4. I`m really struggling to find a travel uptide rod for trolling for Nile Perch on Nasser. I`ve recently come back after using an Abu Conolon 15-20lbs but felt it was undergunned when a few very big fish clamped down on the lures resulting in a squashed Ernie and no hook ups! The rod just didn`t seem to have the power to set big hooks at range. So, does anyone know of or can recommend a decent rod please? It has to fit into a suitcase, I`m not a fan of separate rod tubes as they have a habit of falling off airport conveyors and vanishing
  5. Eight minutes, thats all it took...........must be a new record for that comment :D :rolleyes:
  6. I`m looking for one (preferably two) Nash Bum Buddys. Any condition at all, I just need a couple
  7. Try Transglobal Express mate. They use DHL but for some daft reason are cheaper! Been using them a lot this year sending rods all over the place and not had a problem at all. Just make sure the dimensions you enter onto the wensite are accurate and things will run smoothly.
  8. Cheers Tigger but..................................... Dead number mate, been there, tried it.
  9. I was wondering if anyone on here might know any contact details for Tonys Tackle in Southport? I`ve been trying to call them for a week or so but the phone line is dead. I did find a mobile number but this just rings out. The phone numbers are on the `net so I don`t need those! What I`d like to know is if anyone has contact details which will work for them. In fact, does anyone live near the place? All help appreciated!
  10. The one next to the M54 could be Bayliss, a rat infested hell hole well worth avoiding. I do have a local place to suggest but don`t want to put it up for all the world to see. Get your post count up mate and as soon as you get PMs enabled I`ll send you the link over.
  11. Yeah, it really is a balancing act eh! I got hold of a couple of Ultra sliders t`other day and gave `em a run out on Saturday. The 4ssg float I chose ended up taking 5 1/2 ssg! Lovely to use, no `walkback` and a joy to cast but the tip was just too bulbous for finicky roach. Its a good starting point for the home made jobbies though. I ended up on a Drennan peacock waggler that took 2 1/2ssg. Didn`t settle as well as the Ultra but the tip was fine and bites showed up really well. 138 roach to 1.13 seemed to prove that the float was ok! Emma on here kindly sent me some quills to try fo
  12. Sounds like a speed camera I`ve never experienced anything which is in one way a shame and in another a relief! Well, apart from once at my friends house when three of us clearly heard someone (we thought it was his daughter) get out of bed and walk across the room directly above us. She was fast asleep in the back room and, before anyone says it, it was most definitely NOT the house settling. Been in some pretty remote places alone as well as plenty of steeped-in-history lakes but apart from a couple of nervous moments caused more by desolation, auto suggestion or a fast atmospher
  13. Budgie They`re for stillwater mate. The roach in this particular lake seem to like overwintering in the deepest areas of the lake, which can be as much as 18ft. If I can get them up in the water (usually later in the day) then a loaded crystal fished on the drop at half depth can be brilliant but most of the time the roach are either on the deck or in the last two foot of water.
  14. Logged away in the `do not forget` file in me bonce! Great starting point, thanks!
  15. Interesting article! Just wondering, where it says `minimal` lead round the float what sort of amount is correct. say I`m setting up to make a four swan waggler, would the equilivant of an AA shot do the job?
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