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  1. Hi ya gang, i have the above centerpin for sale, its only been used twice and is in mint condition. Im open to proper offers. Regards Clint
  2. Hi The boat is called Enterprise 11. Big fishy, thats the sort of tips im looking for thanks m8 Where do i get those spoons? What hooks should i buy? Im using braid on one reel for uptiding so what mono line should i buy and which poundage, for the downtide reel Thanks Clint [ 04. March 2005, 09:47 PM: Message edited by: Clint ]
  3. Hi Gang, its only meeeeeeeee, sorry to bother you but i have a boat trip looming and i havent been for 10 years! what am i going to need? i have an uptider and a normal boat rod, what i need to know is what kind of terminal tackle am i going to need? if someone could please list what im going to use i would really appreciate it We will be fishing for plaice and whatever else lives on the mussle beds of Eastbourne. Thanks in advance. Clint [ 04. March 2005, 08:57 PM: Message edited by: Clint ]
  4. Clint

    Which braid

    Hi gang, Alderney bassman do these people have a website? or where can i buy this braid. Thanks everyone for your tips and info. One more point which rod am i best to buy ? 1: an uptide rod? 2: 12lb class boat rod ? Regards Clint
  5. Clint

    Which braid

    Hi gang, i havent been plaice fishing for nearly 10 yrs now but when i used to go out of Estbourne i used to use Fireline, is this still the better braid to use ? if not what braided line do you guys recommend nower days? Regards Clint
  6. Darrell, have you seen the fish "in the pumping station" !!!! Regards Clint
  7. Is that Clarkey ? stripped off m8 there was an older fella turn up and lend him his overalls lol. blessss hahahaha Regards Clint
  8. Not on your nelly !!!! brass blinkin monkeys!!!! but i did pass him the net to land it with hehehehe. Regards Clint
  9. Got a fone call from my fishing buddy to say he had a rather large chub and that id better pop out with the camara!!! i did so and here is the result!!! It was bloody freezing and credit to him for freeing the fish (5lb+ chub) Would you do it!!!! mmmmmmm i dont know Regards Clint [ 12. February 2005, 09:59 PM: Message edited by: Clint ]
  10. If you look closely you will see my ugly mug on there too so theres a bonus for ya lol. Regards Clint
  11. Clint


    Would have loved to have come :mad: but im freezing the old knackers off in the garden all weekend so i can come out and play next week at the lower itchen fishin. Good luck you guys and catch one for me. Regards Clint
  12. Hi Darrell the big chub are about, last weekend my fishing buddy had a 5lbder just below Gators mill. regards Clint
  13. Clint

    Uptide reel

    Right gang here is what i have got it down too so can i have your views please: 1: Shimano Charter Special 1000ld 2: Abu 6500 c3 3: Penn 535gs At my local shop these are all discounted at the mo so what do you think? I will only be going once ever month or 2 months so doesnt need to be the dogs dangley bits Regards Clint
  14. Clint

    Uptide reel

    Hi gang, thanks for the replys. Winter i have to agree with that statement as i used to use the abu 6500c for all my uptiding work from plaice fishing to smoothhounds. I am just after something that wont break the bank as now im a family man with kids and a liking to centerpins lol. Regards to all Clint [ 05. February 2005, 05:55 PM: Message edited by: Clint ]
  15. Clint

    Uptide reel

    Hi ya gang, i dont go sea fishing at all anymore but work have asked me to run a trip once a month or so so im after a bit of advice on tackle as i havent been for a few years now. Which reel will i get away with using for uptiding ? Plus does any of you guys remember a boat that used to go out of Eastbourne called Grey Leopard? the skippers name was Nigel, i was just wondering if he was still about ? Regards Clint
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