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  1. I'll send you a PM. I don't report my Medway catches as commercials read this and other forums for info, then move in and wipe the stock out. Gillingham pier is an example, lots of large Mullet, all netting out by gill netters overnight ( yep in the early hours ).
  2. Merry Christmas to you all where ever in the world. The Turkey's almost ready, the pots are in the Goose fat . . lovely. Spare a thought to all those working today, the doctors, nurses etc. . . thank you guys.
  3. Thanks Leon, Budgie. Leon next meet Thurs 7th.
  4. If adding insulation to the floor of your loft . . don't forget additional protection to pipes and tank. You can't have too much !! On Jan 4th 13 years ago we came hope and found it raining . . .. . . . . indoors!!
  5. Thanks guys your comments are helpful. I'll investigate the used Leeds option as well as the Okuma Sheffield. I'm one of those anal guys who spends almost as long cleaning and caring from my gear as I do fishing. I'm now in the fortunate position of owning masses on angling equipt ( about 30 rods and 20 reels ) but care for them religiously . . for the majority of my life I was broke . .makes you look after things when things change.
  6. Hi I know this topic has been bashed to death before . . . I'm hoping to get some cash for Christmas, if I do I'm looking to get a Centrepin. Budget (hopefully) £100 to £150 and would prefer new. I'm looking at . . Okuma Trent ( £99 ), Anglers net centrepin (£140 ), Youngs Aerodex y2900 (£150). I prefer new rather than used and from my research belive I will be better with a wide rather than narrow spool. Use, for Mullet fishing at short range, max casting distance 20 feet ( I'll practice my wallis once I have the reel ). So mainly salt water, I have no issues with this
  7. Hey guys . . what's a picture of my wife doing on this site ?
  8. Elton Go for local . . they will know the area, if a license is required, lighting etc ( unless you have somewhere for it off road ). A national company will only subcontract and the subcontractor won't be as helpfull as someone on your door step.
  9. Any vessel has to take care plus extra security off the horn of Africa. But a yacht !!!!!!!!!!!!! They were plain dumb sailing though those waters in the first place. . . asking for trouble . . and they got it.
  10. I have to agee with Phil . . the prices are just crazy. How to make money ( they all do it ) take a car that should sell for 10K to 14K, bolt on a few bits spending say 3 to 5K and watch the cash roll in.
  11. Had a Chub of about 1lb take a plug a couple of weeks back. So there I am standing on a steep slippery bank, lifted out the Chub and went to remove the treble when it shook it's head. Holding still hooked fish in left hand and treble sticking in right hand had me wondering what to do. Thankfully Chub remained still, in the end I managed to get my teeth onto the hook and threw by right hand downwards, out popped the hook. Chub swam off strongly with a huge grin. I normally shut the barbs on my plugs . . teach me for using one I'd missed.
  12. Sean is a gret guy, make me look like a flimsy git when standing next to him . . but then I am a flimsy git !
  13. To catch a Bass go Mullet fishing, this year around 14 Mullet days fishing = 2 Mullet and 6 Bass ! All on bread.
  14. John Give them a spray 'now', they will soon become a problem. I use the same thing Tescos / Homebase wasp type sprays . . waiting until dark with all the beasties are inside, make sue you note exactly where the entrence is (I make a chalk mark if your having to spray from the outside ). Take and deep breath and fire away. Has worked every time, even sorted out a couple of nests for friends.
  15. Guys After several years visiting Weymouth Marina I looking for a change of venue for next years trip. I know that Mullet ( Thick Lips ) are found in the new Cardiff freshwater bay, but are they there in any numbers and with such a huge expanse of water are they worth fishing for? I will be thankfull for comments or assistance. Or, anyone has any suggestions for a destination within a 4 hours drive from London. Myself and a couple of Mullet angling mates take a 4 days trip each year. This year resulted in three Thick Lips ( 2 1/2, 4lbs and 5lbs ) with a couple ( OK three ) larg
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