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  1. Hi Phil are you going to produce a version without the transmitter btw I am really please with the GF Alarms but a problem wiyj one unit the magnet housing it keeps falling out om a fast run can I superglue the pin into wheel
  2. Invent things to make life easier when fishing
  3. I have started to use these alarms this year and really pleased with them I bought the remote system several years ago to use with the other alarms I had that time but was thinking of buying a set of dongles and receiver but if you made the dongles would they work with the original receiver ? BTW a clip on case rather than sock type
  4. My mind is made up now I am going for it
  5. Still Tax free I spent a lot of time in California in my younger days similar weather conditions .
  6. I have been more or less been offered a job opportunity in Dubai and it is going around in mind wether to proceed with it or not the salary is nearly four times as I can earn in Britain and accommodation is free but it could be a opener for new way of life but still not sure ?
  7. That was a pike Rob a lot of the larger dead fish have sunk but will resurface in a few days after they have bloated up with gas
  8. I have fish this water for over 30 years but this is the worst fish kill I have seen
  9. I took my 12 year car for its MOT and was well please when it passed with flying colours and didnt need any work doing
  10. I might move the navigation into the header and make it horizontal I will have to speak to the client to see if she wants to drop IE 6 but according to statistics on another site I built there are still around 16% of the visitors still using it
  11. Everything works fine on all browsers except for IE 6 on this web site I am building the problem is with IE 6 the navigation jumps out of place when it loads or when the back button is hit but jumps back into position when the mouse is moved over the webpage I have spent days trying solve the problem and thought of dropping IE 6 altogether the page is here http://www.perchman.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/
  12. I am spending a week on the Wye this summer but would like to have fish on a specimen carp lake while we are in the area not keen on commercial type fisheries
  13. I have spent 2 days trying to get rid of a virus and malware by using avast, adaware , spybot . I had a little success with Spybot but still was being hit then I came across malwarebytes anti-malware and could,nt believed what it found quite frightening really so for me Malwarebytes is the business
  14. A quite amusing but long thread to read I haven't finished reading it all myself yet. http://www.parkingenforcementforum.com/vie...php?f=3&t=3
  15. I am having a little problem with the side bar navigation in a little project website I am building everything works fine in Firefox as usual but with IE I am struggling I have built a separate style sheet for IE the confusion is why is the side bar nav pushing the top content div out of line . here is the link http://www.perchman.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/index.html
  16. At least people will have a good excuse for not turning up . I could try and win back my $4 what I lost at pontoon last month .
  17. Its coming up to our Silver wedding date in a couple of years and the Wife is talking about a party and renewing the vows but I not religious or keen on sausage rolls type do's so I said I will only renew the vows in Las Vegas with a Elvis style theme so what would you do ?
  18. How do you used air dried boilies Budgie as I am getting quite a collection of them now Budgie?
  19. My brain is really hurting now has anyone converted PHPBB2 boards to the latest PHPBB3 I am following all the instructions but just getting connection and path errors all the time
  20. Have you ever encountered any on your property Bobj?
  21. What snakes are in your area Bobj?
  22. The thing is that Cairns is built in a sub tropical swamp and is expanding so naturally the wild life will be looking for a easy meal . The dog would have been a gonna before the snake started to eat it but must be heart breaking for kids . As Five Bellies stated Queensland is home to over 20 of the worlds most highly rated venomous snakes including the taipan and the Eastern brown snake.
  23. I should of said British Midland Airlines
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