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  1. Thanks for the replies guys,ayjay what length of fluoro do you use for barbel, i ask because i was led to believe the longer you used the more chance of tangles?, is this correct?, thanks again.
  2. Hi all,does anyone use fluorocarbon for their hooklengths for carp/barbel bream tench etc and do you rate it above other hooklink materials?, can you use the stuff that is used for fly fishing leaders and lastly if you had to use it for the 4 species mentioned is there one particular length of hooklink you would use that would cover all these fish?, sorry for all the questions just wondering if its a better bet than your usual braids,monos etc, thanks in advance.
  3. Hi there, if you join the scottish carp group website there is a general coarse fishing forum on there that you may get that type of info from.
  4. Sorry for the delay, the braid is by shakespeare in 20 pound strain,i threw the empty spool in the bin so i don,t know the exact name. The reel is a daiwa emblem.Like i said it only seemed to fill up on the bottom of the spool and i had to wind it on by hand so it was evenly distrubuted?, i take it by the replies that this sort of thing is fairly uncommon with braid?
  5. Hi all, for the second time i have tried to put braid on my lure fishing reel and for the second time its went wrong?. When i was trying to wind it onto the reel it was winding on to the bottom of the spool in a big clump so i had to put it on by hand so it was evenly distributed?. Then first cast came the mother of all birdsnests?. After cutting the braid and tying up again the exact same thing happened after 3 casts so i gave up and went back to mono?, what am i doing wrong?,this happened last time as well?
  6. Many thanks guys, looking at one on ebay at the moment, cheers for the replies!
  7. Cheers guys had a look through the old posts, very interesting?. Basically i just need a basic finder that tells me what depth is in front of me and any features,drop offs humps etc without using a rod and lead?. I seen one on an american site i think it was an rf30 newt?,it was the one with the wristwatch display?,do you think they are any good?,thanks in advance.
  8. Hi all, does anyone own one of these,and are they any good, how accurate are they and which is the best model?, any help gratefully received, cheers!
  9. As an aside from the usual stuff and as i am a big fan of autobiographys i was wondering if maybe there was a market for some of the more high profile anglers to jot down their memoirs and unleash them on the angling public?, who would you like to read about if anyone, there adventures in fishing etc, what other kind of stuff would you like it to include or maybe theres no none interesting enough in angling to make you part with your hard earned cash?
  10. Did you get a box of crackers with fish jokes in wolfie?,ok lets keep it cheap and cheesey..who kills women at the bottom of the ocean??, thats right, jack the kipper...who do you go and see if you have a problem the police cant help you with??,THE CODFATHER!what speeds up and down the bottom of the river at over 120 mph?,a motorpike! boom!whahey!,i,ll be here all week! (etc etc..)
  11. Sadly i didn,t make it rabbit, my fishing partner let me down and i didn,t fancy doing it on my own,it is still a wish of mine ,hopefully next year..
  12. If i even suggested it i would have my scrotum removed with the trifle spoon , i can see why it would be attractive to some though,a stress free xmas doing something you love and not the queen or a motherinlaw in sight..bliss
  13. I think this forum is by far the best,its a kind of little house on the prairie to pike and predators judas priest?. Lots of friendly people who aren,t shy when it comes to sharing their knowledge. P and P was good a long time ago but as you say the moderators couldn,t give a monkeys nowadays so its full of keyboard hardmen and bumlickers I also like fishing magic..
  14. I hear Loch mcmurky up in tattiesconeness is producing a few biggies?
  15. Thanks Jim, much appreciated.
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