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    the noble art of lure fishing
  1. Would up your braid strength 14lb is not enough to go chucking 50grm lure around on maybe 35lb Water clarity, wouldn't worry to much about it to much if pike are around they will have a go at a lure vibration plays a big part in lure fishing you will/can catch in very coloured water
  2. Yes and heres a good example of pal review and confirmation bias “… Kevin [Trenberth] and I will keep them out somehow – even if we have to redefine what the peer-review literature is!” – Phil Jones 8/7/2004
  3. Would think the police are there to back up the bailiffs if the bailiffs are EA (happens on the Thames alot) for the bailiffs protection, otherwise???may be the water owner might have asked for them to be present whilst licence checks go on??
  4. Resigned because it was peer reviewed not pal reviewed, by the small cliche of climate scienctists that review each other papers As for sceince not being very well paid???Copy and Pasted from wuwt Heres jim Hansen and Gavin Schmidt pay rates for 2010 Hansen is ES 00 and made $158,832 in FY 2010. Gavin Schmidt is GS 15 and made $136,791 in FY 2010. Plus Hansens side earning include this Public financial disclosures and other documents reveal that he has received at least $1.2 million in the past four years, more than doubling his taxpayer-financed salary. nice if you can ge
  5. good post Chesters1, I am with the cyclic thought too.
  6. So it ok for warmist's to call sceptics names but not vice versa,very child like and unscience like. And you can tell from less than half a dozen posts that i am uneducated,seems you are the one with their fingers in their ears, you've not adressed one question i've put to you yet.you come across like the climate scientists Mann, Trenberth,Jones etc i know best mentality,see i can do the ad hom attack as well.As for my sceptical outlook well lets just say you've more than reinforced it with your petty reply i won't waste my time replying to you anymore, key board know it alls get very bo
  7. What about the term "denier" with all it connotations thrown at sceptical person's,do you expect people to suit back and take it lying down.Ever seen the 10.10 video...bit more than a ad hominen wouldn't you say.
  8. Huba Huba. talking of being eaten alive,her bikini bottom is suffering a delightfull fate by the look of that picture
  9. Ah, so the graphs from Goddards blog could be right, and just because he allows some one to write a logical fallacy he's wrong, not to be trusted. You've commented that you're more inclined to trust CSL site, what was your conclusion on the sea level data provided by them Rising or falling Is it true that cows are from the same evolutionary familie as whales??
  10. So you are just an ordinary Joe Public,no academic/scientific background.
  11. be carefull on what part of the beach you venture on to, theres a nudist part to budleigh beach with goings-on that can't be mentioned on here in one particular part of it
  12. good on yer,a well run day out,good luck
  13. as far as i can tell he's he person, do they have to have a bio or cv and you're academic, you tell me if he's right in what he's posted (graph wise)
  14. http://oceanservice.noaa.gov/education/kit...5currents1.html
  15. http://stevengoddard.wordpress.com/2011/06...vel/#more-32692 http://sealevel.colorado.edu/
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