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  1. Boat launches are very entertaining, especially if it's busy and everyone is in a hurry.
  2. Alright Newt, put the Boy Scout sh*t back in the closet. Actually, that is pretty funny. Where did you get it?
  3. I've always had a problem with the name "Hugh". When I was 15 my dad took me deer hunting and when we stopped at a friend's cabin I was surprised when a woman told me I had been shot at that morning. I remember scratching my head going over all the scenarios with the "WTF" cloud hanging over my head for about 15 minutes, until I happened to hear her call her husband by his given name - Hugh. Apparently she had said "Hugh got shot at", and not "You got shot at." And no, I wasn't drinking. Too young.
  4. A new month of trivia begins tomorrow - join in! http://www.funtrivia.com/private/main.cfm?tid=385
  5. It was so cold here one day last winter that my lawyer actually had his hands in his own pockets.
  6. Newt, very informative. You rock.
  7. Can't argue that. But in order to pay for it our politicians had better get their fiscal priorities straight and stop wasting money that they don't even have.
  8. You could easily be describing the US of A, Colin. The fact is, we can't afford a space program. Our short-sighted politicians have excavated a colossal pit of debt - $4 trillion since Obama took office - and we're headed for national default. The current debt-deiling negotiations are a harbinger of future events. Unless we elect fiscal conservatives and stop the bleeding soon, things are going to get very ugly.
  9. I've never watched her show, but she was great in The Color Purple.
  10. Hi Cory. Yep, I'm afraid I've gotten out of the habit of posting. Surfing for porn is very time-consuming, you know. Ha.
  11. The news this evening reported over 500 dead here in the US so far this year, and tornado season has just begun. The South has been getting hit hard.
  12. Come play with us. TRIVIA
  13. First Oldsmobile and now Pontiac. Who woulda thunk it 20 years ago?
  14. It's been ongoing for perhaps five years now. Somehow it has become a ritual part of how I begin my day. Unless of course I forget to play.
  15. We're about to start a new month, hope to see you there. NON-FISHING FORUM TRIVIA
  16. I remember reading about this tragedy in the newspapers back in the '80s, and especially a photo of one of the sailors that was published. It must have been tough, and there was no Shackleton to save them. No wonder there were so many mad Roman Emperors. Everything they ate and drank out of had lead in or on it. Good post, Ziggy.
  17. Why, thank you. Sorry my acknowledgement is tardy. Cheers!
  18. LOL, my thoughts too. Just think of how miserable the fans there must be with that obnoxious racket going on around them.
  19. My mute button is getting some use, for sure. Vote to ban those damned things HERE.
  20. You weren't kidding. That was indeed instructional.
  21. Wow, that's incredible. Makes the car look rinky-dink, though.
  22. I laughed aloud when I read that. Even sounds like something Tricky Dick would say.
  23. Reminds me of a 1958 Chevy Apache pickup I once owned. It had a floor starter, wood bed, and column shift (3 on the tree). More than once did I mistakenly step on the ignition and power-lurch the truck forward.
  24. The entertainment value of that handiwork is priceless. Thnks for the laugh.
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