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  1. Newt: quote: - freshwater fishing is all for coarse fish (by UK classification). Did a little game fishing years ago but not lately. Pardon my ignorance, but what exactly is coarse fishing? :confused:
  2. Aside from scopolamine patches and dramamine I've heard ginger pills or ginger ale work well. A few people I know swear that putting a sheet of paper or a paper bag on the belly under your shirt also works wonders in warding off nausea. I suppose if that method didn't work you could use the bag to upchuck. Or you could chum for fish if trolling
  3. Great stories! John, you mentioned hand-fishing as a topic, so here is a good article on the history of hand-lining for walleye in the Detroit river: http://www.michigan-sportsman.com/fishing_...ng_walleyes.htm Also, when chinook salmon stage off the port of Manistee in Lake Michigan in late summer, they enter Manistee lake before heading upstream to spawn. It's a small drowned-river mouth without much room, so the fish tend to go in circles. Fishermen in boats will toss out a spoon, leave the bail open, and wait. Eventually a fish will get the line in its open mouth, pull the s
  4. I've used four Okuma Magda levelwind 30d reels for the past five years trolling from downriggers and planer boards in Lake Michigan (US), and love them - no problems. The drag system is good, IMHO, and compares favorably with Daiwa reels priced twice as much.
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