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  1. Thanks for the Welsh lesson, John....could come in v. handy, we're moving to Brecon next week, my husband speaks Welsh, I speak bog Colleen - bottled water for me from now on!
  2. Congratulations and very best wishes for a long and happy life together. Hope the bites weren't too much of a problem. Onions. x
  3. One of life's great experiences, beautifully retold.
  4. WOW - CONGRATULATIONS! Fantastic news. Every happiness and loads of love to you both. Onions. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  5. 'The lycra cheesewire' Mick thought I was laundering eyepatches
  6. Mine's a nice little shiny purple one (you can't say I don't feed you the lines)..... I'm hoping that once the wood pigeons start eating blackberries everything will blend in. Replies in a plain brown envelope, please.
  7. No thongs as yet????
  8. I had a cat who behaved more like a dog - which d'you think is worse, Skippy?
  9. Great idea, Salar. I can see Mini Onions getting right into it, hope she lets me have a go too. :cool:
  10. Brilliant, Newt. Particularly like the tornado one!
  11. Hi, Billy - where have you been?????? Tried w.u. liquid - it worked on the black fly but not the bees. Thanks, Andy will try that and report back.
  12. Last year I posted a query as to what type of bug might be nipping the flowers off my runner beans. The culprits are bumble bees. Apparently they have discovered they can get to the nectar quicker if they sever the flower from the stem - clever little sods!
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