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  1. Happy Birthday AN! Sorry I have not been on here a while, but would feel like a fraud as my fishing has lately been minimal. Thought I should nip on to congratulate on the 10 year landmark though. Well done Elton, here's to the next 10. Cheers, Simon
  2. Hi All, Just a quick note to say hi as I have not been on here much in a long, long time. This has simply been because I've done so little fishing this year I haven't had much to talk about on that front. I was playing a lot of cricket in the summer, which used up my passes quite a lot, the rest of my time being taken up with work and family. Can't complain really but I want to fish a lot more next year. I may incentivise myself by joining up at the lakes in Walthamstow as I have heard some good things about fishing there. I should hopefully be on the banks of the Kennet and Avon canal on a croc hunt for a day or two over the Christmas break, and simply can't wait as it's been far too long. Anyway, busy trying to get work done, but thought I would say hi and wish you all great Christmases, happy new years, and wet nets all round. If I manage to catch some fish I'll be on here patting myself on the back shortly!!! Cheers, Simon
  3. Truly sad news. My thoughts go out to Danny and his family. Simon
  4. Or a pike bait if you name is Nige Williams!!!
  5. Just seen this thread after being on holiday. My twopenceworth: Nige Williams' head simply got too big once the celebrity status settled in and I think he thought he could do know wrong. He (before the livebait incident) was living in a world where everybody he came across was giving him respect for his achievements and singing his praises. He was almost the official voice of pike angling in Anglers Mail and the sun shone out of his bum. No surprise his head got so big that he thought he could do no wrong. What is amazing that he managed to fit such a swollen head so far up his ar$e whilst also keeping it in the clouds at the same time. The prat (seems to be the chosen diagnosis) deserves what he gets. Simon
  6. I don't think many of your arguements are wrong. My issue is one of tone, and the inflamatory nature of some remarks. With regards to hypocracy, here's an example: Somebody who comments about smokers poisoning other people with their smoke in public, but then drive around in a car. I am not condoning smoking in public places. I agree with the smoking ban in pubs and am happy with it, so long as there is decent and sufficient area outside for people to smoke. Just as I think roads should be properly surfaced for people to drive upon. I hope I leave you enlightened.
  7. Erm, having clicked on a thread about livebaiting for perch I thought that's what I'd be reading about! SPSwallow - Budgie's entitled to his own opinion, as you are too. But I must say one thing - I find the way you say you are unsure about the way smokers are treated unfairly, and then write what you write afterwards ironic to say the least. I can honestly say that the way a great deal of non-smokers talk / write about and to smokers is patronising and high & mighty with it, and should be toned down by about the same proportion that smokers are over-taxed by our greedy bloodsucking govornment ie A LOT.
  8. A very cunning plan Leon! I still have a mental image of a lovley garage with draws and shelves and a fridge and racks for my rods. I'd also like to have £10m in the bank and Kylie Minogue on my, erm, lap, but ho hum....
  9. Davy - I couldn't possibly say! Rabbit I'm not quite sure of the link between somebody having owned a porsche and them receiving a witty appraisal is? But judging books by (ex) covers doesn't work in this case I'm afraid.
  10. He has rescinded that statement and said he couldn't have done a thing without the support of the predominantly English fans at matches in the UK. Perhaps he realised which side his bread was buttered. More likely than not, he made a throwaway comment ANY Scotsman would make ('who are you supporting Andy?' - 'well, not England haha'), gets turned by those [email protected] at the Sun into 'Murray's racist jibes at England'. He was 18 and naive at the time. And by the way I am English, should that matter. I'd take anything said in the papers, or most media, with a pinch of salt. Cheers, Simon
  11. Very familiar - it was posted by the fella who sits next to me at work (bergs)
  12. Thought's I'd forward this on. Something that landed on my desk - a rather frank appraisal of a French lad who worked where I do (paid) for a few months. Made me chuckle... Part 1 To be Filled out by the Internship Manager Important Note to Internship Manager Your comments in the following section of the report are meant to be the summary of an evaluation interview that you conduct with the student. In other words, you should assume that the student will read your comments and then add a personal evaluation to the report in Part Two. If you would like to communicate confidential information about the student, please contact the management by e-mail or telephone. Internship Manager Personal Development Feedback Form About this report: we suggest that you read the questions and consider the answers before meeting the student. We recommend that you conduct an interview with the student to explain your answers and offer guidance. Part 1a: The Work Experience 1. How well did the student respect the internship requirements you expected, in such areas as punctuality, professionalism and standards of behaviour? He was often late, used profanities and sexual expressions throughout the day, and sometimes came in reeking of alcohol. 2. How well did the student take responsibility for performance (getting things done) and meeting the objectives you set? He didn’t even take responsibility for falling asleep at his desk. 3. Please describe the student’s value contribution and initiatives, for example in doing more than was asked, showing interest in the job or offering to help colleagues. He had no value. He made no initiatives. He never did more than asked of him, always less. 4. Please describe how the student communicated with colleagues and performed as a team member. Communicated in pigeon English at the best of times. Upset the team on a regular basis with his strange and inappropriate behaviour 5. How would you describe the student’s motivation and aptitude in learning the tools; techniques and methods you required? He didn’t seem to bother with motivation. (see point 2) He had one interesting motivational technique, which he liked to call "resting his eyes". 6. How would you describe the student’s maturity and attitude in presenting an exemplary image and maintaining a positive attitude? If presenting an exemplary image is walking around in a trilby and bootlace tie letching and drooling, then he did a very good job. His positive attitude was maintained through regular sleep breaks and visits to facebook. Part 1b: Career Observations Your observations as a coach or mentor are valuable to students’ personal development. Your comments are not to be taken as a definitive evaluation of the student’s career potential: the purpose is to give feedback to the student and suggestions in making career choices. The boxes below each question are for your observations and suggestions; please include indicators or examples to help he student understand the reasons for your comments. 1. How well did the intern show the qualities and potential that would make a successful career in your industry? Badly. 2. Did you observe a special talents or abilities in specific aspects of work, indicating a career focus in one or more areas? No. 3. Did you observe major limitations or difficulties that indicate where the student might NOT be successful ? Yes. Communication, business and surviving a day without offending anyone. 4. Did the intern show leadership or strength in taking on responsibility in an area of work, in solving problems, dealing with colleagues or dealing with clients? Responsibility for cock-ups was thrust upon him rather than taken. We wouldn't let him meet any of our clients. 5. Did the intern show cultural maturity and communication ability with colleagues and customers, particularly in adapting to working habits and attitudes, or using the local language, indicating the ability to work successfully in your country in the future? If saying things like “look at you, you nasty face of pervert”, and “I've got something for you, little girl” is cultural maturity and communication ability, he has it in droves. 6. From your observations what changes in behaviour or attitude would help the intern in being successful in the workplace? Staying awake. Sobriety. Fashion consultancy. Not being French. 7. Other Observations He is French and he smells.
  13. By the fact the thread's on it's 4th page it would seem it's still something people want to talk about. Some people are occassional users and therefore won't know something's been on several times before. People like discussing stuff and it will come up again. We haven't had livebaiting one for a while, or pole vs reel, or favourite fish. They will come up again and again. It will prompt a few 'oh no's' and directions to previous threads, but it will also prompt other people to enjoy posting and discussing. If somebody starts a thread that they believe is interesting (and this one is, IMHO) then why not let them run with it rather than belittle them or their thread? If I'm not bothered with a thread, I don't look at it. Just my humble opinion. Simon
  14. My problem is it's a balance thing. Like Rob I am a Liverpool fan. Being North London based means I only see them live 4 or 5 times a year, but the good thing about being in London is you'll always find somewhere that is showing the match, even at 3pm on a Saturday. I also play cricket in the summer on Wednesdays and Sundays (every other Sunday anyway) and don't want to drop this as a) I love it and it's the only thing stopping me from getting fat(ter). I work in Hammersmith 9.30am til 6pm Mon-Fri. Add my two kids into the equation, plus the dog (Jack Russell, who would get bored fishing and be too annoying / inquisitive) there isn't much time left. Must go on average once a month at the moment - if that! And it drives me potty!
  15. Cracking Tench Alan well done mate
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