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  1. It gives a date of January 11th 2010 Check out the Trees in the Background, they seem to have an awfull lot of leaves on them for a January day I suppose it must be a lot different down there in France
  2. Isn't there one that starts There's a Plaice for us.......... I think it's from "West Side Story"
  3. I just sat down and enjoyed it, I'm going to watch it again tomorrow as the wife is out at a dog show, so a little me time, I just found it so relaxing, I thought the editing was excellent, nothing jarred, and that cross fade shot of the changing light on the lake was very good.
  4. Merry Christmas everybody, have a good one, I'm just about to sit down to a supurb dinner my wife has prepared , bless her.
  5. A fish you'll never forget, well done
  6. Made me laugh out loud so much it made the dogs jump
  7. Yeah, but a caravan gets bogged down if you get too close to the water I still like my self standing Pop up Bivvy at £59, although mine only cost £39 when I bought it
  8. Team Man


    Welcome Barney Look forward to your postings to see what type of Angling you prefer, what specie's ETC One thing, nice Idea if you state whereabouts you are, put the nearest large town to you or at least put your County, that way it helps people reply to you if you have a query pertaining to your area
  9. That looks like a good bit of kit Den, did you make it up yourself I've just ordered this for a bit of comfort, it looks like it may suit my needs
  10. I fish quite a few small lakes and ponds around me here in South Lincolnshire, although they are just a hole in the ground and they charge to fish them, I suppose you would call them commercials, but nearly all of them are small brick pits where they took the clay out to make the bricks for the surrounding houses in late Victorian times, they are all naturally stocked nearly every village has one There is a specially dug commercial I have been to in Boston, the difference with that is there is a bridge to the Island, and you all fish on there to the outside, but everyone casts to the outsi
  11. Doesn't it make you want to move south...........don't answer that.
  12. I know what you mean MikeT, it's strange, I've been fishing since a lad in the 1930's, but i've started weighing some of my fish,..not all, maybe it's because so many put their weights up, I have caught the bug
  13. I think I would like a 9lb Tench, the best I've had is a 7lb, and the feel of that was wonderful. Never tried for a Catfish,.......maybe one day, who knows When I lived in Leighton Buzzard I used to fish Rackley Hills Pit, and that had Catfish, but I was more into the roach there
  14. Exactly right, Lord of the Rings would have made it's money in the Cinema circuits worldwide over and over again, so when they get to putting it out on DVD thats icing on the cake, production costs are negligible for transferring it onto DVD. As a Cameraman and film editor I can tell you, copyright for the music alone used in Catching the Impossible would have been about £3000 to £4000, with an additional fee for the quantity of disc's produced, there is copyright free music available for sale but by comparison it's rubbish, it's not cheap making films, there's all sorts of costs that pus
  15. Personally, I found the Angling sequences in Lord of the Rings total C**p, the venues weren't a patch on those found by mister Miles, and he didn't have to use computer technology to multiply the fish
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