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  1. If anyone needs cheering up check this out. Dorothy and I are heading back to Sydney Feb 2013 to visit Amanda,Paul and Joshua for another 3 month stint. In anticipation,Joshua,aged 21 months,is studying a "larn yersel Geordie" phrase book. We arrive there the day before his second birthday. If Amanda has taught him to say "weyaye maan" by then I will totally crack up !!!! John
  2. Dropped him an e-mail Fred but had nothing back yet John
  3. Firework Display,Whitley Bay sea front 04 Nov 2012 John
  4. I do enjoy firework photography but it is not an exact science - there are too many variables. In fact last night there was an extra variable,6 pints of John Smiths ( I had been watching the Toon match in The Vic just before the display ) Anyway here are a few shots I took,the first one being the Spanish City lit up with lasers Good shooting to you all tonight John
  5. Some visiting anglers to our caravan park had kindly donated some nice lugworm to me when they left so it seemed only right to put them to good use. What I had in mind was a wrasse bash on one of the Mull of Galloway marks. I had not actually fished for wrasse this year myself but I had on three occasions taken youngsters out fishing for them. I was just coach on these trips so I needed balance things up. I drove over to as near to the mark as I could get and that left me a yomp of about a mile. On reaching the sea and much to my dismay I seen that the farmer had erected a new electric fence.
  6. This was going to be a totally new experience for me - going out fishing in a yacht and I was so looking forward to it. My dad started taking me out boat fishing from the age of eight so thats over half a century of fishing trips but always in boats powered by engines. My mate John Colmans yacht has been berthed in Stranraer Marina for the year but he decided to sail it around to Drummore harbour and leave it there for a while. I turned up as prearranged down at Drummore harbour at 13.30 and John was already getting her ready to sail. Drummore harbour is only navigatable about two h
  7. Am liking this one a lot and your flower one Judy Seems like I have not been on here for a while. Had a trip up to Warkworth Castle,Northunberland yesterday for my birthday and took a few snaps. Seem to recall you were here a while back Judy. Here are two of them then,for better or worse !!! John
  8. We all had a great day phone. I hear that the fish that the boys caught are really putting weight on and we went about 10 miles out and not just one ha ha John
  9. My two oldest grandsons,Wayne and Lewis,were spending a week with us at our caravan in Drummore and the plan was to get them out fishing. My mate Tom (Toonfireman) had kindly offered to take them out on his boat Joshua but due to the inclement weather it looked like it was not going to happen. Fortunately on their last full day with us the weather improved and Tom phoned me saying the trip was on - whoop whoop Now the boys did not have a clue about this trip and I told them that we were going over to Port Logan to collect some fishing bait. We arrived on Logan beach at 09.30 and Tom had Josh
  10. Yes good advice from Brian During the summer I tend to fish an hour or two every day. I have got into a routine of washing down my rod and reel after EVERY session - it only takes minutes. I normally do this outside of our caravan. I would fill up a bucket with warm water and drop my reel into this. I would then use a mug and pour water from the bucket over the rod rings and reel seat. I leave the reel in for about an hour each time. On a weekly basis I would also oil the reel. Any metal lures or poppers I had used would also get a good rinsing.. Have a good holiday
  11. Was not sure what type it was Bobj !!!! Are Hawksbills common in the Sydney area ? It certainly was a strange catch and I was just pleased it swam back ok John
  12. This is my 10th and final report and has me fishing Sydneys North Harbour at Fairlight with that well known UK barbel angler Steve Pope for company. Before the report its worth giving a few facts about the harbour itself. It is a natural harbour lying towards the SE corner of the New South Wales coast. The harbour entrance itself is just over a mile wide and can accommodate the largest ocean going vessels. It has a surface area of 21 sq miles and is up to 45 meters deep in parts. I took this first picture from the top of Westfield Tower,a must for every tourist. The aspect is looking east to
  13. The Olympic Rings on Newcastle's Tyne Bridge also see http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?p=92944304 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tyne_Bridge John
  14. Have never popped in here in ages Still some great photos being posted up I see John
  15. Here is a sunset I took over in Western Australia Here are a couple of sunrise shots from a week ago or so. Took them from our static caravan in Drummore on the Mull of Galloway. John
  16. What a lovely little world you have Judy John
  17. This afternoon session sees Paul (my daughters fiance) and myself fishing at Forty Baskets inside Sydney Harbour. We had no fresh bait so called called into Harris Farm Market,Manly,as they had a good fresh fish section. I bought a medium sized squid off them and blagged some "fish bits" which turned out to be swordfish. Paul drove us over to the nearest street to Forty Baskets Beach and after parking up we headed down some stairs to the shore. I have to say that this was a very posh area and you could not buy a house here for less than about £2,000,000. As soon as we got onto the shore we s
  18. I suppose the reason is that I spend so little of the summer at home. The wife and I spend large chunks of the summer over in our static caravan in Drummore,Mull of Galloway. Its not a bad place to be and the fishing can be very good at times. Check out the view from our lounge over Luce Bay. We have seen basking sharks and otters whilst sat on the veranda. Also I keep all of my fishing gear over there and never think of bringing any back for our brief visits. For me the island would be a summer venue trying to target wrasse and pollack using a sliding float rig. Tight
  19. Hi Peter I live in Whitley Bay but have never fished off St Mary's Island either ? I do know that good fish have been caught from it. I suggest you join http://www.nesa.co.uk/forums/shore-fishing/ and pose the same question on there. You will get some top info from the lads on there I am sure Hope this helps John
  20. My last day at Noosa Heads saw me having an evening session at an alleged hot spot that a local had put me onto. It was only a 5 minute drive up to the second road bridge and when I arrived there found there was ample room to park up. On walking down to the riverbank there was an angler already fishing next to the bridge so not wanting to "swim jump" I set up about 10 yds upstream from him. There was a strong flow at this point so I put on a 1oz coffin running leger baited with squid. Immediately I started getting bites but could not hook up so suspected small fish. On dropping down the h
  21. Thanks for that clarification Bobj Think I may need your identification skills on my next report which I hope to write up later today. John
  22. The next stage of our holiday took us up to Queenslands Sunshine Coast for a week. On touching down at Maroochydore Airport we got off to a bad start after being informed that our prebooked hire car was not available - I was not a happy chappie !!!! After a $78 taxi ride we arrived at our Bella Casa apartments in the resort of Noosa Heads. The apartments were only a 5 minute walk from the beach so I planned to fish a couple of hours the next morning. I arrived on the beach just before sunrise and there was just the odd surfer and swimmer in the water. I had no bait so it was a case of tryi
  23. This little session had me fishing Little Manly Point Park again and this time my fishing companion was Steve Pope. Steve Pope is a quite famous barbel angler back in the UK and does guided trips. See - http://www.stevepopebarbelfishing.co.uk/ My daughter just happened to mention that her friends dad was also a keen angler and he and his wife were also having a 3 month holiday in Sydney. We met up initially in the Wharf Bar,Manly,and hit it off straight away. The language barrier proved a bit problematic at times and he struggled with my Geordie accent. Also the fact that Steve was a bit "cor
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