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  1. Your right Winter, but thats just me bieng lazy on the odd occasion. Usually when its lashing down sideways, i say stuff it and walk back till it breaks out. Sometimes when its really rough ground its hard to tell if you have got the fish moving or not for a good 5-10 seconds. You just have to crank like buggery... can worry about the reel breaking afterwords. Otherwise theres no chance of shifting them from the seabed!
  2. Chappers, I do like the smoothness of the Slosh reels,but fishing in rough ground has stripped the gears bare on one and has semi-damaged another. Admitedly, i dont think there desighned for the kind of pressure that is applied to them at times, with the odd naughty trying to haul in a snag with mainlines of 30/40lbs or so! The reason im giving a big up to my 525mag is; 4 years of this punishment and its still playing the game when it really shouldnt be! Its used as a winch at times.
  3. Penn 525 mag! As much as i do like Daiwa multipliers, ive had three that hav not stood the time test. In the same time span my 525 mag has kept going strong. Outliving two reels, and possibly a 3rd is some going. That reel has seen some amounts of fish (a few PBs) and has been used/dragged through/hauled fish etc over some crazy rough ground and has been casting sweet since the day i got it! Had to change the magnets, but hey thats not too bad. The gears must be indistructable! It may look like it has been towed behind an F1 along tarmac, but it still performs!
  4. Now the fun really beggins, need help now more than ever!!!!!!!! Ok, so i was offered a job, remembering ive sighned nothing! and im due to start on monday. I went to that other interview on wedensday, and they have called up and they said they really like me, and they want me back for a second interview on wedensday, bear in mind that this job for an accountants (two doors along from the other place !!!!!!) is much better, so much better paid, more organised, friendly and the prospects for the future are so much better..... So ill go in on monday for my starting day at job no1, what
  5. Tails gonna be left the way they are i think... Not a clue how much there gonna go for ill ask in the morning. If they anything like there parents theyl be real beuties!
  6. Newsflash, she just had another 4 pupps, 3 brown/ white and 1 all black just the 1 girlie... Both parents are working class
  7. Nick, You know your mates will all still think the same of you... so keep the heed up! I agree with everyone, it is a stupid mistake but i suppose thats what lifes all about. Im just so glad you where stopped (as im sure you are) before it got worse! Good on you for keeping to a diet by the way! Im sure the gang will arange a fishingtrip at some time or other Hope you and the family have a good christmas mate Shaun
  8. Hello chesters, the dad is our young stud, pedigree cocker We had fully intended to breed them at some stage or another, might be abit young but everyone seems to be doing ok so far
  9. Our 1 year old cocker spaniels just had three pups, might even be more to come. As shes a first time mother shes abit confussed and doesn't seem to be feeding them but im sure shee'l get the hang of it Ill post photos ASAP There sooo cute!
  10. Ian, I dont know if i should be excited or dissapointed??? Very well done on going along and representing basically all of us. I dont know how you managed to resist the urge to go ahead and lay one on that commercial blokes chin, i certainly would have! That is what i call arrogance! So i guess another well done for keeping your cool, whilst not letting them get the better of you. Keep us posted... the underwater camera thing sound great news! Shaun
  11. I think the payed for chat is a good way to help pay for AN, even if the chat itself costs nothing to run. Its about time something was added that would put something in place that would help AN out. Lets just say chat was free, then what? Put up a post asking for donations???
  12. This is my mate Gordons 6lber, postedb on NESA. What you think, accidental due to dumping or just plain cruilty??? And heres me, can you tell i had been hit by the odd wave?
  13. New dilema! Ok i was offered the job, and they said they would be in touch ASAP.... Emailed them on friday as i still hadn't heard and they said that they would make sure ide have a letter by this week. Seems liket here abit disorganised Got a phone call today from another company wanting me to have an interview. This is a far better company, and really the money is just so much better, which would make life alot easier! What do i do now that ive verbally agreed to the other job
  14. Hi, If you say what area you will be fishing, and over what type of ground, it will be easier to narrow down the better choices for you.
  15. Wont get anything past Newt!!! Think we should continue to humour or 'junior' buddy? "All I have read so has ither been abusive or about gaffing large common skate. Hardly what you would expect from whats ment to be an conservation minded forum. Get a grip." If this is who Newt thinks it is, his first post really angers me, as it shows someone who (a) Just does not want to learn, and (B Is wanting to haul back old gohsts, and is wanting to see more arguments... Very dissapointing
  16. Paula, I wouldnt feel right coming home dry nowadays. Being soaked is all part of a days fishing for me Ide love to try some of your shore marks this winter, think we could get a few people up for a 'scrabster 3'? would love to get back on beach X also.
  17. Spur-Hound

    Stop It Now!

    The string looked cool, eh winter, think ill stick to me 4/0's tho Slayer, sorry if i came over as abit harsh.
  18. But Chris, your last yin was a belter I still cant beat 5 1/2lbs!!!!!!!
  19. Spur-Hound

    Stop It Now!

    Im not causing a fight mate, its just annoying when people who have never done it say its not the right way to do it, if you see what i mean??? Its especially anoying when such an effort has been put into the conservation side of things when it comes to skate fishing...
  20. Spur-Hound

    Stop It Now!

    Gaffing is the safest way to get a skate on board, for conservation practices by the way, not only safer for the angler, but for fish also. Davy Holt put it in a way which i cannot fault... You are using a bloody great hook which goes into the skates mouth, whats the diffrence with a self purpose skate gaff, not a great deal biiger than a hook penetrating the edge of the skate wing, causing minimal damage and absolutely no mussle tearing! If we are gound to moan about gaffing skate, i want every single person here to come up with a new way of coming in firm contact with your quarry. Ive seen
  21. Matt, With the reel down, casting becomes so much more easy, and you can add yards as the rod compresses to its fullest. Some people cant get used to it though. For me its more comfy and i can hit much better distances, there are problems though... For our coast rough ground cod fishing having the reel in the low position is not good as it gives you very little leverage and gives you one heck of a task in getting fish through the snaggs, even with a butt-pad. I have a major problem in rough ground cod fishing. With the reel up the butt, especialy big bulky cod reels, i just cant cast any di
  22. Cheers. Monday again, back to work
  23. Not wanting to get caught up in the squabbles, i should't say much, but common'!!! Does nobody go fishing anymore? When everyone is deprived do they turn for AN for something to argue with???? Ok, well saterday i was at a match at east Fife... Conditions looked great; started at Anstruther harbour and a massive wave soaked me before i had even started fishing, filling my waders to the brim with icy cold north sea water. The rest of the day i basically froze my ****** off, and caught fek all!!! Oh how i HATE the Fife coast! Today me and a mate headed north somewhere between Arbroath an
  24. Dont they get dafter and dafter every year??? You gotta love this one tho' :D
  25. Im glad im an angler, and actually have things to do on the weekend... Such as go fishing! On second thaught, just how good was the squabble?? any handbags involved???
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